Tuesday, October 23, 2007


After talking to other moms of boys, I have finally breathed yet another sight of relief. I am not alone. There are just things about boys that are so frustrating. For example, you will never find really great second hand clothes or shoes for boys. Why? Because boys are so hard on everything! Their clothes, their toys, themselves...Alex has had 3 bloody lips in the past 5 days from jumping off of just stuff! The Lord must have an extra hedge of protection around them. There has been so many times where I just knew that Alex wasn't going to get up from that last antic. Yet, somehow he does. I must add that Brett and I do pray for protection around our boys, and we send up extra prayers for our little caveman, Alex. Isaac seems to be all to willing to follow in his footsteps.

This last weekend, my mom and I went to buy clothes for my boys. Friday morning I had gotten some surprisingly great clothes for my boys from a lady at my Bible study. Thanks Kathryn! Then that afternoon my mom and I bought what I thought was a sufficient wardrobe for all three of them. We went to the downstairs of the department store to look for my hubby some clothes. And here goes my little antic boy. Alex jumped off the sit and stand stroller. His pants catch on a latch for when it is folded...he tore a whole in his cutest and best pants...not only a hole in his pants, but he also tore through his diaper. So, he bumped his head on the floor while hanging from the stroller upside down. I looked at my mom with tears and said, This is why I'm so tired and frustrated. My boys run me ragged some days, and others it seems like I have just enough to have super fun-filled days. Feast or famine! Now we are down one pair of pants, and I'm sure by December I'll need to buy three more pair just for Alex. Ah boys! I am thankful for my boys though. I would be broke if I had girls. I would feel obligated to buy all the cutest and best dresses and accessories followed by dolls and tea sets. Boy stuff isn't quite as marketable, apparently.

I didn't mention Tristan at all in this post. He was mostly good. He was waiting to go to Hobby Lobby to buy more paint so that he could paint his white pumpkin. My little artist.

All that to say, if you have boys, just breathe!!

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WendyJanelle said...

I feel your pain!-- 3 boys. Whew. Somedays it's just all I can do to get them to bed alive. Other days it's awesome fun, so happy and energetic. But, yes, boys are VERY hard on clothes. I don't think Ethan has ANY pants without rips in the knees. He even rug burned his knees through his dress pants on Sunday at church! Agh!
It's good advice: breathe!! :-) If you need a compassionate listener, you can call anytime.