Friday, April 18, 2008

Haha, There is Justice

So you know how I write a post every other month about not stepping out for what God has called Brett and I to do? Well, tonight we took steps together toward our goals and calling. On the way home, it was really nasty, dark, rainy, get the drift. We're just chattin' making our way back into SS when we were jolted by a white SUV clipping us as he went by. SCARY! Brett sped up to get the plate number since the jerk increased his speed by like 20 mph which clearly meant there was no intention of stopping to make ammends. Brett looked at our speedometer and noticed we were going 90mph and making no head way to catch up with this person. We called in the accident which they relayed to SS's finest to be on the lookout. Brett pulled over to inspect the truck. The sound of the actual hit was just awful, but Praise The Lord, they just took our mirror on the driver's side. We didn't wait around to file an accident report for several reasons...1 didn't think SS police would catch them 2 it's after midnight 3 after midnight, chilly and rainy 3 my kids probably had my mother tied up by now...set the Nane free...4 the State police on the phone agreed that we wouldn't even meet our insurance deductible to fix the damage...So, we got out of the accident report and have to pay for a new mirror.

As we roll to our traffic light to turn down our street, we see two handy dandy SS police cars have cornered a White SUV with a mirror hanging off its passenger side. Hmm, wonder who that could be...Blue lights never looked so good!!!! At the site, Brett actually exclaimed, "Haha, there is justice." Ya, sucker you probably got a speeding ticket, leaving the scene of an accident among others...Brett and I thought it was strange they didn't stop. Were they doing something illegal, no insurance? Who knows, BUT I'm so glad they didn't hurt anyone in all of their antics. We stopped to make sure they didn't need anything from us and continued home feeling some sense of closure.

After the hit happened and the realization that this person was not going to stop, I said, "Cr*p, you know why this happened?" Brett in his calm, wonderful voice, "Oh, probably because we've upset somebody..." Somebody, as in little biddy Satan. That's right little guy, we're gettin' clarity and your gettin' nervous, BUT HE put you under our feet where you belong. Woo-hoo! God is more than enough. And on the way to our event we were listening to a pastor on BOTT or Calvary Satelite, and the message was that God is going before us and preparing the way just as he did for Paul. The pastor also spoke about recieving the word you are intended to hear by God. On the way to our meeting, I had an urge to pray for our trip. I used to do this regularly, but in my fuzzyness of late, have not done so every time we get into the car. So, I prayed, and what if it was that prayer that prompted the outcome of all of this? Of course, God can do whatever whenever, but sometimes we don't seek him and listen to him. You know, the night my purse was stolen, I felt like I shouldn't go to the carnival, but did for my kids' enjoyment. A friend was prompted by the Lord to help me out to the car, but she didn't. Neither one of us listened and a horrible aftermath came from that. That has been a tough lesson to learn.

I need to remember that He is going before me and my family and preparing our paths. As ya'll know, I'm working on hearing God's beautiful voice, I hope I listened tonight. Neat to think I did something right.

Oh, ya, this is funny-or at least I think so, when we got to the house, Brett went out to check everything again. Me being the barefoot princess that I am, ran outside with no shoes to "help" him look at the truck under the carport. I was about to head back when I looked down to see the BIGGEST night crawler in the entire world. Fear struck up inside me when the realization came that I might be stepping all over them. "Carry me, Honey." I hitched a piggy back ride into the house with Brett laughing the whole way. He's my hero! Saved me from the worm!!!

I'm so thankful that the Lord gave me a happy ending tonight. I just really needed it. Tomorrow, I have to go fill out a report since they caught Mr Hit and Run. And we won't have to pay for the mirror. YEA!!!!!! Thank you, God!

And excuse the flow of the post, it's late...but the victory endorphines are flowing and had to share with someone.



Amy J said...

Oh I would so be right there with you getting a piggy-back ride! Ugh!!! I have stepped on one, and it is NOT pretty!!

And thanks for the reminder, life is about perspective and how we choose to see it. I call that "God glasses"

Adelia said...

God glassess---I like that.

I saw my mom step on a slug once...didn't know she could jump that high!! Funny!!