Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Errand Day

Yesterday was my errand day, and I completed most everything. After meeting with some people from New Beginnings, the boys and I went to finish off our list by grocery shopping. Let's be real, the boys had been to Fayetteville and in between since 10am and it was 4:30pm when we started shopping. They had been sooooo good! They were great in WM as I was shopping. Toward the end of shopping, Isaac was getting fussy. I whipped out my stash of Cheerio's and began feeding them to him one by one. Alex started really entertaining the world of WM shopper's with his many antics. Comments start flying about his white hair, being a boy, my personal favorite, "Girl, you got your hands full." I've never heard that before and really appreciate a complete stranger informing me of something I had not realized before.

Anyway, I finally reached the checkout, and then out the door we went. To be honest, I was so tired and worn out. The moment we walked out of WM I was wishing for another set of hands to load the kids and the groceries. Suddenly, a rainbow at the end of the parking lot aisle appeared. It was my husband. Too good to be true. I start walking toward his truck and waving. He was dropping off a new guy he is training. Now jogging a little calling his name as he turns his truck and leaves the parking lot. DANG IT! So, to the van to load the food and children.

Alex ran around our van and almost got creamed. I scoop him up and load him in the van and Tristan followed suit. Fine. I opened the door to load the baby. Fine. I open my door to start the van and a/c. Not fine. I banged the car next to me. The car next to me with the old lady playing her Sudoku game. OK moving on to the groceries. A lady got in to her car parked on my passenger side and just smiled at me. At that same moment, I looked down at my chest and realized that there was a Cheerio positioned perfectly over my breast. That' right I had a toasted O nipple. And for who knows how long! All those smiles in the store seemed to make more sense. I laughed out loud. Going back to my side to get in, and I bumped the woman's car again. I was horrified. She turned around to look at me, I was already in my van and silently moved my mouth to the words of, "I'M SO SORRY!" with over exaggerated hand movements. Surprisingly, she smiled and nodded. Thank you Old Sudoku Lady for being kind. And then we went home. What a great errand day!

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WendyJanelle said...

I love those kind old Sudoki (sp?) ladies!

Overall it sounds like you handled your shopping trip very well, even with the Cheerio nipple. ;-)

And, yes, I often get the "you've got your hands full" comment, too. Even when I only have two of the boys with me...