Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hi Ya'll

There was a time not too long ago that I tried to overcome my southern roots. Proud that I was born "up north" and spent all of a few weeks there before my family moved back to good ol' Arkansas. I took two different foreign languages in high school which helped neutralize my accent. After moving from central Ar to NWA, things have changed.

I feel safe in declaring NWA as somewhat snobby since I've lived here over eight years. What do I mean by snobby? As soon as you get on 540, you enter a new land. When I visit "back home" it very common to pass a complete stranger on the highway and that stranger will wave back. Not here. That's one of the things I miss most...just that friendly exchange. I go walking with the boys, and I wave at the cars but no one waves at me. And then I just feel rejected and rotten. Now T has started waving and asking why they don't wave. The level of agitation I have determines the explanation he gets.

Another bit of snobbery is that when merging into traffic, people DO NOT move over for you. Why can't they be nice? When I go home, I go on and off 40 at Conway. People always move over. Thank you Conwayans! (or whatever you are called)

There are not as many ma'am's or sir's being uttered up here. I love me some good southern politeness. Where did that Mason-Dixon line cross, are you sure it didn't cut through the top of Arkansas?!!?

Well, I will not be bound...I will continue to wave. Maybe it will make someone's day. I just know that my accent is here and it's staying. (Especially when I say long "i's") I'll move over for on coming traffic even if my fellow NWArkansans don't appreciate it. My kids and I will say our ma'ams and sirs. I'm embracing me and my southern-ness. I am a good hearted southern girl who likes to drive down the road waving at people as if there my long lost cousin. (It is the south, you know) I have a whole long list of snobby agitations these are just my top few. And just to prove that I'm really a southern country girl: this summer a friend of mine lived temporarily in the middle of nowhere with no street signs, light poles or paved roads. My question to her was, "Is it strange that I feel so at home coming to see you?" That's right, so let me describe myself just in case you didn't get it, I'm a good hearted souhthern girl who loves my family, my Lord, lazy afternoons and good conversation. Don't feel intimidated, I'll greet with a smile and a, "Hi, Ya'll!"


WendyJanelle said...

Have you had a change of heart since posting this? I know there was some discussion about it in the cafe. I'm inclined to agree with you. SS seems very clique-ish (is that a word?) to me.

Adelia said...

I must admit, just last week I got a wave-er in town!!!!!!!! It made my day!