Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Conversations of Children

On the way home after lunch with Uncle D
T: Momma, when is it going to snow again.

Me: I don't know, Tristan, I really don't want it to snow. Life get complicated when it snows.

T: Maybe Jack Frost is asleep in the clouds, and he will wake up tomorrow after he gets his rest. And then he will make it snow in our town. Will that be a good idea, Momma?!

On the way to Grandma and Poo-Pah's (long drive with lots of cows)
X: Tristan look cows.

T: I see Alex.
(15minutes later)
X: Tristan look cows.

T: I know, Alex, there are cows everywhere.

X: Ya, cows are funny, huh, Tristan. Cows are funny.

T and X: giggles abound


WendyJanelle said...

Kids are so cute and funny! I wish my life was recorded and I could play those sweet moments back over and over. It might help me behave better, too, knowing that it could all just be replayed. Ouch.

WendyJanelle said...

Sooo...did you enjot the snow today? My boys about drove me nuts!! I finally sent them outside briefly to play. ;-) Thank goodness (for sanity sake, not financially) that Fred does not work tomorrow.

Adelia said...

Tristan became "one with the snow!" I don't know how he does it. All day, really, in the snow!?!?