Monday, May 19, 2008

A Revolution

There is nothing eloquent in this post, (ha, as if eloquent and I would be used in the same sentence anyway)just wanted to give out some numbers and hope that some might pray. Our church is part of an evangelical movement in this area of our state. In the last 3 days 670 people have recieved the Lord as the saviour and ruler of their lives. There are 10 days left!!! Imagine how many people are going to hear the Truth...maybe even for the first time. In June, our church along with 20 other churches(prayerfully) will be hosting a revival for this area of our state. Ladies, the Lord is being loosed in our area!!! Make sure that your flame is burning bright so that it can ignite this area!!! Prayer for these new christians is needed. We all know that the enemy is going to come at them full force since they have stepped out of the darkness. Prayer is also needed for those serving and working at the tents, the counselors and security. Oh, God is so Good---Hallelujah!! He is the same God of yesterday and will remain! Just thought some of you might like to hear the real "news." Not the lies we hear on tv or radio. Know that God is here and winning souls! Yes, yes, yes! A thousand yeses! His spirit is being poured out!

And ya, I literally took the movement of God to bring me back to my blogging world didn't it?

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