Monday, December 22, 2008

Brett & Adelia Sittin' in a Tree...

Sometimes he just does everything so right...I'm talking of my husband of course. The other night I had made a comment about our 2 year old being in our bed. I said, "Do we need to have another baby to get this one out of our bed?!" I was kidding, but Brett paused and said the most marvelous thing. He looked at me and said, "You know, I'd like to have some time to just enjoy you." My breath caught and heat rushed through my body. In that simple sentence he said so much. He liked me, he loved me and he wanted to spend time with me. Time and adventures without a baby on my hip. That may sound selfish to some of you. But to me it was soooo romantic and lovey!

You know those sensations you had in the very beginning? Those butterflies and flashes of hot and cold. Those oh my goodness he just looked at me moments! Those moments when he took your hand and you thought he would feel you tremble at his touch. Well, some days I really miss those moments. They kind of go on a long vacation after years of being together. I've discussed this before with friends who are in love with their husband. And we agree, how romantic is it when your husband takes your hand, you don't feel all those thousands of sensations, yet, you also feel so comfortable that you cannot tell where you end and he begins. Sigh...I love my husband. However, I get back those giddy moments every now and then when I see him somewhere in town on a week day or, this is the best-always gets me, when he is busy doing something and then starts singing...Oh the flood of lovey thoughts!! I love it when he sings, hums or whistles. It just gets me.

I had a rough day yesterday. My husband being the quiet brooder that he is felt the best way to speak to me was to distract me from the former thoughts. He took me to see Twilight again. How self-sacrificing is that?! All in the name of love. While the movie totally deviates from the book, it does entertain me and keep me from thinking. After the movie, he said, "So why does she fall in love with him? Because he's rude and a jerk?" I laughed and said, "I knew you'd see the parallels in our relationship and theirs!" He laughed too. You'd need to have been there all those years ago to know what I'm talking about, but seriously...parallels--minus the whole vampire human thing.

I'm in love with this man!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ta Daaaahh!

Perfectionists look no further, however for those of you who enjoy maniac creativity and thrown together things...feast your eyes on this! At MM on Friday, the lady showed us how to make this swag. Well, hers was prettier, but this was my first time. Mine is a little fatter than hers. So simple to do. Take a wire hanger, pull it in the shape of a diamond. Take wire and make a "web" by criss crossing it over the hanger. This will give you something to attach your green to. Then just start attaching your green using wire. Put a large, full piece in the back. She used a piece of fir--I didn't have fir. Thread the wire through your apple, put a hook at the end to secure it and pull. Hide your hanging apple wire by using more green. I should have made my apples hang a little longer. Tie on a bow, twist the hanger hook around and voila, instant wreathy swaggy thingy. Sigh, I feel so accomplished now. And I know I'll make prettier wreathy swaggy things each time. One day they'll be super beautiful, one day. That's the great hope at least.

Oh, I almost forgot. I just added some red berries. You know the poisonous ones that grow on those bushes in my neighbors yard, ya those. Super cute.

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Caroling at the Nursery

T-Bird was in a great mood as always when I picked him up from AWANA last night. He handed me a permission slip explaining that, "Mom, we're going to sing Christmas carols at the nursery." I asked him to tell me again. "Sing at the nursery to people. I get to sing 'Hark the Harold Angels Sing!'" I looked at the slip and started laughing so hard. They are going to the NURSING HOME to sing carols. However, it made me think, nursery--nursing home--not all that different. One is really young and one is really old, but they have the same functionality.

T has been caroling a the "nursery" before. He remembers from last year and is excited about going again. That warms my heart.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Birthday, an Obsession, and a Parade

Well, this past weekend was entirely too busy, but it was also entirely fun. Friday marked the 2nd birthday of my Little Hoot. I can't believe it--is he really two? When will I stop referring to him a the baby? Anyway, we started with Mothering Matters. Little Hoot stays with me and decided to really show how special he was. He tootled off to one of the back rooms climbed on a table and was preparing himself to jump when a fellow mom pointed behind me. I quickly went to his "rescue" when he announced, "I'm gonna jump, Momma." That kid!! But I did learn how to make a swag for my door during our speaker's tutorial on decorating your home for the holidays. That is my project for today. It's taken me all this time to locate our wire cutters. No, no they were not in the tool box where they belong. I had forgotten that I had taken them away from the kids and placed them somewhere "safe"--you know, the top of the fridge where all things dangerous go.

After MM, Dana and kids came over for lunch and fun. Let me just say, little Tractor Boy has turned into a BOY! It's so strange yet fun to see the kids grow up with your kids. Her little Boy wrestled my kids and held more than his own!! Too funny. The kids also colored Christmas pages. The girls of course picked pretty, sparkly colors. I find the differences in girls and boys fascinating. It's been too long in between visits with this family and was truly needed and enjoyed.

Little Hoot's party commenced around seven Friday night. We had gone earlier to get Thomas the Train balloons. My friend, Mrs Savage, watched him while T, Boo, and I went to get them. Hoot had a great day. Free range at MM, lunch with friends, play date with Little Lad, and party with the family.

These guys just showed up for the cake.

The cake...there's a funny story behind the making of the cake that I'll keep to myself for now.


This video is funny to me. Family life is so random. Brett's trying to give Hoot his train, Boo wants the train, Brett's explaining to Boo it's Hoot's and T is being completely oblivious and random. Too funny to me.
And then, Mommy went to satiate her thirst for her new obsession. I've made a big mistake. I've felt like reading a new book for a while, yet I have not found a book interesting enough for me to buy. Yes, I buy books. While passing buy an aisle I noticed the book Twilight. I decided it was a great price, so if I didn't like it, I would not regret spending the money. I started it last Tuesday and finished it Tuesday! 498 pages! I did it without neglecting the boys, going to WM and talking to Dana on the phone. Hello! It was wonderful!! The book was so great that I quickly began planning how I would make it to the movie theater to see the movie. I asked Brett and he said he'd go if I didn't find anyone else. My mom said no because she believes vampires are real and would be scared. Hee hee... The home tour was that night, the list was dwindling. I knew Mrs Savage was going to dinner for her sister's birthday, but I quickly began seeing a ray of hope. She said she should be back in time for the late show. There it was: I was going to see Twilight with someone. Yes, I absolutely was planning on going by myself if know one went with me. I didn't want Brett to go and make an off comment about my new obsession. Let me enjoy it while it lasts. I've ordered the next two books. They should be here today. Breathe, pace yourself... And then I'll order the last in the series this weekend. Happy early birthday to me...

I'm so glad I'm already madly in love and married. If I would have read this book when I was single...Oh, the desperateness I would have felt. The level of expectation would have risen to an all time high. I told Brett the book makes me love him more. I see parallels in our relationship and the relationship represented in the book. I laughed out loud when I read, "he looks at you like he's going to eat you..." Ha! Joni, my old room mate during the initial obsession with Brett, said she did not like Brett because "He looks at you like he's going to eat you. It's like a wolf with his eye on the lamb." Oh ya, we had/have it bad for one another.

Just to let you how much I enjoyed the book. I read EVERY word in it. I've only done that a handful of times...The Mark of the Lion series, Jane Austen's books, maybe a couple of others...maybe. You see, I'm N.I.D. er, not into details. I'm sure that's a result of my choleric tendency of ya, ya get to the point and my selfish sanguine tendency of like I care if it's not about me. Each personality has it's negative sides. Guess it really comes out in my reading. I'm reading the book for the second time. Yes, I'm enjoying my obsession. However, I am being mature about this. I felt guilty for devouring a 5oo page book in a day...I bothered me that I hadn't been devouring the all time greatest book...The Bible. I mean it's got it all, romance, adventure, betrayal, reconciliation...Why am I not devouring it? So, I've renewed my love for the great Book. So, the obsession actually is helping lead me to the Source. Exciting!!

But I will say: Then Saturday brought the Christmas Parade. T-Bird was in it for Gymnastics and I was a chaperon. I have to admit to not being all that excited...until...I started seeing my friends. Really we had a great time. I have to give shout outs and thank yous to everyone who waved at us and waved at T like he was oh so cool. Suzanne and her family started us off. So nice to see people we know. And Chris was on the same street! As was our neighbor lady. Barb, I love Barb, was so great. She jumped up a down waving her arms yelling T's name. I LOVE that woman. She didn't have to do that! She's so special to us. We saw a lot of other people but I'm trying to name the one's who read sometimes. No, Barb doesn't read this, but we all know and love her!! We saw this exceptionally good looking family right smack downtown. Seriously, you guys looked so cute, it was Dana and bunch. And she pulled a little bit of a Barb too. Thank you!
My mom had Boo on the corner. He's so cute and it made me a little emotional to see his beautiful face stand out in the crowd. By the way, he fell asleep after we passed. Didn't even get to see Santa. He's funny!

And this is the best picture we have of us. If anyone got a better one, could you send it to us please??

And I already told you about Sunday's fun. Truly a busy but great weekend.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Did It...

...And I mostly did it right. I first saw this over at the Rusty Robin and thought it was so cute. I also thought, Hmm, I can do that. So, I set myself to task this weekend. It turned out pretty good for not having instructions. However, Monica just posted the how to yesterday, I think. I did skip a couple of things, but it still looks great! Here's mine:

I added a bit of sparkly to mine.

And have placed it over my dining area entry. My husband even said he liked it, which means it's not at all one my ridiculous manic moments of creativity creations. Yea!!

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mr Boo Attends the Winter Concert

My little Blondie-Boo, Nane (my momma) and I attended the Ozarks Philharmonic Youth Orchestra's Winter Concert this afternoon. My Blondie-Boo is a little Einstein and loves music!! When I found out about the upcoming performance, I jumped at the chance to take the little guy. It was AWESOME. I'm so glad we were able to take him and expose him to the music he already loves. For him to see small children playing....just wonderful.

I recieved compliments about Boo's behavior from those around us. We were there for over 2 hours and he was amazing--outside of the switch of orchestras when he yelled, "Another conductor!!" The family behind us had a son who played in the PRESTO orchestra. He was a trumpet player, Boo's favorite instrument! What a blessing for my boy to see someone who played the trumpet!! They told us their son only started playing a year and a half ago and just tried out for the orchestra not expecting to make it!!! Wow!!

What was really interesting to me were the familiar faces we saw...our Schwan's man and his family and a couple of our friends from Fayettenam. Small but fun world...

Oh, and my guy recognized 3 pieces of music. Mozart, Antonin Dvorak, and his super duper favorite Georges Bizet!!! They ended with Bizet. It could not have been better, and to see his face light up with recognition was just stinkin' wonderful!!!!

My Little Einstein brought his Christmas ornament he picked out for this year. It's a French Horn. He was a little timid at first. See for yourself--clingy little thing.

Andante Strings
Happy Little Bug

PRESTO Orchestra

So sweet and at peace.

Reading the program.

Music fingers moving in time...

Playing his air horn...

The great!! Oh, and they opened with the Nation Anthem giving recognition to December 7th and the men and women who have served this country and lost thier lives. As you know, I'm a patriotic girl...They didn't even have to play well after that. They had me. But they did play well which made it all the sweeter.

Look at his itchy little music fingers. I love it when he does this.

After the concert, talking about the music and instruments.

Content Little thing...

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Doctors and Guns

I got this in an email and thought it was too good to not post.

(A) The number of physicians in the U.S. is 700,000.
(B) Accidental deaths caused by Physicians per year are 120,000.
(C) Accidental deaths per physician are 0.171.Statistics courtesy of U.S. Dept. of Health Human Services.
Now think about this:
(A) The number of gun owners in the U.S. is 80,000,000. (Yes, that's 80 million)
(B) The number of accidental gun deaths per year, all age groups, is 1,500.
(C) The number of accidental deaths; per gun owner is .000188.
Statistics courtesy of FBI So, statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners.
Remember, 'Guns don't kill people, doctors do'.
FACT: NOT EVERYONE HAS A GUN, BUT ALMOST EVERYONE HAS AT LEAST ONE DOCTOR. Please alert your friends to this alarming threat. We must ban doctors before this gets completely out of hand !!!!! Out of concern for the public at large, I withheld the statistics on lawyers For fear the shock would cause people to panic and seek medical attention.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Hot Date

Oh ya, I had a hot date with my husband last night!!!! Long overdue and much needed! My husband came home and asked what I'd like to do, and I really didn't have any great ideas. Then he said, "You want to go to the shooting range and shoot a handgun?" That question would mark the moment when a lot of women would have recoiled, but knowing that this is something my husband truly enjoys and I don't mind...It was a definite YES.

So, off to the range we went. Brett let the guy know that we were there to try a gun in my hands since he's getting me one soon. Ick, gasp, breathe...I chose a Glock 9mm. One man informed me with a bit of a teasing tone that choosing the Glock showed a character flaw while another man argued that indeed I'm wise because the Glock is clearly superior. And most of us don't really know what that all that means except that the bullets are really big and expensive. Anyway, away we went to shoot. My husband is a fantastic aim, even without his glasses. I hit my target and in the general area except for two bullets who drifted south...but still good enough. You know how interesting I am? I cut myself on the gun...not exactly the wound you expect from the gun. Anyway, we came out and looked at some other guns. The guy asked how it went and I said "interesting." Everyone started laughing and said they'd never heard shooting described like that. The man found out it was my first time shooting a hand gun and said he wished he'd known that because they would have started me off with a .22. My husband quickly replied, "Ah, no, she's good." So cool to have my husband be proud of me and believe in my marksman skills.

We got a second target paper and did go with a .22 pistol. Long story short, our cable for the return broke and my target paper was out there in the middle of no where. Brett told the guy and the man said to finish and he'd shut down the range to get it because, "She's gonna want that paper." How nice was that!!! He didn't make fun of me and even went the extra mile for sentimental needs-a target paper that had 6 direct bulls-eyes and four just around the rim...That is pretty good, if I don't say so myself!

I love this man!!!

To quote my husband, "Hi I'm Adelia, and I have a gun." He said it in a mocking girly, happy tone. Ya, funny.

Then Brett and I went to Abuelo', love Abuelo's. We had fantastic food and real conversation. You know, not the usual silence or talk of children that we married people sometimes get stuck in. And one of my favorite songs was played as we ate...Perfect. On our way home, I asked if we could stop by Hobby Lobby-----And he said YES! Do you know how huge that is????? He asked if he could use the "crafty toilet." He thinks he's so funny. Hobby Lobby ended up being the source of laughs and flirtation for us. Who knew?

My mom spent the night with us, and we had a fantastic day today. She made us a delicious breakfast this morning. So nice to not have to cook!! We purged my garage!!!! And made crafts and was all just so wonderful!!

I am so blessed!

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Monday, November 17, 2008

A New Look for Our Home

I just had this fabulous home interior designer come in and do a few tweaks to our home. We were going for a neolithic look. What do you think? And he was so good...he thought of decorating things we never would have thought of like the T's desk, the floor, a storage box, a construction helmet, a rocking chair...he got so wrapped up in the wonderfulness of it all that he decorated his foot and head. This guy really puts himself into his work. If you like his design talents, you can call me and I'll set you up with the guy. Don't be alarmed when you see how short he is...he goes by Ike. He's a real hoot.
I find it interesting that this happened the same week that I said I was buying primer and paint to touch up my horrible walls. And the same week I'm trying to make my nice and loverly. And ya, I've already attempted the Mr Eraser...Trust me...Primer and paint is needed.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Rockin' Good Fairy House

This has been on my fall to do list for some time now. I've been cracking the anti-procrastination whip today. However, I realized that I wasn't making ideal progress, so T and I decided to go for a walk. That really got the blood pumping, and by the time we got back home we were ready to do something. We started with the yard. I moved all of my has been flowers and their pots the the east side of my house, and there they will wait until spring. I also de-cluttered my porch. Only one pot hanging out there now. We tried to get rid of most of the leaves. Ugh...that's a work in progress. I pulled up some old remaining dead flowers. Which made way for the fairy house idea. T and I went to our neighbors with little red wagon in tow and loaded up a couple of discarded logs. Our neighbor had to cut down another tree thanks to the ramifications of the past spring tornado series. Anyway, a blessing for us. Then we loaded the little red wagon with fairy house fixins. Yes, fixins.

There the fixins are.

And here is the beauty of a fairy house. Believe me, everything is strategically placed. T lives by his motto "we can do whatever we want." As in, if you put your mind to it, you can do anything. Not the rebellious side of that quote. Just clearing things for you.

The fairies have leaf rugs.

And all kinds of obstacle courses and places to sit. T has placed rocks here and there to make sure they have resting and talking spots.

There are rock steps, a giant gourd for them to feel more at home, a pot turned upside down for sure entry yet protection from the elements. And the pot also gives entry into the Crystal Ballroom where the light up the night with their parties and balls. Perfect.

And to quote my T-Bird, "The Tooth Fairy is going to rock it out here, isn't she?! She will love this!"

I love my party animal!

This was such a fun project for T and I to do together. We had soooo much fun!!!!

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