Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Nap in the Truck

As some of you know, I have not felt well for about two weeks now. I knew I wasn't pregnant, but I've been tired and forgetful like I might be pregnant. A visit from the crimsom fairy proved me to be right, not pregnant, but ever so tired and scatter brained. What's my challenge here? Why is my body behaving like this? Here's were the symptoms created a funny situation. Yesterday, I was going to get my groceries. Alex was sleepy and said he wanted to go to my mom's. I called Mom and of course she said to bring him over. We arrive, Alex jumps out, and I grab his car seat and go into the house. When I turn around to leave T is standing in the doorway with his car seat in hand. Guess he's going to stay as well. Let me just say, having only one child to man, feels like you have no children to man. Piece of cake!!! Funny how perception works.

Anyway, the baby konked out to sleepy-bye land within two minutes. My mind starts to turn its wheels. Why would I wake him to place him in the grocery cart? He needs a full nap...hmmm...let's go home...We get home...Why would I pull him out of the truck...might wake him...You know, I'm really tired as well...Oooo...look, the seat cover for the cart...just washed...maybe I should use that as a pillow and take a nap here in my truck as well. Listen to the birds...the temperature is just right...good-night.

That's right, I took a nap under my carport in my truck. And no one would have known either, except the UPS man had to drop something off at my house. I was OUT like a baby...but I guess I gave him a start. I mean, who sleeps in their vehicle at their own house. He thought I was passed out sick or worse...once I was awake, I explained how sleepy I was and needed to sleep even if it was in my own vehicle in front of my own house. He thought it was funny and encouraged me to finish my nap. Too late, my blood was pumping too fast to slow the flow down right then. I' decided to go get those groceries.

It really was funny...But I'm still not feeling right. I think I will go to the Doctor. It's more than just being tired and forgetful, but I'm not going to give life to those negative thoughts. I'm praying for restoration in my body and mind. And I'm gonna try to not take naps except indoors...


WendyJanelle said...

I'll be praying for renewed energy for you!
That is SO funny, that you could just fall asleep in your vehicle like that. Wow, you must've been really tired. It would have frightened me, too, to see you like that. You're lucky he didn't call in an ambulance!!
I think there are many medical conditions that could cause those kinds of symptoms, so I'm glad you are getting it checked out. Let me know what the doc says, and please call me if you need help in the meantime!

WendyJanelle said...

PS We made Phil. 4:8 our "home verse." I love it, and love that it is on your site! :-)

Ann-Marie said...

The Crimson Fairy - I love it!