Monday, February 25, 2008

My Husband Honors Me

My husband honors me so. He's started reading Man of Steel and Velvet written by Aubrey Andelin; he read half of it several years ago, but we've added to our family and we're just altogether in a different place now. The female equivalent of this would be Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin or some you may be more familiar with Created to be His Helpemeet by Debi Pearl. I've read half of Fascinating Womanhood. I don't get my feathers too ruffled about submission, care for my husband and homemaking. I like it. Anyway, this takes a lot of release of self and love for his family for any man to read this book. I am honored and blessed to have such a husband. I thought I might list the steel and velvet qualities a man should possess or strive for.
1. guide, protector, provider
2. builder of society
3. masculinity
4. character
5. confidence
6. health

1. understands women
2. gentleness
3. attentiveness
4. youthfulness
5. humility
6. refinement

The book begins with the steel qualities which, these principles will not change and are the foundation upon which a man must build his masculinity and make the most of his life. Of course, it then rounds out with the velvet qualities, which Mr Andelin points out that a man with these velvet qualities only is "sissified." And Jesus is used as the perfect example of steel and velvet. It's a 310 page read written several decades ago. Not an easy read outside of the pride issue. I am so thankful for my husbands willingness to serve and lead. The best leaders and husbands that I personally know have read this book, so I am very excited for our marriage and family. And to honor my husband, I am beginning my thorough read of Fascinating Womanhood again-this time I'll finish it...but mine is that bonus points?!


WendyJanelle said...

Maybe if they'd make it into a movie, then I could get my husband to watch it!! ;-) Seriously, though, did you know that Promise Keepers is doing like "mini-retreats" through theaters now? What an awesome idea!! Reach the men where they are!

I'm so thankful that you have such an incredible man! He is lucky to have you, too. Isn't God just so awesome and amazing, to complete us in such a way? I don't know what I would do without my man...

Adelia said...

Wendy, some may think we are delusional to find such fulfillment in our husbands...I mean that's sooo uncool today. I'm happy to be uncool in this case!

WendyJanelle said...

Me, too!! (And I'm like you, getting distracted during the day just thinking about my husband and aching for him to come home. Ah, sweet love!)