Friday, March 21, 2008

Just Amazing

As I was heading out the door early Thursday morning, the phone rang. So, I stopped to pick it up. From the other end of the line came a solid, deep voice that said, "Is this Mrs. Lady*?" And for whatever reason I answered back promptly, "Yes, this is Adelia." He continued, "Did you use to live in The Land of Old Fogies*?" (*places and names changed to protect the identity of those involved) And I said, "Yes, I did..." Now, I grow a little concerned. Our stint in The Land of Old Fogies wasn't pleasant. Someone turned us in to the Land of Old Fogies POA because T's push toys and riding toys were outside on our carport. We got a nasty letter in the mail. I felt like I was in the village in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with no children. Give me a break old people. Er, mean, old people. But the old lady around the circle with the trashy, weed over-ridden yard didn't get a letter. That's when we made the decision to move to The Land Where Jesus Is Lord*. But, as we were moving, our late cat spazzed out and darted out of the house and lived commando in The Land of Old Fogie's woods for about 5 months. Our former neighbor found him, caught him and gave us a call. So, ridiculously, I think this voice on the other end is calling me about some fine or what have you that is related to one of these previous incidences. Yes, I still fear The Land of Old Fogies.

Back to the story...then he said, "Well, I found something of yours." Great, I left something behind in The Land of Old Fogies...a fine is sure to come. Surprisingly, he went on to say, "Have you lost a driver license?" No, I didn't loose a drivers license, as some of you will recall, I had one taken. Taken because it was in my purse that was stolen October 31st of last year which also contained the usual purse contents plus our digital camera with 200+ pictures and 10 videos, and a Hobby Lobby gift card. I think my heart started beating every other beat.
This was just strange. He not only found my drivers license, but my calendar/organizer/address book and my old debit card. He found them on the side of a highway that runs north through our town. Apparently, he saw a duffle bag and bat on the side of the road and thought it might have fallen out of the back of someone's vehicle. As he was walking he saw a drivers license poking out of a book. There they were and have been. Can you believe it?!?! Whoever took my stuff just chunked items out and kept the ones they wanted. Brett and I met him that afternoon, and he and his wife took us to the side of road that they found it on.

I was consumed with mixed emotions. Joy for having some sense of closure...some items returned. Sadness because the last time I touched these items was the night they were taken. I wanted to dwell on my stupidity, but that thought was pushed out by the faithfulness of our Lord. I prayed, as did many of you, that these items would be returned and some of them have now returned. We'll eventually have a digital camera again. For now, it's old fashioned film for us. Hence the lack of pictures with blog posts. All in time. I've just found a new great bag to carry my stuff in as of last Sunday...gone the owl bag and now is the hand made bag from India. And the money spent on that went directly to missions. Hobby Lobby will always be here and run their great sales. I gave a HL gift to the gift card intended lady on her birthday. Don't you see, it has all been returned just as we prayed and asked for. The Lord is so great.

Tristan was able to see how prayer works as well. What a great thing!

I thanked the man for helping me achieve this sense of closure. He said he just hoped someone would do the same for him. And that's a big thing for me. I tend to wear the rose colored glasses and see and expect the best of people. When my purse was stolen, I was so sad to have to think otherwise. And here was this man, proving that goodness and kindness exist still in this crazy world. Whoever took my bag made some phone calls on my old cell phone, and the police were given the information. I don't believe they ever followed up on it. I now see it was because God needed to show himself in many ways. People dropped by food, money and grocery gift cards, since my grocery money was also in my bag. So many rallied around us and prayed for us. I needed to understand patience as well as see a different side of the world.

I was so excited that I took pictures and ran to get them developed. Amazingly, it's still the same as it was more than five months ago. The paper clip still holds the pages open to October and my writing remains. Well, see for yourself...oh, before you look, will you offer up a shout of praise to our Lord...and if you want, pray that the Lord extends a blessing to this man and his family. I have. God bless him. Okay, now look!

By the way, ya, it looks like a creamy colored mess of a book on the outside in real life too. Not just he quality of pictures...


WendyJanelle said...

I love these pictures. I love that it's still marked to the last date you had it. God is so good. Keep praying.

Adelia said...

You have no idea how much I'm cherishing my little book now. Indeed, God is so good!!!