Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Great Week and A Girly Issue

Let me just say that I had a great week last week. Even though it was filled with flu, sinus infection and breathing treatments...I had a great week. For someone who was going on no sleep, the Lord provided a supernatural energy for me. Yep, I had a great week in-spite of the things the enemy threw my way. I think that is why I am so joyful. So, why was it great, here goes.

I got to vote which makes me feel so good. Tristan went with me. He hears Brett and I talk politics all the time. We didn't realize how much he picked up on until he said "So and so is the bad guy and so so's are the good guys and there's a battle to see who will be our leader." He's so funny and perceptive. So, when I went to vote, I got behind my little wall and T asked what it said. I called off the names, and when he recognized the names his eyes would light up and say, "He's a good guy, Momma." He even remembered who we were to vote for. I proceed to stuff my ballot in the box, and the lady asks T if he voted to which he nods his head and opens his mouth to speak. I promptly clasp my hands over his mouth and the entire room fills with laughter and mumbling about my precious little boy. Yes, he would have broken some rule and promoted certain candidates. I love his passion and zeal...I hope it stays with him throughout life.

I also got to see some of the ladies I just love this week. A couple of ladies from my mothering group, they are just fun gals. My mothering mentor stopped by my house on Monday. Always a blessing to have her around. Which leads into my issue and blessing. Some of you know this already, my heart and soul would love to have a girl come into our family. No, we are not trying, not for another year and a half at least. Some in my sphere of influence are very supportive and hopeful for me and some are just too pessimistic for me to bare. With comments like, " I don't think you get to pray for that, it's not your choice, you have a 50 50 chance..." I just hurts my feelings and two weeks ago I got several of those comments. I told my mommy mentor about it and she said, "Why can't you pray and pray specifically, I think that's wise." She approved my prayer, I needed that. But she also asked why I needed a girl. I pleaded my case, and it's not just the bows and frills. She seemed satisfied with my spoken and unspoken reasons. She's so great!

And here's where I have grown. It seems everyone is now pregnant, even my brothers wife. A girl is bound to come out of that crop. How I am going to deal with it? My brother called two days ago to tell me what they were naming their baby if it was a girl. They are naming "her" after my mom. That call left me a little shaken. I know it sounds so silly, but I just found out that after nine boy grandchildren, Brett's brother and his wife will be birthing the first girl into the family. That was hard. I do NOT begrudge them, it's Brett and I. Why can't we make a girl???? Two years ago this would have been soooo devastating, but I've yet to truly throw a "woe is me" party. When I think of this predicament lots of scripture echoes in my head, which makes me think the Lord cares about my silly request and feelings.

And then Saturday night came. I had a fantastic night with fantastic women who have been by my side for 6 yrs. LOTS of laughter and just uplifting conversation. At the end of the evening, one of the ladies brought in a dvd slideshow of a humongous house...3.1 million dollar home that she toured earlier that day. It wasn't my dream home so I wasn't that moved...UNTIL...they showed a girl's nursery...It was MY dream nursery and on one of the walls it read, in beautiful scroll lettering, Mademoiselle so and so. I just kind of zoned out and then realized my friend had been watching me. She had this knowing look on her face, and said, " But it should say..." and she said the name we want to name our girl. I rarely speak the name, but hearing it was just, I don't know, but it stirred something in me that I couldn't stop. For the first time, tears streamed down my face. I wasn't sobbing they just came all on their own. I didn't even think about it. I made my apologies about the silliness of it all, and she said, "She'll come, Adelia." And whether she does or not, I needed someone else to believe with me, and I needed "the glass is half full" words. My friend remembered and cared for me. So, I have my friend believing with me, and a friend from SS that I see occasionally is praying for us to have a girl. I'll take it, that support is so appreciated.

I'm also putting on my peripheral vision blinders, so as to not become distracted or overwhelmed by all this girly issue. This might also make sense to Jerri. Now you know why I'm always staring at your girls and telling you how great they are!! Oh, and let me clear any confusion, I LOVE my boys. They are sooooo amazing, kind, fun, smart, just great. I would just like to go out with a bang...a girl.


WendyJanelle said...

I will pray for a girl for you. I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

Isabelle badly wanted a sister. She and I both prayed that the last baby would be a girl. I had one friend that was absolutely convinced that the doctor must be wrong because we had all prayed for a girl. Isabelle and I were both disappointed. I hate to write that, because I love my precious little Oliver more than words can say.

At any rate, God has his reasons. I know He heard our prayers and knew that Oliver would delight us more than we could imagine. He always knows best, doesn't he? :-) And I often tell Fred that God must have so much faith in US, to think that we could handle three little boys!!

At any rate (sorry, this is as long as a post!!), that is not to say that God will not answer this prayer for you. I have my girl, and I'm praying that you will get yours. In fact, I'll go ahead and give you some girl things. We're supposed to pray, believing for the answer.

Adelia said...

You are so great, Wendy!! Thank you for your love and friendship!