Friday, December 14, 2007

Submission Competition

Ok, my submission will be put to the test when my husband wakes up. Yes, he's off today, but works tomorrow. The ol' unplanned switcheroo. I got excited and asked if I could go to morning yoga today. He was quite willing to say yes. Yeah me!! Except everyone got a decent rest last night, and my husband didn't get up in time for me to go!!! Of course, I could have awakened him to go, but he never sleeps more than 4-5 hours because of his job. Now is the tricky part, not punishing him for resting. If I step back, I want him to have the rest and for his body to restore itself; he works so hard. BUT then something small will happen to irk me and then resentment and bad attitude set in.

However, in last month's MM meeting, one of the girls said that she is very competitive has come to look at submission as a competition. She said she realized that reaction and resentment and bad attitude are the easy things to do, but SUBMISSION is the one to beat. Genius....I'm competitive while not biblically based....that thought process is going to help save my morning!! Praise God for the different avenues to understanding and embracing submission!!!!!!

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