Monday, February 25, 2008

My Husband Honors Me

My husband honors me so. He's started reading Man of Steel and Velvet written by Aubrey Andelin; he read half of it several years ago, but we've added to our family and we're just altogether in a different place now. The female equivalent of this would be Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin or some you may be more familiar with Created to be His Helpemeet by Debi Pearl. I've read half of Fascinating Womanhood. I don't get my feathers too ruffled about submission, care for my husband and homemaking. I like it. Anyway, this takes a lot of release of self and love for his family for any man to read this book. I am honored and blessed to have such a husband. I thought I might list the steel and velvet qualities a man should possess or strive for.
1. guide, protector, provider
2. builder of society
3. masculinity
4. character
5. confidence
6. health

1. understands women
2. gentleness
3. attentiveness
4. youthfulness
5. humility
6. refinement

The book begins with the steel qualities which, these principles will not change and are the foundation upon which a man must build his masculinity and make the most of his life. Of course, it then rounds out with the velvet qualities, which Mr Andelin points out that a man with these velvet qualities only is "sissified." And Jesus is used as the perfect example of steel and velvet. It's a 310 page read written several decades ago. Not an easy read outside of the pride issue. I am so thankful for my husbands willingness to serve and lead. The best leaders and husbands that I personally know have read this book, so I am very excited for our marriage and family. And to honor my husband, I am beginning my thorough read of Fascinating Womanhood again-this time I'll finish it...but mine is that bonus points?!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Demolition Man

Dinner conversation:
Brett: Hey, Adelia, you know what I'm thinking about doing?
Me: No...
interupted by
T: Breaking down trees?!!?
Brett and I just stare and start laughing.

What is he thinking about??

At our hotel after the water park:
T: What are these walls made of?
Brett: Oh, I'm sure there is wood in there somewhere.
T: Cool, we can knock down these walls.

Oh My!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

A Funny Night

My mom had planned to make dinner for my family at her house in order to give me a night off from my "job" of service. By the time Tuesday afternoon, she realized that she herself was tired too, could be the fact that she gets up at 2am to go work with the airplanes. So, she took us to The Cowboy Store, aka Callahan's for dinner. It was just a fun time. The boys, for whatever reason, were the first to the table which means they chose the seats. On one side it went, Alex, baby, me and on the other Tristan, Brett, Mom. What an odd arrangement, and why were the boys on the aisle seats?!!? And like Alex could help man the baby--obviously we were a little out of it.

At this restaurant there are animals mounted on the wall to my dismay. No, I'm not against hunting, it's just a little unnerving to have these animals stare at you, and, yes, they do stare. I have issues that probably stem from an event that occurred when I was 6 years old. My cousins had a mounted fox in their room and they used to chase me with it, and finally threw it on me once. Oh, I can still feel it...Anyway, Tristan looks up and says in a louder than usual voice, "Ah, It's alive, it's alive, it's alive..." and proceeds to run away from our table and then comes back laughing at how funny he thinks he is. Usually, I wouldn't have laughed with him like he was so funny, but it was funny and I laughed soooo hard. Then he says, "Watch out, Mom, he's looking at you." NOT funny! He started freaking me out, so I had Brett put a stop to it. I know Tristan and I are draining on Brett, but we can't help it were so entertaining.

Then the baby notices the animals on the wall and starts calling them with kissy noises, patting his chest and saying, "Dog, Dog, c'mere, Good Girl." Oh, my goodness, it was so funny.

Then there was a mix up with the drinks that was humorous, but I'll spare you and then my mom ordered and for her side she wanted green beans (I was aghast she didn't order some form of potato...I love potatoes). The server then says and what dressing, and I say in a proud voice, "Ya green beans." Everyone just stares at me and then starts laughing. Brett looked at me like, Honey, you okay? I thought she didn't hear mom and was confused again. I didn't get it, why dressing with green beans. What I didn't know is that her dinner came with a salad and instead of saying "What dressing would you like with your salad, she just moved right into, "green beans and what dressing." Whatever, it just made me look dumb but funny. Glad I could help.

So, our dinner finally comes and T is eating his chicken. That boy is going to turn into a chicken. For those of you who don't know Tristan, he has wiggles and giggles in his pants, so as usual he's bouncing a little in his seat. No big deal, until he falls right onto the floor and is down for like 10 seconds, which made me think something was wrong, but it that wasn't the case. He finally got up, and I laughed so hard. Brett didn't think it was that funny, just a little funny. It was funny to me because he was there one moment and then gone another - you couldn't have predicted it. That kid cracks me up. I'm so thankful my humor was on that day. I was able to enjoy my boys.

We rounded out the evening with Isaac doing a rendition of "Where is Thumbkin" with ketchup fingers. Alex was mostly good. He yelled at Isaac a couple of times for getting into his food, but he was consumed by eating his bread. He loves bread and rolls and will choose that over his ordered food. Little nut.

Don't think we are always this rowdy when dining, this was an exception. And this restaurant is so loud that I don't think anyone noticed the antics, but I sure enjoyed my family.

And just a note, this wasn't the first time Tristan fell out of his chair. It happens about once a month at the house. Hops in his pants...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thanks for the Blessings

Yes, we had another fantastic week. Maybe some of that has to do with our busy homeschooling schedule. It's been quite fun. Last week was Eureka pizza, which I'll post pics later, and this week a Valentines Party, fun at Melinda's and Mothering Matters. Oh, and let's not forget the Lowe's workshop, but I have a somewhat humorous story there. It was our first Saturday to not have something planned, so we were able to attend our first ever Lowe's workshop. Alex went because usually, he's a good boy, but on this day....he was having a meltdown. The the little boy and his adult next to us were overwhelming. The little boy kept putting Tristan's mailbox together and hammering for him. T would say, HEEYYY! Then his adult overseer would say, This is so great, man, you know what I'm saying, like just great. He was an older guy that looked like he participated in the hippie movement years ago and talked like it too. I was so frustrated, so hopefully the next one will be less energetic.

Anyway, back to homeschooling. These last couple of weeks have been great as far as measurable accomplishment. Tristan is such a willing kid. My challenge lies in Alex. He is only 2 and a half, and can completely identify all of his alphabet, upper and lower case and numbers. He knows all of the phonetics sounds for consonents and vowels. I don't know what to do with him. Do I start him homeschooling much sooner than normal? He sits with books all day long, he'll probably teach himself to read just as Brett did when he was a child. I'm praying for wisdom.

Brett and I had a great date night at the house on Wednesday. He recieved a gift card to a steak house from his work. So, he took our family out to eat Thursday afternoon befor the Lover's Rush for Valentines dinner occured; my mom and brother were invited by Brett also. The mentors spoke at our Mothering Matters meeting on Friday, and one of them said that you honor your husband when you are kind, loving, and nice to your mother-in-law. That's so true because I felt so blessed and honored when my husband asked my mother to join us all on his own and in a way that made her feel welcome. It was such a great dinner and fellowship of family.

All of this greatness, I don't know if it's coming because of a change in our lives, or because I'm trying to see the blessings everyday. I hope it's both. God has been so faithful to us...I want to be faithful to him. Thanks for another great week, Lord.

A Great Week and A Girly Issue

Let me just say that I had a great week last week. Even though it was filled with flu, sinus infection and breathing treatments...I had a great week. For someone who was going on no sleep, the Lord provided a supernatural energy for me. Yep, I had a great week in-spite of the things the enemy threw my way. I think that is why I am so joyful. So, why was it great, here goes.

I got to vote which makes me feel so good. Tristan went with me. He hears Brett and I talk politics all the time. We didn't realize how much he picked up on until he said "So and so is the bad guy and so so's are the good guys and there's a battle to see who will be our leader." He's so funny and perceptive. So, when I went to vote, I got behind my little wall and T asked what it said. I called off the names, and when he recognized the names his eyes would light up and say, "He's a good guy, Momma." He even remembered who we were to vote for. I proceed to stuff my ballot in the box, and the lady asks T if he voted to which he nods his head and opens his mouth to speak. I promptly clasp my hands over his mouth and the entire room fills with laughter and mumbling about my precious little boy. Yes, he would have broken some rule and promoted certain candidates. I love his passion and zeal...I hope it stays with him throughout life.

I also got to see some of the ladies I just love this week. A couple of ladies from my mothering group, they are just fun gals. My mothering mentor stopped by my house on Monday. Always a blessing to have her around. Which leads into my issue and blessing. Some of you know this already, my heart and soul would love to have a girl come into our family. No, we are not trying, not for another year and a half at least. Some in my sphere of influence are very supportive and hopeful for me and some are just too pessimistic for me to bare. With comments like, " I don't think you get to pray for that, it's not your choice, you have a 50 50 chance..." I just hurts my feelings and two weeks ago I got several of those comments. I told my mommy mentor about it and she said, "Why can't you pray and pray specifically, I think that's wise." She approved my prayer, I needed that. But she also asked why I needed a girl. I pleaded my case, and it's not just the bows and frills. She seemed satisfied with my spoken and unspoken reasons. She's so great!

And here's where I have grown. It seems everyone is now pregnant, even my brothers wife. A girl is bound to come out of that crop. How I am going to deal with it? My brother called two days ago to tell me what they were naming their baby if it was a girl. They are naming "her" after my mom. That call left me a little shaken. I know it sounds so silly, but I just found out that after nine boy grandchildren, Brett's brother and his wife will be birthing the first girl into the family. That was hard. I do NOT begrudge them, it's Brett and I. Why can't we make a girl???? Two years ago this would have been soooo devastating, but I've yet to truly throw a "woe is me" party. When I think of this predicament lots of scripture echoes in my head, which makes me think the Lord cares about my silly request and feelings.

And then Saturday night came. I had a fantastic night with fantastic women who have been by my side for 6 yrs. LOTS of laughter and just uplifting conversation. At the end of the evening, one of the ladies brought in a dvd slideshow of a humongous house...3.1 million dollar home that she toured earlier that day. It wasn't my dream home so I wasn't that moved...UNTIL...they showed a girl's nursery...It was MY dream nursery and on one of the walls it read, in beautiful scroll lettering, Mademoiselle so and so. I just kind of zoned out and then realized my friend had been watching me. She had this knowing look on her face, and said, " But it should say..." and she said the name we want to name our girl. I rarely speak the name, but hearing it was just, I don't know, but it stirred something in me that I couldn't stop. For the first time, tears streamed down my face. I wasn't sobbing they just came all on their own. I didn't even think about it. I made my apologies about the silliness of it all, and she said, "She'll come, Adelia." And whether she does or not, I needed someone else to believe with me, and I needed "the glass is half full" words. My friend remembered and cared for me. So, I have my friend believing with me, and a friend from SS that I see occasionally is praying for us to have a girl. I'll take it, that support is so appreciated.

I'm also putting on my peripheral vision blinders, so as to not become distracted or overwhelmed by all this girly issue. This might also make sense to Jerri. Now you know why I'm always staring at your girls and telling you how great they are!! Oh, and let me clear any confusion, I LOVE my boys. They are sooooo amazing, kind, fun, smart, just great. I would just like to go out with a bang...a girl.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How Great Is a Mom

Ok, I just had a memory spark of a great moment that proves how great my mom is story. Years ago, I had a Beta. After summer break, we were readying the car to send me back to U of A. I was finishing my list of to do's which included getting my Beta of 2 yrs ready. (That's a long time to have a Beta!) It seems odd to love a fish, you know there's no petting or cuddling, but I loved mine. We would even play peek-a-boo. Anyway, I was pouring off some of his water in the sink, as we had done so many times before, but this time he started swimming with the pour and swam straight down the sink. I began crying hysterically and ran out the back door to my mom who was packing the car screaming through sobs, "Sam's in the sink, Sam's in the sink!" My mom ran in the house, looked down the sink and saw that he was still there in the elbow of the piping. She proceeded to open the bathroom cabinet and kick and pull at the piping while saying, "It's okay, Sissy, we'll get him. It's gonna be alright!" And indeed, my mom got him out for me at the expense of new piping. She cared for me so much that she went BEYOND the call of mom. Sam looked really bad when she recovered him. People at school would stop by my room and ask, "What's wrong with your fish?!" Then I would have to tell my horrible yet heroic story. Sam went on to die 2 weeks later. Mom probably knew that the shock or lack of water for quite a while would get to him, but she saved him for me, not for him. Now it's one of those "remember when" stories and we just laugh. I know my fish is in Fishy Heaven, so I can laugh about it now. And I also know that my mom is great.

Just a fun story for me!

Happy Voting Day!

So, today is Super Tuesday, and I'm in prayer about it. I find this election somewhat disheartening. I think it's the first election that I've been fully committed to, so maybe this is the usual feeling you get. Or maybe it's because I have three children now, don't know. But I do know that I am voting informed. As most of you know I am a conservative. I'm okay with my choices, of course, I prefer one over another, but what upsets me is how people vote a certain way just because that's the way their family has always voted. For example, my family has always been Democrat just because "they are for the workin' man." I've tried to explain to my Papa that voting like that now means more abortions, socialized medicine and healthcare. Higher taxes!!! We don't want higher taxes even if you want universal healthcare. Look at India, the government takes out sooooo many taxes that they make like a dollar a day. Look at the taxes that come out of your or your husband's pay check already. I'll stop there for now. Anyway, educate yourself and go vote.