Monday, March 24, 2008

In My Crazy Little Mind

Sometimes I am so complex and deep that I perplex myself. Here's a great example. I woke up a little bit ago from a strange dream. The dream started with me going to our insurance agent's house to pay our bill. First of all, I've never been to my insurance agent's house. Secondly, I know he doesn't live down a dirt road. He's a city guy. F-ville style. But if I've never been to his house, how would I know he's a city guy? He's always very talkative when we go in to pay. Okay back to the dream, some how me and the boys end up frolicking with his chickens. I was trying to catch my favorite chicken...the top of her body was black and then the bottom was this fantastic teal polka dot, large polka dot, not tiny polka dot. And throughout the dream, I would think of Brett and have this visual thought bubble of him truly, all out laughing. He was laughing with joy about our new house. And then he said he would like to add tennis courts. Are you kidding me, we don't even play tennis...yet. After giving up on my chicken, I decided to snap pictures of the boys with my camera that turned into a disposable camera. And every picture I took was of wonky eyes or the back of the kids' heads. Then I couldn't take pictures of Tristan because he was wearing a black shirt of Isaac's from 6 months ago. That's when Alex woke me up because he was thirsty.

Strange, yet deep...see. Ah, to walk through my mind.


Trish said...

Found your blog from Jerri. I think we might be related! I love potatoes too! And, I have a few quarky OCD tendancies, but I hide them well. I've enjoyed reading some of your posts.

WendyJanelle said...

Yep, you're strange! Heh heh.
I just can't believe you dream so vividly!! And you remember it all!! Did you write it down immediately?

You know, this reminded me...about your stolen goods...your pictures that wouldn't turn out...the camera becoming disposable...sounds like your mind is still trying to work through it all.
I read a great story in the paper the other day about a woman whose stuff was stolen from her home. And she ended up getting a lot of it back, years later when they found the guy!! Very neat. I love happy endings.

Adelia said...

So glad to have you stop by, Trish. I'm just discovering how many people in our town have a blog. How fun! Glad to know that someone else enjoys a zeal for potatoes as well as entertaining moments of OCD.

Adelia said...

Thanks for verifying my strangeness, Wendy. Ya, I know that I'm still working through my issues, but that chicken...