Friday, February 22, 2008

A Funny Night

My mom had planned to make dinner for my family at her house in order to give me a night off from my "job" of service. By the time Tuesday afternoon, she realized that she herself was tired too, could be the fact that she gets up at 2am to go work with the airplanes. So, she took us to The Cowboy Store, aka Callahan's for dinner. It was just a fun time. The boys, for whatever reason, were the first to the table which means they chose the seats. On one side it went, Alex, baby, me and on the other Tristan, Brett, Mom. What an odd arrangement, and why were the boys on the aisle seats?!!? And like Alex could help man the baby--obviously we were a little out of it.

At this restaurant there are animals mounted on the wall to my dismay. No, I'm not against hunting, it's just a little unnerving to have these animals stare at you, and, yes, they do stare. I have issues that probably stem from an event that occurred when I was 6 years old. My cousins had a mounted fox in their room and they used to chase me with it, and finally threw it on me once. Oh, I can still feel it...Anyway, Tristan looks up and says in a louder than usual voice, "Ah, It's alive, it's alive, it's alive..." and proceeds to run away from our table and then comes back laughing at how funny he thinks he is. Usually, I wouldn't have laughed with him like he was so funny, but it was funny and I laughed soooo hard. Then he says, "Watch out, Mom, he's looking at you." NOT funny! He started freaking me out, so I had Brett put a stop to it. I know Tristan and I are draining on Brett, but we can't help it were so entertaining.

Then the baby notices the animals on the wall and starts calling them with kissy noises, patting his chest and saying, "Dog, Dog, c'mere, Good Girl." Oh, my goodness, it was so funny.

Then there was a mix up with the drinks that was humorous, but I'll spare you and then my mom ordered and for her side she wanted green beans (I was aghast she didn't order some form of potato...I love potatoes). The server then says and what dressing, and I say in a proud voice, "Ya green beans." Everyone just stares at me and then starts laughing. Brett looked at me like, Honey, you okay? I thought she didn't hear mom and was confused again. I didn't get it, why dressing with green beans. What I didn't know is that her dinner came with a salad and instead of saying "What dressing would you like with your salad, she just moved right into, "green beans and what dressing." Whatever, it just made me look dumb but funny. Glad I could help.

So, our dinner finally comes and T is eating his chicken. That boy is going to turn into a chicken. For those of you who don't know Tristan, he has wiggles and giggles in his pants, so as usual he's bouncing a little in his seat. No big deal, until he falls right onto the floor and is down for like 10 seconds, which made me think something was wrong, but it that wasn't the case. He finally got up, and I laughed so hard. Brett didn't think it was that funny, just a little funny. It was funny to me because he was there one moment and then gone another - you couldn't have predicted it. That kid cracks me up. I'm so thankful my humor was on that day. I was able to enjoy my boys.

We rounded out the evening with Isaac doing a rendition of "Where is Thumbkin" with ketchup fingers. Alex was mostly good. He yelled at Isaac a couple of times for getting into his food, but he was consumed by eating his bread. He loves bread and rolls and will choose that over his ordered food. Little nut.

Don't think we are always this rowdy when dining, this was an exception. And this restaurant is so loud that I don't think anyone noticed the antics, but I sure enjoyed my family.

And just a note, this wasn't the first time Tristan fell out of his chair. It happens about once a month at the house. Hops in his pants...


Suzanne said...

What a blessing you are to your kids to be able to laugh and enjoy them as much as you do. You're a great momma and a beautiful person.

Adelia said...

Or so I would have you think!!! Thanks Suzanne!

WendyJanelle said...

I just read this for the second time...(was nursing the first, and didn't want to attempt one-handed commenting.)
I second Suzanne. You are awesome. I wish I had such an easy laugh! I can laugh and do, but I also worry too much about what others think sometimes. We are so much more relaxed and fun at home!! :-)
The green bean thing is funny!! Heh heh. And I also have a thing about dead animals staring at me.

Adelia said...

Wendy, easy laugh?! I'm self-conscious about my laugh actually. I met one of Brett's ex's years ago and she had one of those lovely laughs. I can still hear it. You know, one of those things that women pick up on, but no one else (like your husband) cares. I think I sound ridiculous, so thanks for the easy laugh comment!!