Friday, October 12, 2007

Giggles, Guns and a Right of Passage

So, it's been a while since a post, therefore, I give you a happy post. About two months ago, our family went to Brett's mom and dad's. The real reason for the trip was to shoot a certain assault rifle that I had given Brett recently. Brett had mentioned that he would also like to give T a pocket knife. Of course, not to just carry around, but to use at special times since he is a big boy and great brother. We want Tristan to have a sensibility and responsibility. To encourage him and set him apart from the younger two at the time was another goal in the gift. Its seems like the two little ones always get us or what they want, and Tristan has suffered a little from all that.

The trip to the middle of nowhere commenced. We recently bought a Suburban, and I have pack rat tendencies. My husband opened the console to stow away some CD's to discover that it was almost full. And this is how our day started, "Well, that's full isn't it?" I just looked at him and giggled. And the tone was set. We giggled the whole two hours on the journey. It was such a sweet relief for us.

Tristan got his pocket knife; his right of passage given to him by his Daddy. Brett taught him how to whittle. Which Tristan's whittling lasted about 6 minutes. Hey, at least he went one minute over his usual attention span!

Brett and two of his brothers who came with us really enjoyed the gun. It shoots accurately, which I was concerned about. I loved seeing the color of his eyes change from blue to deep blue as he grew excited in shooting. He rarely gets an outlet, and this was a fun adventure for us all. And, yes, I did shoot the gun and my closest hit was about 4 inches from bulls-eye. Not too bad! Of course, my husband did get his bulls-eye! Darn him. Next time. I should add this, I was a little nervous about shooting. The last time I shot a gun was when I was 10 and the gun was a 20 gauge. What a kick! The first few shots fell silent on my ears. I think fear voided out the sound. But soon my ears were ringing. I tried so hard the keep the gun steady as I shot. As soon as the gun would fire, I would squint my eyes closed as a reflex action. This bothered me. I felt free to ask Brett and Ryan, Brett's brother, if they "shot with their eyes closed." To which Ryan explodes into laughter and says, "What's scary is Adelia with a gun. But what's scarier is Adelia shooting a gun with her eyes closed." Maybe I should have worded my question differently, but we all enjoyed a laugh at my expense! We had a great time. And here are some pictures for you to enjoy.


WendyJanelle said...

What are the chances? I'm up too late and suddenly decide to check out your blog-- and you actually posted! Yea!!
Very sweet story and neat pictures. I love the idea of giving the oldest child some sort of rite of passage to set them apart.
And you, shooting with your eyes closed. Too funny! ;-)

Suzanne said...

Brian got a pocket knife this summer...however Allen filed down the blade so it isn't sharp, just don't trust him with a real blade yet. So is Brett a hunter? Allen is in the deer woods this morning...hoping to bring home the venison.