Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ah, Young Love!

My little boy, much to his dismay, has his first girlfriend. It all started 2 weekends ago with music at Twin Springs Park. My friend asked if we'd like to join her, her little boy and her girls at the park. Her husband was going somewhere else and my husband kept our baby. We were having a good time. The kids were dancing and twirling to the Ozark music. The evening darkness started settling in when the oldest of my friend's girls grabbed Tristan and told him to dance with her. She told him how to hold her too, you know, the real dancing positions. Tristan holds her out arms length and asks, "How about this?" So, the next good 15 minutes consisted of hand holding and dancing. Of course, as momma, I'm catching as much as I can with my camera...too cute. Tristan is trying to be good about all of this and taking DEEP breaths. My son is ALL boy and has no time for girls at this stage in his life. But he also treasures his friend, and doesn't want to ruin their friendship, so he's going along for the ride. Hee Hee.

The little girl runs up to her mom and says in a hushed voice, "Momma, I'm actually considering marrying Tristan!" Which is big news, because she apparently bumped someone off the potential list for my son. More hand holding, walking and dancing, and then the little girl returns to add, "I'm calling Tristan my boyfriend now." Her momma suggests she might want to clear that with Tristan first. Well, of course, all perfect first dates must end. But do they end with a kiss???? Tristan goes to tell is friend/girlfriend good-bye. As he is walking away, she runs after him. She turns him around and starts to hug him. Almost as if he can see it coming, he jumps up as she goes in for the kiss. The kiss lands directly on the top of his chest. And he looks at her bewildered and asks in disbelief, "Why did you do that?!?" She was not discouraged, she keeps him in her arms and got her real kiss just moments later. Dazed Tristan walks over to our vehicle and gets inside.

How long will this romance last?

Well, it's still going strong. He got a kiss everyday after Vacation Bible School last week, and even got a kiss at lunch on Friday. This little girl is so precious, but she has big expectations out of her boyfriend. Expectations, Tristan seems a little reluctant to accommodate. Her previous love was a willing participant. Maybe she just wants a dynamic relationship.

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DanaDana said...

Look at you little miss blog! and you have my permission to show the photos. I can take it. my girl my be fast for a 5 yr old but if you look like that what option do you have!;}