Saturday, May 31, 2008

Feast Your Eyes Upon Beauty

It's finally here!!! And I love it!!! The colors make me happy!!! And it truly makes me smile!! I've been waiting for almost 4 months for this!!! YEA! I like soooo many styles and such that coming up with what design was quite difficult. I'll tell you why I love it. The colors are great year round. The orange and green remind me of summer mornings with the wet, dewy grass and the sun shiny its beautiful rays. It reminds me of being a little girl; I would go check the vegetables in the garden with my Nanny and go out to gather eggs with my Nanny or my mom's dad, Grandpa W. Strange, but it has made me so happy. That thought of days ago is really fueling me right now. It's a little bit fun, a little bit hippie, and a little bit lovely....perfect. Anyway, I know that some of you think that this is silly, remember when I wrote a post on should I have my blog designed or yoga rug? I got a lot of negative from that. Even in person, people would tell me I was wasting my money!! Well, I think it was a fun investment into my hobby!! And once again, I'm loving it!!!!!! Hope some of you like the visual as well.

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Amy J said...

Oh!!! Oh!!! Oh!!! I LOVE IT!!! Feels like walking up onto a sunny porch to sit and visit!!! Hmm.....maybe I need to break down and spend the money. I keep changing my page cuz I'm looking for that perfect "me" look!! Wow!!!!! Love it!!!

WendyJanelle said...

I love it, too!!! The unmoving background dots are so cool. And I think that if you have budgeted it (which you did) and it makes you happy (which it does) then it totally doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Blogging is a very therapuetic hobby, and there's nothing wrong with making it even more enjoyable for yourself. :-)

This is SO you...the colors, the bird, the sweet swirly font. And I LOVE the signature. So awesome.

PS And I'm glad you disregarded the negative comments, and you went ahead and did it. It's about what you want, not what they think.

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

Amy J, I'm so glad you said that about the porch. Yes, that's me! I understand what you mean about changing the page over and over trying to make it feel more "me." I eventually gave up and just had the most plain, basic look until my turn came up on the design list. But yours is so cute right now. Seriously, love the basket! But I highly recommend taking the plunge if you can.

Ms Wendy, thank you for helping me along this process. How many times did I email you for creative criticism?!? Glad to have the support!

Thanks Gals for enjoying it along with me!!

Anonymous said...

I like it it reminds me of m&m's.
MMMmmmm chocolate. The song is also peppy.
Charlie Muessemeyer

Suzanne said...

Love it! Makes me want to close the page and open it up again and again just to be welcomed by the great colors...ooohhh I feel a color inspiration coming on for a card tonight. Yeah!

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

That's one of our family's theme songs, Charlie. When the kids are cranky, we listen the Upside Down and things are all right side up again! :)

Suzanne, ya those colors would be great on a card!!! I think I could do one as well...Yea again!