Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How Great Is a Mom

Ok, I just had a memory spark of a great moment that proves how great my mom is story. Years ago, I had a Beta. After summer break, we were readying the car to send me back to U of A. I was finishing my list of to do's which included getting my Beta of 2 yrs ready. (That's a long time to have a Beta!) It seems odd to love a fish, you know there's no petting or cuddling, but I loved mine. We would even play peek-a-boo. Anyway, I was pouring off some of his water in the sink, as we had done so many times before, but this time he started swimming with the pour and swam straight down the sink. I began crying hysterically and ran out the back door to my mom who was packing the car screaming through sobs, "Sam's in the sink, Sam's in the sink!" My mom ran in the house, looked down the sink and saw that he was still there in the elbow of the piping. She proceeded to open the bathroom cabinet and kick and pull at the piping while saying, "It's okay, Sissy, we'll get him. It's gonna be alright!" And indeed, my mom got him out for me at the expense of new piping. She cared for me so much that she went BEYOND the call of mom. Sam looked really bad when she recovered him. People at school would stop by my room and ask, "What's wrong with your fish?!" Then I would have to tell my horrible yet heroic story. Sam went on to die 2 weeks later. Mom probably knew that the shock or lack of water for quite a while would get to him, but she saved him for me, not for him. Now it's one of those "remember when" stories and we just laugh. I know my fish is in Fishy Heaven, so I can laugh about it now. And I also know that my mom is great.

Just a fun story for me!

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