Friday, April 18, 2008

The Great Neglect

My kids received an unexpected chocolate surprise. My mom knows that I've been working with the children and encouraging thankful hearts. My mom started by telling them that I had given them such a surprise. She asked if they remembered some of the blessings and fun we had shared today. Then she said, "How much do you love your Momma?"
Alex: Good.
Tristan: 150.
My Mom: Wow, you can't beat that.
Alex: I can. (in a hush voice, concentrating on chocolate in hand)
My Mom: Your mom takes care of you guys so well and loves you so much.
Tristan: Ya, but sometimes she doesn't take care of us very well.
ME: Like when?!?
Tristan: When I try to talk to you while you are driving, you never turn around to look at me.

There you have it...the great neglect. Pardon me for keeping my eyes on the road, Tristan.

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WendyJanelle said...

Heh heh. Your poor neglected boys. And he only got ONE cupcake during the major BOY party you put on. Poor kid. (although I bet he got another one afterwards, am I right? Man, your kids are neglected!)