Saturday, October 27, 2007

Who has most influenced your life?

Some may really need to stop and think about that question. The answer to that is quite clear for me. The first person came in the form of a blue bundle, our son Tristan. I believe the Lord sent him to Brett and I in order to change the direction of our lives. Indeed, that is what Tristan did, our little blessing. While I was pregnant with Tristan we met a couple who supported us in the great change in our lives. They introduced us to a new way of thinking, encouraged us, befriended us, and recommended books to read. If I didn't have this new thought process, I am unsure if I would have made it through some of the points of my life that I have had to face in the last 5 years. I am so thankful to this couple for still loving us and still mentoring us.

After searching for 2 years, we finally found the Church were we belong. It was awesome to finally feel welcome, to belong, and to hear the Lord's Word and worship with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I just need to echo the above in saying, that our Church has loved us and befriended us, encouraged and stretched us. Definitely key in encouraging the fact that even your community and neighbors are our mission fields also.

The last person of influence came into my life just over a year ago. She's my mothering mentor. She made me feel welcome and loved from the first moment I met her. By no means is she perfect, but she does let the Lord lead and work through her. I enjoy our talks and moments together. Her advice and encouragement are always welcome in my life. I often joke and say, "I wanna be Barb when I grow up." She is so humble and deflects my compliments, well, if she doesn't deflect she defers to the Lord. She's just great and lifts me up as mother and wife. I am so grateful for my neighbor who invited me to the Bible Study. Until that day, no one had even spoken to me in the two years I had lived in my town. Definitely a pivotal point in my life. It is also because of her that I am a care group leader this year. I wanted to encourage and make another wife/mother feel welcome and loved just as she did for me. Hopefully, I have done that in some capacity.

Through each meeting and event, I can see and hear where His name is whispered through it all. Oh how I love His provision!

I should also add that I never seek counsel with someone who hasn't been through the situation and had a good outcome. I would never ask any of my friends advice on marriage when they are at the same point in their lives. That's why the couple mentioned before and my mothering mentor are so important. If you don't have someone to counsel with, pray for the Lord to set them in your path.

Above all, I rejoice that the Lord sent His persons of influence into my life. Yea!

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