Sunday, March 30, 2008

Next Stop, Better Me

I'm adding a couple of new lists to the right side of my blog. I just feel a nudging in my spirit to get radical. No, not worshiping snakes radical, just really stepping out and making some changes. First, I'll post a weekly prayer list. Seeing it in front of me will help me remember to lift my prayers up and maybe someone reading will feel a call to prayer as well. I may not post all of the prayer requests since sometimes they can be quite negative. Not all the readers will just pray about what they read, some will talk about it and give life to words that have no place. Just trying to protect you and the situation in need. Second, projects...I have so much to do and I forget where to start. I'm putting a project section in my binder as well. I need focus. And last, my goals for the month. This where a lot of the "radical" steps in!! I want major change in my life. Focus, direction, peace, wisdom with my responses to life...the list just goes on and on. So, setting goals now. Like I used to--funny how we get out of habits. When you see some of my goals, it's okay if you think I'm looney, but I believe I'm doing what I need to do inorder to get me to who and where I want to be in five years. Before doing anything now, I'll ask myself, will this help me get to my 5 year goal(s)? If not, out you go. (Except for the minor enhancement to the house). That's been pre-approved. So, here we go. Next stop, Better Me!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Perfect Recipe

Take some mud and add a couple of little boys. The result will be a beautiful mess. These pictures are so mild. They ended up COVERED in mud. Two baths later, I recognized my boys again. Whew...I was getting a little worried...And how do they know to throw mud at each other?! They covered their swing set with the mud, so now when they slide they are covered in thick dust. So icky to touch them...Boys, boys, boys...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

By the Book

About two months ago, I started putting together my Home Management Binder thanks to Suzanne. I had a fun time putting it together in scrap booking style, and my home runs more smoothly as well. So, now we live life by the book. Here's a peek into my binder, er I call it my Home Keeping Binder. Keep makes me feel warm and fuzzy, management makes me feel very authoritative. It's my binder, so that's what I call it. Not rebelling against the system, just having fun.

This is the cover with Proverbs 31 on it. As well as a saying at the bottom that reads, "Everything looks impossible for the people who never try anything." This should tell you that this binder is one of those nearly impossible things for me. I'm trying to be more structured, AND stick to it!!! The Lord is with me...I can do this.

I have a zippy in the front. Yes, zippy is the proper name. I have tucked into it, sticky notes, 2 pens and 2 pencils, an extra hair tie (I can't stand to have my hair in my face when I work or have to think extra hard), scissors, calculator, highlighter, stamps, and a few other this and thats for myself. No, not chocolate, but that's not a bad idea. I also don't have to search for writing utensils any longer. Always 2 of each in the zippy!!

This is where I keep working schedules of daily life. I have a little sticky that says, "Seize the Day" on this page. Oh, and all my pages have appropriate scripture, prayer or confession for each of them.

This is my meal planning section. It keeps account of my meals (duh) as well as grocery lists and coupons or sales for that week.
Here's our homeschooling section. I have lots of loose fun papers that now have a home.
After this should be my cleaning section, but I somehow missed that in the pictures. It's my second favorite page. Oh, well, come see me and I'll show you.

Here's my devotions section. I also tuck away any rambling snippets I've jotted down from unexpected inspiration. You know, you here something grab a paper and jot it down. Then it ends up in an organized pile. No longer, my friend. I also keep special prayers and confessions here. I've written the words to one of my favorite worship songs in some of the boxes. The words go like this, The more I seek you, the more I find you, The more I find you the more I love you. I want to sit at your feet, drink from the cup in your hand, lay back against you and breathe, feel your heart beat. This love is so deep. It's more than I can stand. I melt in your peace...It's overwhelming! These words always get me into that worshipful mood...good tone setting.
Next is our budget. I used a pretty green background page. Green=good=money! Heh, heh!

This is my names and numbers section. A work in progress to get all contacts into ONE place!!!
Here's my notes and emails section. I do correspondence for our church, and I have to remember to do them. So, now I just print off my list and in it goes to the appropriate section.

And my favorite page, Mothering Matters. Finally, I'm getting the end of the year...BUT I'll be ready for next year!!

I already see some adjustments I need to make with the binder. It will always be changing as life changes, but that's okay. At least it's structured somewhat. I'm adding two new sections this week. A gardening section to keep track of the flowers and vegetables for this year and a special projects section. I have so many things to do, or I want to do. Having one place for those thoughts are sooooo helpful. I'm just so excited to have this small, yet, it makes my life better...

And since I have more time because of all this structure I got to decoupage for the first time. A charger (I used one of my favorite note cards to help decorate it) drums for the boys, and a boredom box. I also completed one of my over sized scrapbook pages for the dining area. This one is of just the boys in a very large frame. I have two more to complete. One of our family and one of mine and Brett's wedding. I have a very long kitchen/dining area and wanted something fun and family oriented on the walls.

Voila, and there you have it!

Monday, March 24, 2008

In My Crazy Little Mind

Sometimes I am so complex and deep that I perplex myself. Here's a great example. I woke up a little bit ago from a strange dream. The dream started with me going to our insurance agent's house to pay our bill. First of all, I've never been to my insurance agent's house. Secondly, I know he doesn't live down a dirt road. He's a city guy. F-ville style. But if I've never been to his house, how would I know he's a city guy? He's always very talkative when we go in to pay. Okay back to the dream, some how me and the boys end up frolicking with his chickens. I was trying to catch my favorite chicken...the top of her body was black and then the bottom was this fantastic teal polka dot, large polka dot, not tiny polka dot. And throughout the dream, I would think of Brett and have this visual thought bubble of him truly, all out laughing. He was laughing with joy about our new house. And then he said he would like to add tennis courts. Are you kidding me, we don't even play tennis...yet. After giving up on my chicken, I decided to snap pictures of the boys with my camera that turned into a disposable camera. And every picture I took was of wonky eyes or the back of the kids' heads. Then I couldn't take pictures of Tristan because he was wearing a black shirt of Isaac's from 6 months ago. That's when Alex woke me up because he was thirsty.

Strange, yet deep...see. Ah, to walk through my mind.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Just Amazing

As I was heading out the door early Thursday morning, the phone rang. So, I stopped to pick it up. From the other end of the line came a solid, deep voice that said, "Is this Mrs. Lady*?" And for whatever reason I answered back promptly, "Yes, this is Adelia." He continued, "Did you use to live in The Land of Old Fogies*?" (*places and names changed to protect the identity of those involved) And I said, "Yes, I did..." Now, I grow a little concerned. Our stint in The Land of Old Fogies wasn't pleasant. Someone turned us in to the Land of Old Fogies POA because T's push toys and riding toys were outside on our carport. We got a nasty letter in the mail. I felt like I was in the village in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with no children. Give me a break old people. Er, mean, old people. But the old lady around the circle with the trashy, weed over-ridden yard didn't get a letter. That's when we made the decision to move to The Land Where Jesus Is Lord*. But, as we were moving, our late cat spazzed out and darted out of the house and lived commando in The Land of Old Fogie's woods for about 5 months. Our former neighbor found him, caught him and gave us a call. So, ridiculously, I think this voice on the other end is calling me about some fine or what have you that is related to one of these previous incidences. Yes, I still fear The Land of Old Fogies.

Back to the story...then he said, "Well, I found something of yours." Great, I left something behind in The Land of Old Fogies...a fine is sure to come. Surprisingly, he went on to say, "Have you lost a driver license?" No, I didn't loose a drivers license, as some of you will recall, I had one taken. Taken because it was in my purse that was stolen October 31st of last year which also contained the usual purse contents plus our digital camera with 200+ pictures and 10 videos, and a Hobby Lobby gift card. I think my heart started beating every other beat.
This was just strange. He not only found my drivers license, but my calendar/organizer/address book and my old debit card. He found them on the side of a highway that runs north through our town. Apparently, he saw a duffle bag and bat on the side of the road and thought it might have fallen out of the back of someone's vehicle. As he was walking he saw a drivers license poking out of a book. There they were and have been. Can you believe it?!?! Whoever took my stuff just chunked items out and kept the ones they wanted. Brett and I met him that afternoon, and he and his wife took us to the side of road that they found it on.

I was consumed with mixed emotions. Joy for having some sense of closure...some items returned. Sadness because the last time I touched these items was the night they were taken. I wanted to dwell on my stupidity, but that thought was pushed out by the faithfulness of our Lord. I prayed, as did many of you, that these items would be returned and some of them have now returned. We'll eventually have a digital camera again. For now, it's old fashioned film for us. Hence the lack of pictures with blog posts. All in time. I've just found a new great bag to carry my stuff in as of last Sunday...gone the owl bag and now is the hand made bag from India. And the money spent on that went directly to missions. Hobby Lobby will always be here and run their great sales. I gave a HL gift to the gift card intended lady on her birthday. Don't you see, it has all been returned just as we prayed and asked for. The Lord is so great.

Tristan was able to see how prayer works as well. What a great thing!

I thanked the man for helping me achieve this sense of closure. He said he just hoped someone would do the same for him. And that's a big thing for me. I tend to wear the rose colored glasses and see and expect the best of people. When my purse was stolen, I was so sad to have to think otherwise. And here was this man, proving that goodness and kindness exist still in this crazy world. Whoever took my bag made some phone calls on my old cell phone, and the police were given the information. I don't believe they ever followed up on it. I now see it was because God needed to show himself in many ways. People dropped by food, money and grocery gift cards, since my grocery money was also in my bag. So many rallied around us and prayed for us. I needed to understand patience as well as see a different side of the world.

I was so excited that I took pictures and ran to get them developed. Amazingly, it's still the same as it was more than five months ago. The paper clip still holds the pages open to October and my writing remains. Well, see for yourself...oh, before you look, will you offer up a shout of praise to our Lord...and if you want, pray that the Lord extends a blessing to this man and his family. I have. God bless him. Okay, now look!

By the way, ya, it looks like a creamy colored mess of a book on the outside in real life too. Not just he quality of pictures...

I Say Ha Ha, He Says Ha Ha Ha!

Finally, Brett and I had a good conversation about our marriage and how to address the challenges. We were talking about the way we love each other and I said, "I want to be loved in a special way. You know, special love?" Brett's reply, "Special, short bus, or special..." Yes, honey, the seriousness of it all was not lost on you.

Then, after me talking for some time and him staring at me for some time, I say, "I'm chatting AT you again." And he says, "That's good."

Suddenly, the communication barrier was quiet evident in those two instances, which made us laugh both times. Ah, laughter, a communication we both understand!!

Laugh with your husband today!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Kindred, Where Art Thou?

Where is my thing? You know that thing that I'm good at, no more than good, excel at. I was talking to Brett last night about this. I'm decent at a lot of stuff, but I don't excel at any thing. I have an inner artsy fartsy that can do just about anything but nothing fulfills me. Wendy has decoupage and several other things, Ellen has scrap booking, as well as Melinda, and Suzanne has found her soul mate in stamping. Where's my kindred?? Yesterday, I got this little round box (well that's one of those oxymorons, huh) at Tab's. It was the perfect size for our Boredom Box. What's a Boredom Box? I have listed all of the activities we have at the house, and then divided them individually onto tiny papers. When we don't know what to do, we go pick from the Boredom Box. Sometimes I forget some of the things we can do. No more, ah ha, I now have it in one place. And it's exciting to see what the box will dole out to us.I decoupaged for the first time in my life, (gasp). I covered the box in a fun primary color, big dot paper. A primary color block print was chosen for the lid. It's really cute. I also decoupaged a black charger I had hanging around. It was fun but not fulfilling. Just like every other crafty thing, I looked at it in victory---I created something with my hands instead of my uterus. That shouldn't be the litmus test. Oh, well, maybe I'm just a Jack of all Trades. I do excel at foreign languages, but when do I get to use that AND that's not letting out the artsy fartsy. Sigh...still searching for my thing...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hosannah in the Highest

As Palm Sunday has come and gone, I have a stirring in my spirit. Was it really so long ago that Jesus rode into town with people throwing palm branches in his path? The people shouting, "Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!" He was boldly declared a KING. And just days later, these same people wouldn't stand up and declare him King again. Political pressure, fear for the consequences on themselves caused them to cower instead of boldly declaring him King and standing for him.

And here we are today, not all that different. Are there days when we cower and eat of the world instead of delighting in the Bread of Life? I do; I know I do. Usually leads to a period of ick in my life. Today I am challenging myself...what am I placing in His path? Am I being a blessing to Him or bringing honor to Him? There are seraphims circling the Lord right now declaring "Holy, Holy, Holy..." They are discovering a new facet of the Lord every moment and declaring Him Holy. I am declaring Him Holy and am challenging myself to dig deeper so as to discover a new facet to my God.

What a great week to shed off some of the fleshly desires and bow down before him. Him who came so that we could have true life. Ah, sometimes the gravity of it all gets so lost, doesn't it? Oh, Jesus, I love you, I exalt you.

Just think of it like this, thanks will get you into the gates, praise will get you into the courts. Oh, yes, praise can liberate you! But true bowing down worship will get you into the secret place, the holy of holies. Tell Him what He means to you this week. He is worthy, He is mighty, King of kings, and Lord of lords, Exalt Him! Seek after Him with a renewed passion this week! Put your trust in Him even more this week! Let us honor Him!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Honey

It's your birthday, Uh huh uh, it's your birthday and I love ya.

Mr. 29! You've still got it, Baby!!

She's Just Great 2

Isn't she beautiful?!? This is Christi, everyone say hi. Well, look below at the previous post. There now you see her. (blogger is giving me fits right now, hence the separate posts) This is my oldest surviving friendship. And we don't even remember how we became friends. We know it was through basketball in the Jr High years, but that's about it. She says that she always thought that I was a, I am not a snob, just shy until the real me gets free. For whatever reason, she invited me to her birthday party one year, ice skating. And we've been friends ever since. By the way, our birthdays are just days apart --Christmas Babies.Our friendship did take a one year hiatus because of a boy, lying boy, but not even high treason could break the bond. Before Christi, I had never really had that go to friend. I thank the Lord for her.

I was able to go visit her in Dallas a couple of weeks ago. She and her husband work at/run a Big Cat refuge outside the city. They have a great website if you ever want to pop by. My boys enjoy watching the cats and bears. Anyway, she picked me up at the airport, and I can't describe to you the normalcy/non-excitement that I felt. As she approached in her hotrod (literally, I love this gal), I stick out my thumb and leg to try to hitch my ride. I get in and conversation picks up like normal. I mean, it's like time and distance NEVER affect or effect us. The last time I talked to her on the phone was 2years ago. The last time I saw her in person was 5 years ago. Our relationship shouldn't be as strong as it is, BUT it is. We just pick right up and go on.

So, we enjoyed a great lunch and great conversation. The photos below are just some of my favorites of us through the years. And I included a photo from the lunch date. There you are, the one person, outside of my mother, who has stood with me for years and years, she's seen the ups and downs, the sins and blessings and still loved me. She's just great!

She's Just Great

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hello, Poison Control? It's Me Again.

Uh, hi, Poison control? Ya, I called you last year after my 2 year old ate a packet of silica beads. We had just purchased a new stroller. Why do they put those packets in the stroller bottom?!!? Oh, right, the reason I'm calling again. Well, you see, I planned on taking my boys to the park to play with friends, even though I didn't really feel like it. Ya, I'm in a funk. So, I parked all three boys on the couch while I took a quick shower. Our cat died on Monday, and I've just kind of stopped functioning. That's strange isn't it? Well, this was my first shower in 3 days. Just a few minutes no extra indulgences. When I came out of the shower, the younger two boys, 2 and 15mos, were getting along so well in the corner. Isn't that nice? Until I realized they had shared an entire bottle of Teething Tablets. How many? About a hundred. Oh, this is one of your most popular calls? That's what you said about the silica beads. Gosh, my kids are such followers...Right, they should be okay, but if they start having burning, hot skin or eye dilation, oh, sedation? That could work out alright since the baby has given up sleep altogether. Ya, no naps either... Okay, thanks Pam. Ya, I'll call you back if their skin starts lighting up. Talk to you next year.
Yes, I am making light of this. Of course, it wasn't funny either time I had to call. I've never had to deal with this before Alex arrived. That kid is a goat. And the teething tablets were accessible because I had forgotten that I used them for the baby last night. Sleep deprivation and all...I feel like such a bad mom...I'm gonna be alright though.

So I keep bouncing between these two thoughts, hence my funk:

Any idiot can survive a crisis, it's the day to day living that wears you out. -- Anton Chekhov


People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing. That's why we recommend it daily. -- Zig Ziglar

You know, in high school our band would play this really "funky" song. And in the song we would yell, "who's got the funk, we got the funk!" As if the funk was good!!!!!!!!

Now I say Funk be gone!!!! In the name of Jesus, I will be motivated to not wallow in the funk. That's my prayer at least. While I'm at it, I'm gonna pray against next year's call to the friendly state poison control office.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Can Ya Hear It?!?!

Listen, well, open up your windows if ya have to. Do you hear it? Isn't it beautiful!! Winter days are dwindling away and the birds are singing their spring welcoming songs. Oh, truly music to my ears...Waking up to their songs is helping set the tone of my days greatly. Today, in prayer time, I thanked the Lord for them and the things and creatures he surrounds us with. I'm so excited for this winter to be gone and the newness of spring to appear! Go on keep on singing little birdies!!

On to something completely of the subject of birds. I am so thankful that God hears and answers my prayers. Of course, I pray protection over my children daily and event by event. My kids prove that God is real and hears us. All of the "should have's" that don't happen because of his provision makes me so so so thankful. For example, yesterday Alex fell off the top bunk of his friend's bed onto the floor which is just as hard as concrete. Alex fell on his head!!!! Where there should be a big goose egg there is just a small bruise and a tiny knot. Oh, I believe that an angel stood there waiting to catch that baby! That fall could have been so awful and makes me sick to think about, but it wasn't. And, yes, it's because God goes before my children. You may think I'm crazy for believing this, but so many should have's have not happened. It's not dumb luck....It's God! Thank you Lord for hearing me and for protecting my family. By the way, yes, we will be visiting a chiropractor next week to straighten out any kinks from the fall and general day to day living my children feel compelled to experience.

Enjoy the sounds of spring...look for the little signs that point to the beauty coming! And remember to thank the Lord when he hears and answers you! Smiles and Blessings on your day!!!!!