Saturday, March 1, 2008

Can Ya Hear It?!?!

Listen, well, open up your windows if ya have to. Do you hear it? Isn't it beautiful!! Winter days are dwindling away and the birds are singing their spring welcoming songs. Oh, truly music to my ears...Waking up to their songs is helping set the tone of my days greatly. Today, in prayer time, I thanked the Lord for them and the things and creatures he surrounds us with. I'm so excited for this winter to be gone and the newness of spring to appear! Go on keep on singing little birdies!!

On to something completely of the subject of birds. I am so thankful that God hears and answers my prayers. Of course, I pray protection over my children daily and event by event. My kids prove that God is real and hears us. All of the "should have's" that don't happen because of his provision makes me so so so thankful. For example, yesterday Alex fell off the top bunk of his friend's bed onto the floor which is just as hard as concrete. Alex fell on his head!!!! Where there should be a big goose egg there is just a small bruise and a tiny knot. Oh, I believe that an angel stood there waiting to catch that baby! That fall could have been so awful and makes me sick to think about, but it wasn't. And, yes, it's because God goes before my children. You may think I'm crazy for believing this, but so many should have's have not happened. It's not dumb luck....It's God! Thank you Lord for hearing me and for protecting my family. By the way, yes, we will be visiting a chiropractor next week to straighten out any kinks from the fall and general day to day living my children feel compelled to experience.

Enjoy the sounds of spring...look for the little signs that point to the beauty coming! And remember to thank the Lord when he hears and answers you! Smiles and Blessings on your day!!!!!


WendyJanelle said...

I'm so glad he is okay!!
The one time that Trevor fell from there, he just had a knot, too (although it looked pretty dadgum bad). But that floor is really as hard as concrete. We need to do something about it!! Either of our babies could have broken an arm, or worse.
Were we saying the protection prayers before or after that happened? My mind is mush, but God knows my heart. :-)
PS I'm totally with you about the birds-- it's just WONDERFULLY fanstastic to hear birds singing again!! We're going to Natural Falls tomorrow. :-)

Adelia said...

I think we prayed afterward, but I'm so thankful God made babies and children bounce!!

I hope you guys enjoy Natural Falls; funny, we were thinking about going soon too. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors!!