Friday, December 14, 2007

Real Santa or Helper Santa

The week before Thanksgiving, lots of Siloam residents had already decked their halls. As my family was winding our way back home after an excursion, Tristan took notice and asked, "Why does everyone already have their Christmas lights up?" I answered, "I guess they're just in the holiday spirit." Suddenly it all made since to T, who said, "Oh, ya and we're not, huh." So, the Christmas tree went up that weekend to secure the holiday spirit of our family. Whew!

If ever there was a child to believe in the magic of Christmas, it would be Tristan. We have never taken him to sit on Santa's lap or any of that hoo-ha, but he believes in Santa. He asked Brett and I if he could visit Santa this year, and he also asked if his daddy, Brett, would call Santa and let him know how good he has been. Oh, I forgot last year "Santa" (Brett) called Tristan to check up on him. And wouldn't you know it, Tristan remembers. So special.

We popped by Pinnacle Promenade after church a couple of weeks ago. On schedule the boys needed to use the restroom, so as we made our way Tristan spies the Big Guy. And that's when the color rises to his cheeks and his eyes begin to sparkle. Just like at the Christmas parade. Santa stood up right in front of us and said his HO HO HO spill. Tristan was elated. After the parade he declared that the Santa in the parade must have been the real Santa, not just a helper. He has all of these ideas that we've never even mentioned. Tristan also proclaimed the Pinnacle Promenade Santa as real.

Up until this past Saturday, we had never encountered a helper Santa. That is until we went to visit Santa at the library for a sit, a story, songs, a treat and a craft. Doesn't that sound like fun? Sure does and did. So, we went. And we'll never go again. The library's Santa was more of Redneck Santa. We made sure to arrive early so as to get a great seat. Tristan plopped himself right in front of Santa's empty chair with anticipation on his face. That glow was quickly wiped off with the arrival of Santa. It was awful, but probably not as bad as it could have been. I found myself questioning my extra-curricular excursion. Let me edit as much as possible, but still leave you with the general idea of it all.

Redneck Santa said that elves were evil little critters who complain all the time, and you are not supposed to say the word elf. Tristan looked at the Santa quite confused. Santa then dismissed the 6 and older kids to do their crafts while the little ones got ready to sit on his lap. As he gives instructions, he starts undressing. Santa doesn't undress in front of the kids. I know he was warm, but it was just strange, as my fellow mommy friend agreed. She said last year was worse. Then he said the 2 yr olds would go first. So, Alex stood.........and stood. That rule went out the window as 5 yr olds jumped in. Then the rule changed to pass Santa's hat to a friend to let them go after you. Of course, girls only give to girls, so they would turn as if to hand the hat to my boys, and then realize they are boys and go on to find a girl. We had to form an alliance with my mommy friend that if we got it, it went to her and likewise.

Needless to say we sat on THE lap and passed the hat. The only reason Alex didn't freak out was because he knew he would get a cany cane afterwards. Sugar-holic. And, forgot this little tidbit, Alex had a choking/spewing fit. I couldn't figure out why he almost puked everywhere and then looked down at the wipie I used to cover his mouth. And there it was, plastic...from the candy cane he devoured whole on the way over...Psycho candy boy.

We went on to our crafts. Overall, relatively uneventful, but quite disturbing. I asked T on the way out if that was the real Santa or helper Santa. Without a pause he said with disappointment in his voice, "HELPER Santa, and that did not make me happy." So, Tristan will be visiting the REAL Santa whenever they are over this crud. And we are thankful to the Friends of the Library for putting on so many great activities, even Redneck Santa!

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WendyJanelle said...

That's pretty pathetic of our library. Did he get to see the "real" Santa? Or...wait, that's tomorrow, right? And we'll see you at 4pm. Maybe I'll dress the baby in his Santa outfit, so T can see another Santa's helper! :-)