Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Land of Well Visits

I guess the question I ask myself most is, who knew being a parent would be like this. The like this in this case is the big immunization question. Tristan, 5, has been mostly immunized. Alex has had two rounds, and Baby Isaac has only been immunized once. I understand both sides of the issue. I would actually prefer not to immunize at all. I told you, I'm a conservative with hippie's a hippie tendency. However, recently I felt a prompting to immunize for certain things. Isaac had a reaction last time which would explain the halt in vaccinations. It freaked me out. He ran a fever and developed a slight rash. Nothing big, yet big enough to scare me.

Despite the reaction, I took him Tuesday for a well check and possible vaccinations. We see the nurse practitioner at the local pediatric office, and I really like her. She's gotten to know us well over the past 5 months, what with the RSV, sinus infections, and flu. It was so exciting to go for a WELL visit. She and I discussed the immunization issue for 45 minutes. I sooooooo appreciated her time. We talked about both sides of the issue. She did not seem offended by some of my questions and views. She actually said, before I could request it, that I didn't have to vaccinate or we could do one at a time--to spread them out so he doesn't have to react to so many. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. She sooooo did not pressure me to immunize!! After the 45 minute discussion, I decided on two vaccinations. I felt good about it too.

Good until that night. He's been running a 104 temperature since then. Yes, he's still going. I give him Tylenol or the children's Motrin to give him a break. And let me add this, all of my kids run high fevers. They stump their toes and run fevers. Does that mean that they have a great immune system that really cranks it up to do battle? I don't know. I'm just frustrated.

In my effort to explore this well visit world, Alex had his check up yesterday. Oh. My. Goodness!!! Did not go well. He threw the BIGGEST I'm a Two Year Old fit ever. The nurse practitioner was like, how do you deal with him when he's like this. Um, I don't...because he NEVER acts like this. It was HUGE. Did I say it was big? Wendy, I think this one would have smoked past Trevor. And what set it off was the nurse coming in to give Isaac some medicine. Yes, I took Isaac so that they could see his reaction to the previous days events. Alex wanted some medicine too. They told me to watch Isaac and call on Friday if he's still running such high fevers. UGH!!! Anyway, Alex was not vaccinated because of his grandiose presence. I accept some of the responsibility. We had a field trip that morning, lunch with friends and then this. Anyway, we were there just long enough for her to tell me she was concerned about his weight. He's lost four pounds since January. Why do I have to go into worry mode? Why can't I just shrug it off and know that he's in a picky stage right now. The kids have been sick often this year. All that takes a toll on a little guy, right?

I ended up carrying two sleeping babies for waaayyy too long. I had been awake and functioning since 3 am that morning. Suddenly, the last of my energy was drained from me, and I felt like crying. I had one more errand to run and then we went home. My mom came over to watch the younger two, so that I could take Tristan to his first day of gymnastics!!!! Yea! But after an event filled day, I realized I just wanted some warm, fuzzy conversation. And this is the part where I say, I was so out of place. I was surrounded by the proverbial soccer moms. You know the ones with the latest in electronic gadgetry and their kids are in every activity possible. I was the only homeschool mom. They looked at me a little strange. Don't get me wrong, they were very nice and I can hold my own. I just smile and butt in here and there, a few giggles and we're good. But I longed for my usual suspects and their conversation. I have a group of ladies that just lift me up or give me a soft smile of appreciation and knowing. I really appreciate you guys.

After gymnastics was dinner and then AWANA. I tried convincing Tristan he didn't want to go. That was naughty, huh? Brett said I wasn't looking so hot. So, after retrieving the boy from church, I went straight to bed. Brett took care of the boys and put them into bed. I heard him say, No, Momma is tired and not feeling well. She needs rest. You guys were hard on her today. I just love him. And he protected me from the wild ones, the children.

I know, this is entirely too long, but I needed to get it out of my system. It was draining me. If you feel led to do so, could you pray for my little baby. Pray for his protection and healing. Thank you. I'm a little stressed. Here I find myself doing the opposite of my God the first time and let go of worry. Sigh...


Belle said...

The baby will be fine! Plead the blood of Jesus over him always. Remember, there's power in his name :) xx

Adelia said...

Thank you so much, Belle, for those words. Indeed, we have been pleading the blood of Jesus over him and our family. Baby Isaac's fever broke today!!! Praise the Lord.

And if anyone would like to read a great book about protecting your children and family, this one is great, Protecting Your Family in Dangerous Times by Kellie Copeland Kutz. I'm starting it again!

Belle, you were a sent me a great reminder of the covenant we have with and through Christ! May the Lord bless you for the blessing you were to me! Thanks for stopping by!

Belle said...

AMEN, this is great news!!!! Not only that his fever broke - as we KNEW it would - but that you and I are with the Copeland family!!

Woooo Hoooo, I'm stoked when I find Christians who are "faith" filled and not "religious" filled!!!!!

I'm so glad I came across you, naturally it was the Lord who brought us together :)

Love ya kiddo, Linda Marie.

Adelia said...

Linda Marie, I sooo agree. It's nice to be knit with a fellow lover of the Lord who understands there is more than logistics to our faith. It's been a revelation that has only occurred for me in the last 5 years through a chance meeting with a couple in a grocery store. "Naturally, it was the Lord who brought us together" then too. They have become our friends and mentors. Since then we have found our home church which has been such a blessing. I'm so glad the veil has been lifted for me.

By the way, our "meeting" has made my're my happy blessing this week.