Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Boys Are Back!!!!

I feel like a twelve year old all over again. My heart starts to pit pat just a little faster, the girlish swoons are brewing...that's right NKOTB, er New Kids on the Block are reuniting, making new music and touring. Oh my, my inner twelve year old is elated. Well, at least I know I'll never marry Jordan Knight, Brett is my true love, but NKOTB will always be my first band that I loved. I'll keep them forever in my heart. AND I'm trying to figure out how to get to one of their concerts. They'll have some new music but still bless us with the old stuff, you know Hangin' Tough...The Right Stuff!!!!! As my side bar tells you, they were my first concert. One of my friends gave me and another friend tickets to see them in LR--floor seats, 8th row. We even stood outside the hotel where they were staying. And YES we got to see them. Of course, Jordan looked right at ME...don't you even begin to doubt it...it's true...Well, in my pretty little mind, it's true. He either looked right at me, or was staring at the blur of white and black polka dot shirts...That's right, my friend and I went shopping, seperately, for tops for the concert...I mean you can't see Jordan Knight in the same old rubbish, can you? When my friend and I showed up at our other friend's house, we were wearing the SAME thing!!!! Oh, well, at least we got his attention! I'm so excited about this, and it would be so fun to go with the same friends!!! By the way, we were chaperoned. My mom and one of the other girl's mom went with us...they were in the balcony and had just as great of a time as we did!!!! I love my mom, even more than I love NKOTB! This is all so exciting!!!


WendyJanelle said...

HAHAHAAHAHA!! You totally crack me up! I adore your enthusiasm!! :-)

Adelia said...

My husband doesn't think it's too funny. He actually made a gutteral sound of annoyance when I told him. That just made me laugh more. My matching shirt friend, Nancy, has already contacted me for the 3 of us to go again and where matching outfits...again. So sad, huh, but soooo fun!