Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Wild Child and A Reminder

So, last night was power yoga night. And, man, it felt good. I so needed it too. I had completely forgotten my anxiety by the end of the class. Alex is my anxiety, and he is driving me a little mad. I know it's just a stage and this too shall pass, but I wish that it would pass a little quicker. I have a couple of ideas that apparently God didn't think were too great when He was designing us. One being, if we have experienced morning sickness with one pregnancy, we should be to establish an immunity for any additional pregnancies that we might have. Another being my situation right now. If you survive the 2's with one child, you should be able to wear your badge of honor and not have to go through that again with your other kids. Basically, you would have a "get out of jail free" card. I feel as though my little Alex is some sort of wild native, and that if I'm not careful, by the end of the day I will be strung up and hanging over a cauldron of boiling water with him dancing around the pot in victory. And then I get frustrated with myself for forgetting that the Lord strengthens me, and I was created to be Mommy to Alex.

Which kind of leads into my other thought. As I said in the last post, I am in a place. So as I am in my place, my prayers have been limited to praising the Lord and only asking for discernment and wisdom. I have actually been able to see the Lord's hand sweep over my family and move mountains over these past two years. I just want to praise Him for loving me and my family so much. Even when I am impossible to love by others, He counts me as His and loves on me. Our church just had a mission team come back from Peru. Our church is building an orphanage there this year. (Very exciting) The other orphanages are built literally on landfills. Our orphanage will be built into the side of a mountain and made of concrete instead of wood which rots within months there. This team stood before our church completely changed and emotional. As with all mission trips, God's hand was seen over so many situations. My husband asked me why that stuff doesn't happen over here. I think part of it has to do with all the "stuff" in our lives. You know, the coolest cell phone, which will not be the coolest cell phone in a week because a newer, cooler one will be released and you'll spend hours agonizing and pondering how to get that one. Cars, houses, clothes, shoes, movies, TV, oh, don't get me started on how TV tears us from family and the Lord. I watch TV, but you know what I'm talking about. The people who yell at their kids for standing in the view of the TV because they might miss their show. In 50 years, you won't think about what TV shows you missed, but probably you will think about the ones you love and want to spend time with. We are such an upwardly mobile society, and sometimes we forget to be mobile with our family...as in get up and make some memories with your family!! And besides, now all TV shows end up on a DVD set anyway.

Sorry to get off on that, moving on. I want my children to look back and feel like I loved spending time with them. (Even if it is spending time over a boiling cauldron)I want them to say that I love the Lord, and they knew that at the youngest of ages. I want them to see a great marriage between Brett and I. And, ya, somedays are rough, but they will see that we stuck it out and worked things out so that our relationship grows even stronger. So, sometimes it takes a mission team standing before our chuch as changed people to remind me of the changes that need to happen here. What's important to our family, and what am I doing to further God's kingdom here? Just a reminder for me!

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