Friday, March 21, 2008

I Say Ha Ha, He Says Ha Ha Ha!

Finally, Brett and I had a good conversation about our marriage and how to address the challenges. We were talking about the way we love each other and I said, "I want to be loved in a special way. You know, special love?" Brett's reply, "Special, short bus, or special..." Yes, honey, the seriousness of it all was not lost on you.

Then, after me talking for some time and him staring at me for some time, I say, "I'm chatting AT you again." And he says, "That's good."

Suddenly, the communication barrier was quiet evident in those two instances, which made us laugh both times. Ah, laughter, a communication we both understand!!

Laugh with your husband today!


Ann-Marie said...

I'm blog-jumping from Wendy's site - I saw your first paragraph on the widget she has over there - and I HAD to stop by. My husband's name is Brett, and I thought you were actually decribing MY life! It was surreal!

I really like the list on the right side of your blog!

Adelia said...

I'm glad you were blog-jumping. I've seen you on Wendy's site before. She's a great gal.

So, you don't meet many Brett's in the world, at least, not around here. How fun!