Monday, July 2, 2007

Here I Am!

Here I am entering the blogging world and a little unsure of what to do next. When I relayed my desire to start blogging to my husband, he asked what my purpose would be. Purpose? I am a mommy who stays home with 3 little balls of energy and occasionally I would like to express my thoughts to someone besides a 5 year old even if that someone is in virtual space. That's okay, right?! Hopefully, this will be a good experience.

I do have to thank Dana's Girls; they came to my boys Birthday party last week and taught my sons to play "House." My newly turned 5 year old, Tristan, has told me his favorite part of house is escaping. However, today brought a different story. My newly turned 2 year old, Alex, asked his older brother to play house. So, we played house today. Alex and Isaac, my 7 month old, were the babies, and Tristan and I were the daddy and mommy. Apparently according to Tristan, the daddy only works on Saturdays. So, I was blessed to have a stay at home daddy today. That would be so fantastic if that applied to my real life. I would love to have Brett home every day! I just hate having him go out 5 days a week into the rat race. On his days off, he is usually just so worn out from the 70+ hour work week that he just put in. I look forward to being financially free. Isn't that the only option?!? Brett and I have a goal of being debt-free. We actually have mentors who coach us toward our goal. The social security website says that most people are dead or broke by the time they are able to retire. Only 2% of the nation's population can actually take care of themselves when retirement comes. The rat race just doesn't work out for most people. And I don't want to be part of the 98%.

I'm sorry for my first post to start out so forlorn, but playing "house" got me thinking. I am in this place. This place where I want to know where we will live forever, will I have more children, a little girl...maybe....I want lots of land for our boys to run all over and explore. I want to make memories and have moments that take our breath away. As I said, this is just a place, it will pass and I'll be content again. The good thing is that I serve an Awesome Lord who gets me through all of my places in life. It'll all work out to be in His plan and to serve for His Glory!

So, there, I've done it. My first post. Not necessarily a good post, but a post none the less.

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