Sunday, April 27, 2008

Goal Assessment

I'm looking at my goals that I listed for the month and am noticing that I big time messed up on a couple and have accomplished several. Let me just say that I fell flat on my face with the "don't eat out" goal. I think we ate out more this month than ever before. Why??! I think the reason comes from the purpose. I wanted to take that money that would be spent here and there and invest it in a ministry or give it to a hurting family. How many people would be blessed if people would take an area they splurge on, cut it out for a month, and then invest it into someone else? That area for us is eating out--for others it could be yard sales, the dollar store, movies--who knows, but that area could make a difference to someone else. Lots of people doing little things could change situations and challenges. I think the enemy fought me with a state of tiredness, busyness and altogether fuzzyness. He won this month, but I'm standing strong for next month. Since I failed so greatly and it is an area of weakness, I'm taking it to the Lord this time. I'm determined that someone besides my family will be blessed from those monies normally used for convenience.

Other areas of less than success: I didn't always work out first thing in the morning and I didn't get all of my PMA in. Success includes: NO NEWS!!!!!! Take that negative!!!! I responded rather than reacted several times, even when the dog ate my shoe, the dog ate X's new sandal, I ruined my new bag, and when Brett fished four hours longer than I thought he would. Yea me! I was mildly successful at trusting the Lord the first time and using more positive words. The positive word thing is also linked to association. You are who you associate with and that's something for me to remember.

I see where I need to make adjustments to accomplish some of these. Not giving up and am proud of the small accomplishments.


WendyJanelle said...

Sometimes we fail just so we can give God full credit the next time around.
Oh, girl, I can see His hand on you. You are part of His body, reaching out and touching lives of all those around you. You have blessed me so much.

We all fail in areas (me-- words, reacting rather than responding, like you said, and I am quick to despair when people are mean to me or I see hardship coming) but I know God is working on me, and He is so faithful.

I'm glad you are seeing the positives! It's a battlefield of the mind, and I know how disciplined you are trying to be.

I'm praying for you. :-)

WendyJanelle said...

And it was FANTASTIC to see you last night!! :-) I love the birdcage! Love it. Love it. I put the nest that Jerri gave me inside. Buh-u-tiful!

Adelia said...

I wish I could have been there was FUN! And I'm glad you liked the birdcage, it was screaming "Wendy!" at me. ;)