Friday, March 14, 2008

She's Just Great 2

Isn't she beautiful?!? This is Christi, everyone say hi. Well, look below at the previous post. There now you see her. (blogger is giving me fits right now, hence the separate posts) This is my oldest surviving friendship. And we don't even remember how we became friends. We know it was through basketball in the Jr High years, but that's about it. She says that she always thought that I was a, I am not a snob, just shy until the real me gets free. For whatever reason, she invited me to her birthday party one year, ice skating. And we've been friends ever since. By the way, our birthdays are just days apart --Christmas Babies.Our friendship did take a one year hiatus because of a boy, lying boy, but not even high treason could break the bond. Before Christi, I had never really had that go to friend. I thank the Lord for her.

I was able to go visit her in Dallas a couple of weeks ago. She and her husband work at/run a Big Cat refuge outside the city. They have a great website if you ever want to pop by. My boys enjoy watching the cats and bears. Anyway, she picked me up at the airport, and I can't describe to you the normalcy/non-excitement that I felt. As she approached in her hotrod (literally, I love this gal), I stick out my thumb and leg to try to hitch my ride. I get in and conversation picks up like normal. I mean, it's like time and distance NEVER affect or effect us. The last time I talked to her on the phone was 2years ago. The last time I saw her in person was 5 years ago. Our relationship shouldn't be as strong as it is, BUT it is. We just pick right up and go on.

So, we enjoyed a great lunch and great conversation. The photos below are just some of my favorites of us through the years. And I included a photo from the lunch date. There you are, the one person, outside of my mother, who has stood with me for years and years, she's seen the ups and downs, the sins and blessings and still loved me. She's just great!


WendyJanelle said...

That is so awesome!! You guys look like two peas in a pod. I really love the flower and water pail picture!!! HAHA!!
Have you always been so gorgeous, with that flaming red curly hair and amazing smile? Sheesh. :-) I have to dye mine & curl it to get it to look like that!

Adelia said...

You are too kind. Gorgeous?!?! Puh, tuh, nuh-uh. And you know that I think you look fantastic. Tried to roll my hair, not quite as fresh, and lively as yours. Listen to us, we're too funny.