Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

Real Santa or Helper Santa

The week before Thanksgiving, lots of Siloam residents had already decked their halls. As my family was winding our way back home after an excursion, Tristan took notice and asked, "Why does everyone already have their Christmas lights up?" I answered, "I guess they're just in the holiday spirit." Suddenly it all made since to T, who said, "Oh, ya and we're not, huh." So, the Christmas tree went up that weekend to secure the holiday spirit of our family. Whew!

If ever there was a child to believe in the magic of Christmas, it would be Tristan. We have never taken him to sit on Santa's lap or any of that hoo-ha, but he believes in Santa. He asked Brett and I if he could visit Santa this year, and he also asked if his daddy, Brett, would call Santa and let him know how good he has been. Oh, I forgot last year "Santa" (Brett) called Tristan to check up on him. And wouldn't you know it, Tristan remembers. So special.

We popped by Pinnacle Promenade after church a couple of weeks ago. On schedule the boys needed to use the restroom, so as we made our way Tristan spies the Big Guy. And that's when the color rises to his cheeks and his eyes begin to sparkle. Just like at the Christmas parade. Santa stood up right in front of us and said his HO HO HO spill. Tristan was elated. After the parade he declared that the Santa in the parade must have been the real Santa, not just a helper. He has all of these ideas that we've never even mentioned. Tristan also proclaimed the Pinnacle Promenade Santa as real.

Up until this past Saturday, we had never encountered a helper Santa. That is until we went to visit Santa at the library for a sit, a story, songs, a treat and a craft. Doesn't that sound like fun? Sure does and did. So, we went. And we'll never go again. The library's Santa was more of Redneck Santa. We made sure to arrive early so as to get a great seat. Tristan plopped himself right in front of Santa's empty chair with anticipation on his face. That glow was quickly wiped off with the arrival of Santa. It was awful, but probably not as bad as it could have been. I found myself questioning my extra-curricular excursion. Let me edit as much as possible, but still leave you with the general idea of it all.

Redneck Santa said that elves were evil little critters who complain all the time, and you are not supposed to say the word elf. Tristan looked at the Santa quite confused. Santa then dismissed the 6 and older kids to do their crafts while the little ones got ready to sit on his lap. As he gives instructions, he starts undressing. Santa doesn't undress in front of the kids. I know he was warm, but it was just strange, as my fellow mommy friend agreed. She said last year was worse. Then he said the 2 yr olds would go first. So, Alex stood.........and stood. That rule went out the window as 5 yr olds jumped in. Then the rule changed to pass Santa's hat to a friend to let them go after you. Of course, girls only give to girls, so they would turn as if to hand the hat to my boys, and then realize they are boys and go on to find a girl. We had to form an alliance with my mommy friend that if we got it, it went to her and likewise.

Needless to say we sat on THE lap and passed the hat. The only reason Alex didn't freak out was because he knew he would get a cany cane afterwards. Sugar-holic. And, forgot this little tidbit, Alex had a choking/spewing fit. I couldn't figure out why he almost puked everywhere and then looked down at the wipie I used to cover his mouth. And there it was, plastic...from the candy cane he devoured whole on the way over...Psycho candy boy.

We went on to our crafts. Overall, relatively uneventful, but quite disturbing. I asked T on the way out if that was the real Santa or helper Santa. Without a pause he said with disappointment in his voice, "HELPER Santa, and that did not make me happy." So, Tristan will be visiting the REAL Santa whenever they are over this crud. And we are thankful to the Friends of the Library for putting on so many great activities, even Redneck Santa!

Submission Competition

Ok, my submission will be put to the test when my husband wakes up. Yes, he's off today, but works tomorrow. The ol' unplanned switcheroo. I got excited and asked if I could go to morning yoga today. He was quite willing to say yes. Yeah me!! Except everyone got a decent rest last night, and my husband didn't get up in time for me to go!!! Of course, I could have awakened him to go, but he never sleeps more than 4-5 hours because of his job. Now is the tricky part, not punishing him for resting. If I step back, I want him to have the rest and for his body to restore itself; he works so hard. BUT then something small will happen to irk me and then resentment and bad attitude set in.

However, in last month's MM meeting, one of the girls said that she is very competitive has come to look at submission as a competition. She said she realized that reaction and resentment and bad attitude are the easy things to do, but SUBMISSION is the one to beat. Genius....I'm competitive while not biblically based....that thought process is going to help save my morning!! Praise God for the different avenues to understanding and embracing submission!!!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

This and That

Somedays, I feel like all of my posts are so forlorn. My apologies on that part. An update on are challenges from last week: Brett will not need surgery, after antibiotics the boys are well, God has provided food and necessities through the body of Christ, and I am not beating myself up about having lost my purse to a thief. Still praying for the return of my favorite owl bag/purse and my camera.

Another area of importance, for the last two days I have declared that I forgive the person who took my bag. Furthermore, I pray that they know the Lord and if there are challenges in this person's life that they can be blessed somehow. If it is a young person, I have prayed that this act not determine his or her future that this be broken and no other strings of crime follow. I pray that for whomever it may be. I can tell more later, but for now I think I'll just ramble about this and that.

What do you want to be when you grow up, is a question that I've often asked T-bird with a usual response of, "I don't want to grow up. I just want to be a kid." My little Peter Pan. This all changed last week when Tristan saw a Jeff Corwin show. He asked if he could help Jeff when he grew up. He laughed the entire episode. If you don't know who Jeff Corwin is, I'll sum him up like this, ADD + animals= Jeff Corwin. So, no wonder Tristan thinks he is so great.

And now Tristan has taken to being stealthy. Well, he's always stealthy, it's just increased recently. Two days ago he informed my that he is going to be a super spy when he grows up. Far cry from Jeff Corwin's helper. And then there's today when the boys are watching a Mickey Mouse Christmas show, and T says he wants to work at a Christmas tree lot when he grows up, but only if Pluto can help him. What? Random little boy.

Which links in to the fact that Tristan thinks that cartoons are real. A couple of examples, he almost busted his head open in a furniture store because he was trying to do a flip like Sonic the Hedgehog. T asked why Sonic can do it but he can't. He asked his dad to drive with his feet like Shaggy does sometimes in the Scooby Doo cartoons. We've told Tristan that cartoons are not real, to which he replies under his breath, "Yes, they are." I just pray protection around my little boy. He'll figure it out soon enough.

Recently, we were able to watch Meet the Robinsons. Great movie! There is a slightly scary part for little ones, but our family loves it. Maybe we love it because the humor is so random! We are lovers of random.

More random, homeschooling is going well. I feel good overall about Tristan's education. I think he is also feeling about it.

Enough of the this and that for now.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Who has most influenced your life?

Some may really need to stop and think about that question. The answer to that is quite clear for me. The first person came in the form of a blue bundle, our son Tristan. I believe the Lord sent him to Brett and I in order to change the direction of our lives. Indeed, that is what Tristan did, our little blessing. While I was pregnant with Tristan we met a couple who supported us in the great change in our lives. They introduced us to a new way of thinking, encouraged us, befriended us, and recommended books to read. If I didn't have this new thought process, I am unsure if I would have made it through some of the points of my life that I have had to face in the last 5 years. I am so thankful to this couple for still loving us and still mentoring us.

After searching for 2 years, we finally found the Church were we belong. It was awesome to finally feel welcome, to belong, and to hear the Lord's Word and worship with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I just need to echo the above in saying, that our Church has loved us and befriended us, encouraged and stretched us. Definitely key in encouraging the fact that even your community and neighbors are our mission fields also.

The last person of influence came into my life just over a year ago. She's my mothering mentor. She made me feel welcome and loved from the first moment I met her. By no means is she perfect, but she does let the Lord lead and work through her. I enjoy our talks and moments together. Her advice and encouragement are always welcome in my life. I often joke and say, "I wanna be Barb when I grow up." She is so humble and deflects my compliments, well, if she doesn't deflect she defers to the Lord. She's just great and lifts me up as mother and wife. I am so grateful for my neighbor who invited me to the Bible Study. Until that day, no one had even spoken to me in the two years I had lived in my town. Definitely a pivotal point in my life. It is also because of her that I am a care group leader this year. I wanted to encourage and make another wife/mother feel welcome and loved just as she did for me. Hopefully, I have done that in some capacity.

Through each meeting and event, I can see and hear where His name is whispered through it all. Oh how I love His provision!

I should also add that I never seek counsel with someone who hasn't been through the situation and had a good outcome. I would never ask any of my friends advice on marriage when they are at the same point in their lives. That's why the couple mentioned before and my mothering mentor are so important. If you don't have someone to counsel with, pray for the Lord to set them in your path.

Above all, I rejoice that the Lord sent His persons of influence into my life. Yea!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


After talking to other moms of boys, I have finally breathed yet another sight of relief. I am not alone. There are just things about boys that are so frustrating. For example, you will never find really great second hand clothes or shoes for boys. Why? Because boys are so hard on everything! Their clothes, their toys, themselves...Alex has had 3 bloody lips in the past 5 days from jumping off of just stuff! The Lord must have an extra hedge of protection around them. There has been so many times where I just knew that Alex wasn't going to get up from that last antic. Yet, somehow he does. I must add that Brett and I do pray for protection around our boys, and we send up extra prayers for our little caveman, Alex. Isaac seems to be all to willing to follow in his footsteps.

This last weekend, my mom and I went to buy clothes for my boys. Friday morning I had gotten some surprisingly great clothes for my boys from a lady at my Bible study. Thanks Kathryn! Then that afternoon my mom and I bought what I thought was a sufficient wardrobe for all three of them. We went to the downstairs of the department store to look for my hubby some clothes. And here goes my little antic boy. Alex jumped off the sit and stand stroller. His pants catch on a latch for when it is folded...he tore a whole in his cutest and best pants...not only a hole in his pants, but he also tore through his diaper. So, he bumped his head on the floor while hanging from the stroller upside down. I looked at my mom with tears and said, This is why I'm so tired and frustrated. My boys run me ragged some days, and others it seems like I have just enough to have super fun-filled days. Feast or famine! Now we are down one pair of pants, and I'm sure by December I'll need to buy three more pair just for Alex. Ah boys! I am thankful for my boys though. I would be broke if I had girls. I would feel obligated to buy all the cutest and best dresses and accessories followed by dolls and tea sets. Boy stuff isn't quite as marketable, apparently.

I didn't mention Tristan at all in this post. He was mostly good. He was waiting to go to Hobby Lobby to buy more paint so that he could paint his white pumpkin. My little artist.

All that to say, if you have boys, just breathe!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pray For Everything!

Prayer has really been on my heart recently. I don't mean a particular prayer that I've uttered,rather, the need for prayer in all things and by all people who call themselves a Christian. In my mothering group's Bible study, we are reading Becoming the Woman of His Dreams. Last week, I went back and reread the chapters we would be discussing. In doing that, I picked up a burden, an ache for our country. First, I should say that I am very patriotic and am so thankful to live in the United States. Next, I should add that I am a conservative woman who believes that this land was founded with ideals, values and morals that mirror the Lord's own views. Okay, after rereading the chapters on praying for our husbands and the importance of it, I also read a scripture that made me ask Just how many Christians truly pray for our country and its leaders? The Lord has armed us with His Word and prayer.

2 Corinthians 10:3-5 For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretensions that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

Sometimes, we Christians are like the old hound dog sitting on the porch. He keeps howling, and someone asks why he keeps on like that. It's because he's sitting on a nail, but it doesn't hurt enough to get up and move to another spot. Sometimes we are so comfortable, yet we complain about so many things. Why don't we get up and go to the Lord. Seek Him in all things, even before something bad happens.

Our country will be electing its new President next year. And some are thinking, Oh that's next year. Pray and speaking God's word should start now. Pray for God to raise up our Leader. Pray for the winds of change to sweep across our nation and see the hand of God move like never before. We underestimate our Lord so often. We'd rather gripe about our country or even the every day little things than hand it over to God. My friends, please, let's unite and pray for everything and in all things. He trusts us with so much and we trust Him with so little. Let's hand over more to trust Him with. What a blessing would come from just that!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Giggles, Guns and a Right of Passage

So, it's been a while since a post, therefore, I give you a happy post. About two months ago, our family went to Brett's mom and dad's. The real reason for the trip was to shoot a certain assault rifle that I had given Brett recently. Brett had mentioned that he would also like to give T a pocket knife. Of course, not to just carry around, but to use at special times since he is a big boy and great brother. We want Tristan to have a sensibility and responsibility. To encourage him and set him apart from the younger two at the time was another goal in the gift. Its seems like the two little ones always get us or what they want, and Tristan has suffered a little from all that.

The trip to the middle of nowhere commenced. We recently bought a Suburban, and I have pack rat tendencies. My husband opened the console to stow away some CD's to discover that it was almost full. And this is how our day started, "Well, that's full isn't it?" I just looked at him and giggled. And the tone was set. We giggled the whole two hours on the journey. It was such a sweet relief for us.

Tristan got his pocket knife; his right of passage given to him by his Daddy. Brett taught him how to whittle. Which Tristan's whittling lasted about 6 minutes. Hey, at least he went one minute over his usual attention span!

Brett and two of his brothers who came with us really enjoyed the gun. It shoots accurately, which I was concerned about. I loved seeing the color of his eyes change from blue to deep blue as he grew excited in shooting. He rarely gets an outlet, and this was a fun adventure for us all. And, yes, I did shoot the gun and my closest hit was about 4 inches from bulls-eye. Not too bad! Of course, my husband did get his bulls-eye! Darn him. Next time. I should add this, I was a little nervous about shooting. The last time I shot a gun was when I was 10 and the gun was a 20 gauge. What a kick! The first few shots fell silent on my ears. I think fear voided out the sound. But soon my ears were ringing. I tried so hard the keep the gun steady as I shot. As soon as the gun would fire, I would squint my eyes closed as a reflex action. This bothered me. I felt free to ask Brett and Ryan, Brett's brother, if they "shot with their eyes closed." To which Ryan explodes into laughter and says, "What's scary is Adelia with a gun. But what's scarier is Adelia shooting a gun with her eyes closed." Maybe I should have worded my question differently, but we all enjoyed a laugh at my expense! We had a great time. And here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Errand Day

Yesterday was my errand day, and I completed most everything. After meeting with some people from New Beginnings, the boys and I went to finish off our list by grocery shopping. Let's be real, the boys had been to Fayetteville and in between since 10am and it was 4:30pm when we started shopping. They had been sooooo good! They were great in WM as I was shopping. Toward the end of shopping, Isaac was getting fussy. I whipped out my stash of Cheerio's and began feeding them to him one by one. Alex started really entertaining the world of WM shopper's with his many antics. Comments start flying about his white hair, being a boy, my personal favorite, "Girl, you got your hands full." I've never heard that before and really appreciate a complete stranger informing me of something I had not realized before.

Anyway, I finally reached the checkout, and then out the door we went. To be honest, I was so tired and worn out. The moment we walked out of WM I was wishing for another set of hands to load the kids and the groceries. Suddenly, a rainbow at the end of the parking lot aisle appeared. It was my husband. Too good to be true. I start walking toward his truck and waving. He was dropping off a new guy he is training. Now jogging a little calling his name as he turns his truck and leaves the parking lot. DANG IT! So, to the van to load the food and children.

Alex ran around our van and almost got creamed. I scoop him up and load him in the van and Tristan followed suit. Fine. I opened the door to load the baby. Fine. I open my door to start the van and a/c. Not fine. I banged the car next to me. The car next to me with the old lady playing her Sudoku game. OK moving on to the groceries. A lady got in to her car parked on my passenger side and just smiled at me. At that same moment, I looked down at my chest and realized that there was a Cheerio positioned perfectly over my breast. That' right I had a toasted O nipple. And for who knows how long! All those smiles in the store seemed to make more sense. I laughed out loud. Going back to my side to get in, and I bumped the woman's car again. I was horrified. She turned around to look at me, I was already in my van and silently moved my mouth to the words of, "I'M SO SORRY!" with over exaggerated hand movements. Surprisingly, she smiled and nodded. Thank you Old Sudoku Lady for being kind. And then we went home. What a great errand day!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Alex's Tuba

My little Alex comes into the living room yesterday morning looking for his "tuba." The child does have an interest in music and all instruments and does like the tuba, but I'm thinking, what tuba. Brett gives me a why am I not surprised look; Alex is our Odd Duck. So, my Odd Duck sticks out his thick little paw for me to take hold of, and we take of searching for Alex's tuba. He announces his way into each room saying, "Tuba where are you? Are you in here, no not in here." Oh, the conversations of Alex with himself. Anyway, something happened to halt the search, and to be honest, time past and I forgot about it. Later in the day Alex exclaims, "I found it, Momma, I found my tuba!" He holds up his toy screwdriver. I'm assuming he's saying toolbox and has decided his screwdriver is a toolbox, er, tuba rather. He and his tuba make lots of noise, actually now that I think about it, I believe the meaning of the name Alex should be synonymous with the word noise. He uses his tuba mostly to bang his way up and down my hall. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that the tuba is safe and found.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Momma's Milk to Cheeseburgers

After my baby has been exclusively breastfeeding for almost 9 months, he is now eating solid food by default. As the third baby he sometimes fends for himself. That sounds awful, but I'm sure mothers of 3 or more pre-school age and under kids completely understand what I mean. One day, a couple of weeks ago, Isaac was in the older boys' room with Alex. Alex, being the oh-so compliant child, sneaked his pop-tart back into his room. I just felt as though I should check on the boys. I find that Alex has shared half of the pop-tart with his brother, how sweet. Isaac is so happy with his berry goo line stretching across his mouth and to his chubby cheeks. The next solid food encounter came when I was watching my friend's kids. Her son was in our high chair eating peanut butter toast when I realize I hadn't seen my own baby in a while. So, I start looking for him only to find him under the high chair also eating peanut butter toast. Then, the next week, my friend returned the favor and watched my kids. She told me later that Isaac ate some Cheerios before she could stop him. After all of this, I realized maybe its better to just start feeding him food a couple of times a day instead of him eating the wrong things because he's just in the right place at the right time. He doesn't like infant cereal; he wants real food.

We went out to eat after doing some errands for New Beginnings. It was completely unplanned, so I had no supplemental food for Isaac. By default, he had Mexican rice. It's as though he's gone from momma's milk to cheeseburgers overnight. Oh, and last night he stole Alex's chocolate milk and downed the entire sippy cup before anyone noticed. Alex was horrified that his brother drank his "boo-shake." (Ah, my children and their naming abilities.) So, we've officially broken two pre-twelve month old allergy rules...whole cow's milk and peanut butter. Next thing you know, he'll be riding in the front seat of the car.

And I'm not feeling a relief in his transition to a couple of meals a day. I love nursing, I am a breastfeeding advocate. What if we don't have anymore kids...this is the last child I'll makes me a little sad. I have been pregnant or nursing for the last 3 and a half years of my life. It has a lot to do with who I am right now. I just think when it does end, I'll need somewhat of a morning period. And then I'll go on a great date with my husband and stay out for hours and hours and not be ruled by my milk-a-licious breasts. No more rushing home to feed the baby or pumping(which I hate). See, there will be a bright side. Hopefully, though, we will be blessed with a girl in 2-3 years. And then I can start all over again.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Don't Let Yesterday Use Up Today

Somedays I do just that. I let the past wrongs in my life come in, fester, and create turmoil in my life and marriage. So, for the last week and a half, I have been in prayer and just working to filter out the negative. It has been a great week and a half. Brett and I giggle together and enjoy each other more. Love isn't the problem...I LOVE my husband desperately. The problem is my issues from childhood and developing an unforgiving spirit in order to protect myself from hurt. It's much easier to be angry and walk away than to forgive and work it out. Why didn't someone tell me that great marriages actually take work?!? The greater the struggle, the greater the victory. I look forward to everyday, my family's life is growing stronger and my marriage becomes more and more beautiful.

Recently, I was able to see Brett in comparison to other men. It made me love my husband even more. Brett is so kind, forgiving and willing to help. I told him a whole list of my favorite qualities about him, and he told me that's all because he's a redneck with good ol' boy values. I don't know if that is entirely true, but I do also like the country boy in him. I don't know...I've been so hard on him these last couple of months, part of my blames the hormones of new birth control and once again the other part is my festering unforgiving spirit. The old unforgiving person is gone...I am a new creation...God can work with anything if we allow Him, right?

Last week I was telling a friend that I would like to have a girl's fun day to Pinnacle Promenade. I still haven't been. (Gasp!) She asked if Brett would go with me. I told her that he hates shopping. If I took him along, I just wouldn't have a good time right along with him. Then she says, "Sometimes he sounds like such a jerk." I replied, "Ya, but don't all of our husbands sound like jerks to other women." But that's what sent me into severe remorse. Somehow I've made him sound horrible to her and maybe others. Not my intention!!! Why would I make my husband do something he dislikes so very much? I wouldn't want him to drag me off on some forever camping trip. But then again, maybe it was good that she said made me think of all the good and bad qualities of Brett. And let me tell you, the good list is most definitely the long list. It made me see my real husband. Not the false enemy I had created these last months.

So, here Brett and I are. Moving forward, and enjoying each other. Through prayer and seeking God, I am being molded into a more kind and forgiving wife. I love it. I love it when my husband walks in from work and says, "Thanks for being kind and all lovey. You've been really great lately." Thank you, Brett, for meeting my words of affirmation love language. Isn't the Lord great!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Think on These Things

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is lovely, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things." Phillipians 4:8 (ESV)

I walked into our local Christian Bookstore and asked my friend/owner of the store if she had read anything good lately. She said the one's she had read were not worth the $15 purchase. Then she added the next book in Terri Blackstock's series had come out. She asked if I read the first book, and I told her that I had. It's also the only book in my life that I have returned. Her new series is about the power going out everywhere, not even transportation of any kind work. It has a "War of the Worlds" feel. It's completely disturbing. I can handle a bit of disturbing. I enjoyed "War of the Worlds." What I can't handle is the exposure of the depravity of the human race, and the thoughts it leaves you entertaining. You expect it from the secular world, but from a christian author it was a little too much.

During those last few weeks of pregnancy with Isaac, I read a lot of books. This particular book being one of them. I had to read the entire book before I could go to sleep. I was hoping for somewhat of a good ending only to be disturbed further. Exploiting selfishness, murder of the most innocent, twisted trains of thought can't be good or glorifying to the Kingdom. I'm not saying that I live in my little "La La Land" and everything is always sparkling and lit by rainbows, but I do believe in edification and thinking on lovely things. I'm sure not everyone agrees with me; she has a huge fan base. I just think that if you are a Christian, you have a responsibility to watch your words and your actions. Her words in print are somewhat destructive to the things you should think on according to Phil 4:8. She's a talented fiction writer who is able to reach a particular audience; I would just like it if she would feel convicted and not write another destructive thought process promoting series. Just my personal opinion.

By the way, I did tell this to my bookstore friend and she agreed, but admitted she still had to read it. SEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sometimes You Have a Clear View

The past two weeks have seen me in a melancholy mood. It started on a Thursday that consisted of the baby diving off my bed, an ER visit to get stitches for Tristan, Alex getting a black eye, the garage flooding, and my brother being robbed in broad daylight. Add that to pre-existing marriage issues and reading a book that's making me deal with that and you get melancholy me. As of Monday, I was very emotional. My friend, Dana, called late that night to check on me. It was so good to feel like someone outside my family cared. She let me talk and cry while also being encouraging. It was good. Women get their burst of thought and ideas a lot of times from conversation, while men need their cave. It really helped to have her on the other line. Thanks, Dana!!

So, Tuesday was much better and today was great. I have a clear view. Tuesday we went to test drive a big, honkin' Suburban that Brett has been eyeing for a coulple of months. The next thing you know we were driving it home. It's ours. God really opened up some doors for us in that hour. Just things that shouldn't have happened did. It was that moment in the car dealers office that tears sprang to my eyes, and I realized once again that I didn't let God reign in my life as He should always be able to reign. I had put on my Miss-Fix-It belt again. He humbles me so! So, Brett and I stood on the lot, holding hands and prayed, with two kids in the Suburban and one in the van. We gave our Lord the glory and honor He always deserves.

Today, I had a joy and peace in my spirit. I was able to set aside time for a real moment with God and His Word. How FUN! A friend came over and we worked out together. I completely finished two loads of laundry, the dishes and spent time with the kids. Brett came home and I greeted him with a smile and ice water. (blasted Arkansas summer) I'm not jaded, I know life happens, but I hope to let God always be the fixer and mover...not me. I want to seek Him and find Him. Instead of letting the sadness reign, I'm in prayer for my marriage and family. I think the ER visit really shook me. I guess I had always seen my kids as invincible, and the stitches and blood jilted me off my thought process.

But, today, I was able to see a few things that I love. Here's some of them. I love to catch Brett's eyes, and we stare at each other, almost as if something is being spoken between us. It takes me back five years to being pregnant and living in Fayetteville, looking forward to Fridays with Brett and the Dr's appointment where we would listen to the beat of our first baby's heart. I love shopping with just Alex and seeing him wave at each person and say, "Hi, guys!" Then he goes into horse or truck mode with his neighs or peeling tires. I love when Tristan says the funniest things. Such as,"Dang you level 3!" as he shakes his fist at his video game. Or when Brett is putting together a fossil puzzle and says something along the lines of the instructions might as well be in Chinese. To which T-Bird replies in a voice of exasperation, "We don't need Chinese stuff." (Ya, tell Mattel that) I love that Isaac has discovered his tongue. He even smiles with it sticking out. I love it when he is looking for something he lifts his head up and surveys around. Once he spies the destination, he ducks his head and crawls off at super speed. I love my family. Giggles or tears...I love my family.

I love it when I have a clear view.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ug the Caveman

Little Alex has so many names that he goes by. Ug the Caveman visited yesterday. Alex awakened from his nap in a terrible mood. What better way to cure that than stuff a lollipop in his mouth? So, he is sitting on my left knee as the baby is pulling on my right. I pick up the baby and set him on my right knee. The baby is enthralled with what Alex is sucking on. Just to see what would happen, I ask if the baby could have a lick. Alex gives a sweet little, "mm-hmm." He lowers his lollipop, leans forward, opens his mouth and licks the baby's forehead. Sweet little caveman. When Ug is around it's brute force and literal translations!

Music in the Park

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ah, Young Love!

My little boy, much to his dismay, has his first girlfriend. It all started 2 weekends ago with music at Twin Springs Park. My friend asked if we'd like to join her, her little boy and her girls at the park. Her husband was going somewhere else and my husband kept our baby. We were having a good time. The kids were dancing and twirling to the Ozark music. The evening darkness started settling in when the oldest of my friend's girls grabbed Tristan and told him to dance with her. She told him how to hold her too, you know, the real dancing positions. Tristan holds her out arms length and asks, "How about this?" So, the next good 15 minutes consisted of hand holding and dancing. Of course, as momma, I'm catching as much as I can with my camera...too cute. Tristan is trying to be good about all of this and taking DEEP breaths. My son is ALL boy and has no time for girls at this stage in his life. But he also treasures his friend, and doesn't want to ruin their friendship, so he's going along for the ride. Hee Hee.

The little girl runs up to her mom and says in a hushed voice, "Momma, I'm actually considering marrying Tristan!" Which is big news, because she apparently bumped someone off the potential list for my son. More hand holding, walking and dancing, and then the little girl returns to add, "I'm calling Tristan my boyfriend now." Her momma suggests she might want to clear that with Tristan first. Well, of course, all perfect first dates must end. But do they end with a kiss???? Tristan goes to tell is friend/girlfriend good-bye. As he is walking away, she runs after him. She turns him around and starts to hug him. Almost as if he can see it coming, he jumps up as she goes in for the kiss. The kiss lands directly on the top of his chest. And he looks at her bewildered and asks in disbelief, "Why did you do that?!?" She was not discouraged, she keeps him in her arms and got her real kiss just moments later. Dazed Tristan walks over to our vehicle and gets inside.

How long will this romance last?

Well, it's still going strong. He got a kiss everyday after Vacation Bible School last week, and even got a kiss at lunch on Friday. This little girl is so precious, but she has big expectations out of her boyfriend. Expectations, Tristan seems a little reluctant to accommodate. Her previous love was a willing participant. Maybe she just wants a dynamic relationship.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hello. Click!!

So, much to my dismay, I had to patron the trusty ol' Wal-Mart with my kids in a mood. My oldest was great, but Alex chose to sock his 7 month old brother in the mouth. I needed essentials, I could not postpone my excursion. I used one of those double seater carts and put the baby's cute little cart protector over his seat and plopped him in his seat. All was well. Ya right. Alex is now going by the name Senor Moody Pants. I couldn't believe he punched just to see what the reaction would be. So, the baby starts screaming. I had to take him out of his seat because he kept throwing his head back and hitting it on the metal of the cart. Eventually, I feel as if my left arm is going to fall off. And, so, I send up a little prayer to my awesome Lord and it went like this, "God just send me someone I know and let them offer to help me." I round the corner and am standing at the beginning of the tuna aisle when a voice bellows from the opposite end, "Adelia!" It's one of my mothering friends, and she is waving like she isn't ashamed to be my friend. I respond and add, "I think I'm going to die!" So, sweet woman that she is, asks if I need help. The answer is, of course, yes, but what does my self-reliant mouth say? That's right my response was, "No, that's okay, I only have 2 more items to pick up then we're done." Why didn't I ask her to hold the baby while I checked out? God answered my prayer immediately and I hung up on him. We've all done it, but did mine have to be so in your face!? Here I am swimming, uh, I mean drowning in my self-reliant sea. It's time to take off the Miss-Fix-It belt and accept help in the appropriate moments!! I would just like to say thank you to my friend for listening when the Lord spoke to her. Let me also just put a challenge out to all of us do-it-yourselfers...let's work on accepting help every now and then. I'm sure our world won't truly fall apart, surely not.

To add insult to injury, power yoga was that evening. I was looking forward to stretching out my left arm after carrying my little butterball baby earlier in the day. For some reason it was cancelled. So, my friend who also goes to yoga suggested we go walk. Great idea. Well, we weren't wearing walking shoes, so after slipping around in my shoes I choose to take off mine and walk barefoot. The ball of my left foot started feeling really tender even though I was walking in the grass. To make a long walk story short, the next morning I had the largest blister of my life. Oh, ya, and to prevent it all, maybe I should have just let my friend help me and life that day wouldn't have been so traumatic. Sigh.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Wild Child and A Reminder

So, last night was power yoga night. And, man, it felt good. I so needed it too. I had completely forgotten my anxiety by the end of the class. Alex is my anxiety, and he is driving me a little mad. I know it's just a stage and this too shall pass, but I wish that it would pass a little quicker. I have a couple of ideas that apparently God didn't think were too great when He was designing us. One being, if we have experienced morning sickness with one pregnancy, we should be to establish an immunity for any additional pregnancies that we might have. Another being my situation right now. If you survive the 2's with one child, you should be able to wear your badge of honor and not have to go through that again with your other kids. Basically, you would have a "get out of jail free" card. I feel as though my little Alex is some sort of wild native, and that if I'm not careful, by the end of the day I will be strung up and hanging over a cauldron of boiling water with him dancing around the pot in victory. And then I get frustrated with myself for forgetting that the Lord strengthens me, and I was created to be Mommy to Alex.

Which kind of leads into my other thought. As I said in the last post, I am in a place. So as I am in my place, my prayers have been limited to praising the Lord and only asking for discernment and wisdom. I have actually been able to see the Lord's hand sweep over my family and move mountains over these past two years. I just want to praise Him for loving me and my family so much. Even when I am impossible to love by others, He counts me as His and loves on me. Our church just had a mission team come back from Peru. Our church is building an orphanage there this year. (Very exciting) The other orphanages are built literally on landfills. Our orphanage will be built into the side of a mountain and made of concrete instead of wood which rots within months there. This team stood before our church completely changed and emotional. As with all mission trips, God's hand was seen over so many situations. My husband asked me why that stuff doesn't happen over here. I think part of it has to do with all the "stuff" in our lives. You know, the coolest cell phone, which will not be the coolest cell phone in a week because a newer, cooler one will be released and you'll spend hours agonizing and pondering how to get that one. Cars, houses, clothes, shoes, movies, TV, oh, don't get me started on how TV tears us from family and the Lord. I watch TV, but you know what I'm talking about. The people who yell at their kids for standing in the view of the TV because they might miss their show. In 50 years, you won't think about what TV shows you missed, but probably you will think about the ones you love and want to spend time with. We are such an upwardly mobile society, and sometimes we forget to be mobile with our in get up and make some memories with your family!! And besides, now all TV shows end up on a DVD set anyway.

Sorry to get off on that, moving on. I want my children to look back and feel like I loved spending time with them. (Even if it is spending time over a boiling cauldron)I want them to say that I love the Lord, and they knew that at the youngest of ages. I want them to see a great marriage between Brett and I. And, ya, somedays are rough, but they will see that we stuck it out and worked things out so that our relationship grows even stronger. So, sometimes it takes a mission team standing before our chuch as changed people to remind me of the changes that need to happen here. What's important to our family, and what am I doing to further God's kingdom here? Just a reminder for me!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Here I Am!

Here I am entering the blogging world and a little unsure of what to do next. When I relayed my desire to start blogging to my husband, he asked what my purpose would be. Purpose? I am a mommy who stays home with 3 little balls of energy and occasionally I would like to express my thoughts to someone besides a 5 year old even if that someone is in virtual space. That's okay, right?! Hopefully, this will be a good experience.

I do have to thank Dana's Girls; they came to my boys Birthday party last week and taught my sons to play "House." My newly turned 5 year old, Tristan, has told me his favorite part of house is escaping. However, today brought a different story. My newly turned 2 year old, Alex, asked his older brother to play house. So, we played house today. Alex and Isaac, my 7 month old, were the babies, and Tristan and I were the daddy and mommy. Apparently according to Tristan, the daddy only works on Saturdays. So, I was blessed to have a stay at home daddy today. That would be so fantastic if that applied to my real life. I would love to have Brett home every day! I just hate having him go out 5 days a week into the rat race. On his days off, he is usually just so worn out from the 70+ hour work week that he just put in. I look forward to being financially free. Isn't that the only option?!? Brett and I have a goal of being debt-free. We actually have mentors who coach us toward our goal. The social security website says that most people are dead or broke by the time they are able to retire. Only 2% of the nation's population can actually take care of themselves when retirement comes. The rat race just doesn't work out for most people. And I don't want to be part of the 98%.

I'm sorry for my first post to start out so forlorn, but playing "house" got me thinking. I am in this place. This place where I want to know where we will live forever, will I have more children, a little girl...maybe....I want lots of land for our boys to run all over and explore. I want to make memories and have moments that take our breath away. As I said, this is just a place, it will pass and I'll be content again. The good thing is that I serve an Awesome Lord who gets me through all of my places in life. It'll all work out to be in His plan and to serve for His Glory!

So, there, I've done it. My first post. Not necessarily a good post, but a post none the less.