Saturday, May 31, 2008

Feast Your Eyes Upon Beauty

It's finally here!!! And I love it!!! The colors make me happy!!! And it truly makes me smile!! I've been waiting for almost 4 months for this!!! YEA! I like soooo many styles and such that coming up with what design was quite difficult. I'll tell you why I love it. The colors are great year round. The orange and green remind me of summer mornings with the wet, dewy grass and the sun shiny its beautiful rays. It reminds me of being a little girl; I would go check the vegetables in the garden with my Nanny and go out to gather eggs with my Nanny or my mom's dad, Grandpa W. Strange, but it has made me so happy. That thought of days ago is really fueling me right now. It's a little bit fun, a little bit hippie, and a little bit lovely....perfect. Anyway, I know that some of you think that this is silly, remember when I wrote a post on should I have my blog designed or yoga rug? I got a lot of negative from that. Even in person, people would tell me I was wasting my money!! Well, I think it was a fun investment into my hobby!! And once again, I'm loving it!!!!!! Hope some of you like the visual as well.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Good Like a Banana

On the way to the middle of nowhere, Alex awakened from his nap to discover that we had picked up a burger for him from Burger King. My kids love Burger King, not that we eat there often, they just love it. Alex was so sweet as he was eating. I asked him, "Is it good, sweetheart?" And Alex nodded saying, "Ya, it's good like a banana."


Filling My Heart With the Right Stuff

So, much has happened over the last few weeks. I feel like I need to catch everyone up, but that just isn't possible now is it. I found it overwhelming to rehash all the things that have happened. I'll be posting a photo catch up soon. That will be fun! Good news, I have more energy. I'm being very adamant about taking better care of myself and listening to my body. We're on vacation now. Brett is currently asleep, I'm trying not to make a whole lot of noise so that he gets that desired rest!! I've been a bit emotional these last few days. Soooooooo much is going on, and I can't put on my Ms Fix-It Belt and make it all better. That's always so hard for me. MY family is great, don't think there is a challenge there. Things and people around us are troubling me.

One thing that is really getting me, is that I was bullied by a man. I'm still fuming over his try to make me feel inferior so that he could feed his ego. He wanted to control me!!!! It's brought back feelings from my childhood. I can't explain it, but if you've ever been abused in any sense you probably know what I am talking about. I'm praying about it, but this is one of those areas that I sometimes allow Satan to use against me. Trying to just be at peace about his stupidity. It just bothers me that he tried that with me...ugh. What makes it worse is that he's not a random stranger, he's an acquaintance of the family. Ugh again....

Anyway, for that reason plus others, I've been on a lower limb than I'd like to be...that is until last night. Brett and I have a meeting we go to every Thursday night for mentorship and growth. And, Man, does it get meaty after dark. I was reluctant to go, but Brett insisted I go, saying he knew I needed to be there. So, off we went. So glad to have went. There is nothing like having God's word put in your heart and being loved on by people who see who you are today but also who you are striving to be. I needed the love last night!!

Here I sit this morning with the joy filling my heart. You know, that's another thing I'm thankful for, knowing the difference between joy and happiness. No matter the storm, the joy of the Lord leaps and smiles inside me.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Revolution

There is nothing eloquent in this post, (ha, as if eloquent and I would be used in the same sentence anyway)just wanted to give out some numbers and hope that some might pray. Our church is part of an evangelical movement in this area of our state. In the last 3 days 670 people have recieved the Lord as the saviour and ruler of their lives. There are 10 days left!!! Imagine how many people are going to hear the Truth...maybe even for the first time. In June, our church along with 20 other churches(prayerfully) will be hosting a revival for this area of our state. Ladies, the Lord is being loosed in our area!!! Make sure that your flame is burning bright so that it can ignite this area!!! Prayer for these new christians is needed. We all know that the enemy is going to come at them full force since they have stepped out of the darkness. Prayer is also needed for those serving and working at the tents, the counselors and security. Oh, God is so Good---Hallelujah!! He is the same God of yesterday and will remain! Just thought some of you might like to hear the real "news." Not the lies we hear on tv or radio. Know that God is here and winning souls! Yes, yes, yes! A thousand yeses! His spirit is being poured out!

And ya, I literally took the movement of God to bring me back to my blogging world didn't it?