Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thanks for the Blessings

Yes, we had another fantastic week. Maybe some of that has to do with our busy homeschooling schedule. It's been quite fun. Last week was Eureka pizza, which I'll post pics later, and this week a Valentines Party, fun at Melinda's and Mothering Matters. Oh, and let's not forget the Lowe's workshop, but I have a somewhat humorous story there. It was our first Saturday to not have something planned, so we were able to attend our first ever Lowe's workshop. Alex went because usually, he's a good boy, but on this day....he was having a meltdown. The the little boy and his adult next to us were overwhelming. The little boy kept putting Tristan's mailbox together and hammering for him. T would say, HEEYYY! Then his adult overseer would say, This is so great, man, you know what I'm saying, like just great. He was an older guy that looked like he participated in the hippie movement years ago and talked like it too. I was so frustrated, so hopefully the next one will be less energetic.

Anyway, back to homeschooling. These last couple of weeks have been great as far as measurable accomplishment. Tristan is such a willing kid. My challenge lies in Alex. He is only 2 and a half, and can completely identify all of his alphabet, upper and lower case and numbers. He knows all of the phonetics sounds for consonents and vowels. I don't know what to do with him. Do I start him homeschooling much sooner than normal? He sits with books all day long, he'll probably teach himself to read just as Brett did when he was a child. I'm praying for wisdom.

Brett and I had a great date night at the house on Wednesday. He recieved a gift card to a steak house from his work. So, he took our family out to eat Thursday afternoon befor the Lover's Rush for Valentines dinner occured; my mom and brother were invited by Brett also. The mentors spoke at our Mothering Matters meeting on Friday, and one of them said that you honor your husband when you are kind, loving, and nice to your mother-in-law. That's so true because I felt so blessed and honored when my husband asked my mother to join us all on his own and in a way that made her feel welcome. It was such a great dinner and fellowship of family.

All of this greatness, I don't know if it's coming because of a change in our lives, or because I'm trying to see the blessings everyday. I hope it's both. God has been so faithful to us...I want to be faithful to him. Thanks for another great week, Lord.


david santos said...

Hello, Adelia!
(Adélia, name portuguese)
Thanks for your posting and have a good week.
good luck

WendyJanelle said...

Hey girlie,
I'm sorry, I didn't know what was happening at Lowe's. You hould've moved over by us!! Next time I'll grab you & pull you to my table.

Woo-hoo for the great week!! Isn't it fun to stay busy with the kids? We just had a blast in Branson. I also loved MM, Eureka, and VDay party. I wish I could just stay around my friends all the time. You guys are uplifting!!

Adelia said...

Thanks, David. I had some spanish speaking friends who added "Rosa" to the end of my name. It was a fun nickname.

Wendy, at least now I know how to approach the tables. I'll be bolder next time. Sometimes I'm such a wallflower. I should have said something on my own. Next time...wait hopefully we won't have that encounter next time...ha!

Suzanne said...

Just my 2cents..include Alex as much as he is interested in on homeschooling...just don't push him so he doesn't get burnt out early. :) I'm a pro Moore's advocate. Better late than early. But it seems every family differs in why they homeschool and what their goals are.