Sunday, March 30, 2008

Next Stop, Better Me

I'm adding a couple of new lists to the right side of my blog. I just feel a nudging in my spirit to get radical. No, not worshiping snakes radical, just really stepping out and making some changes. First, I'll post a weekly prayer list. Seeing it in front of me will help me remember to lift my prayers up and maybe someone reading will feel a call to prayer as well. I may not post all of the prayer requests since sometimes they can be quite negative. Not all the readers will just pray about what they read, some will talk about it and give life to words that have no place. Just trying to protect you and the situation in need. Second, projects...I have so much to do and I forget where to start. I'm putting a project section in my binder as well. I need focus. And last, my goals for the month. This where a lot of the "radical" steps in!! I want major change in my life. Focus, direction, peace, wisdom with my responses to life...the list just goes on and on. So, setting goals now. Like I used to--funny how we get out of habits. When you see some of my goals, it's okay if you think I'm looney, but I believe I'm doing what I need to do inorder to get me to who and where I want to be in five years. Before doing anything now, I'll ask myself, will this help me get to my 5 year goal(s)? If not, out you go. (Except for the minor enhancement to the house). That's been pre-approved. So, here we go. Next stop, Better Me!


WendyJanelle said...

Don't ask me why, but this made me cry. I love your prayer requests. I love your listed goals.
Gosh, what is wrong with me? I've just been in a crying mood today, you know? Even though "it's all good." Sigh.
So, anyway, my Dad used to say that the time is going to pass whether or not we want it to, so every little improvement is worthwhile. In five years, we can have developed character or not. We have to take steps along the way, each and every day, and we will eventually see the fruits of our labor. Sometimes I feel like I take one step forward, and two steps back.

Adelia said...

Well, I got teary eyed writing the requests. Probably because I know ALL the background information. It was very moving. I told my mom I had done this and about my teary moment. I also said that it's like putting out my prayers in one more area that the enemy has to see and know that he is defeated.

And I know what you mean about the backwards frustrates me. Frustrating, but I will not let it be paralyzing anymore!

Ellen said...

Well, I appreciate one of the requests in particular. :)

Adelia said...! Ellen? The Ellen?!?! On my site! This is the climactic moment of my blogging life. Where do I go from here? This changes everything!

Seriously, thanks for stopping by...You are fantastic! Blessings to you!!!

Amy J said...

Well, call me crazy too, cuz I just read through your entire side panel! Love it!! I'm a curly haired, wash and go kinda gal too, and did you know that curly hair really is an attitude? At least that's what I'm convinced of. Any time I do something wacky, I just blame it on the curls (maybe because when I was younger, my Mom would ask if my curls were too tight if I did something goofy!) Anyway, LOVE your blog (might have said that already and said that I linked you....but I did.) Curly heads have to stick together.

Dionna said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts. :)

The Shan said...

That constant striving toward the "better me" is something I do in small fits and starts. I do LOVE to capitalize on prayer though. I have a list much like this one bouncing around in my head. I like that you've typed yours out. :) I'll have to check it for changes.
Hey, you found my blog! Thanks for the comment. I shared it with my dangerous ninja. keekee I was here yesterday or the day before reading about your scrapbooky house journal and I wondered how you busy moms do these things. I think that MM group seems quite motivating!! :D