Saturday, June 28, 2008

What's In Your Vehicle?

Yesterday I took the plunge and decided to clean out the ol' housemobile after a series of four road trips. Let me enlighten you on some of the contents:
2 swords
1 rifle
2 pop guns
1 set of nunchuks
a stack of glue boards for all things creepy crawly
1 machete (real)
2 fishing poles
1 tuft of real, fresh from the sheep wool
1 tuft of real, fresh from the plant cotton, seeds and all
5 pair of shoes
4 dinosaurs
7 books
1 lansinoh breast cream tube
1 rather large snake skin
1 bow and arrow set
1 spider man backpack
1 grenade
Apparently, my boys are ready for any form of attack!
2 coconut drink glasses, so cute
1 bottle of pre-wash stain remover
1 plate stand
1 water sprinkler
1 huge bag of soil
1 t-ball set
1 high chair
1 skateboard
1 pair of socks
1 party invitation
1 uneaten hamburger...boys!
1 package of unused and forgotten about wipes
2 color wonder posters
1 gourd
10 unused diapers, no not in one place, but shoved here and there. At least I have more now!
1 pull-up
4 swim diapers
1 pair of swim trunks
2 beach towels
1 sunscreen bottle
3 hats
1 golf set
And it's at this point that I stop listing the contents because it JUST keeps going!!

But it did give me a bit of amusement that afternoon. So, I've cleaned out the belly of the whale...and looking forward to next time.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Vacation

Okay, here's the first half of our vacation in pictures. We went to Mr. Smiley Joe's family's and went canoeing the Buffalo. Something I've wanted to do for years!! When we arrived at the family's, the boys began playing Lincoln Logs. Before the weekend was over T-bird could make an entire town complete with a jail. I was so proud. He'd even make front his daddy that one...

We also went fishing with life vests in tow. Those who know my children know why. We caught so many fish. I felt bad because I caught a decent size fish and we were doing catch and release, but NO, my dumb fish had to swallow the hook. I was so sad; I don't mind catching fish, but if my purpose is to throw it back...I didn't mean to kill you little fish...not this time at least. We ate him at the fish fry later that afternoon...sigh. Blondie-Boo was elated when the cows came up to drink. He would say, Come here cows, I will give you a drink. Come here everybody I will give you a drink. Cows are some of his favorite animals. For setting out to catch fish, we caught about a hundred ticks on our bodies, and we did use repellent. Guess they were desperate!

So, the next day was the big event. Canoeing was both wonderful and horrible at the same time. There has been so much flooding that there is soooo much debris in the river. We were warned about it, but it kind of stressed me out. Funny, years ago I would have just laughed through it, but now that I'm a mom and wife, I'm thinking, I've got to get back to my kids. Not quite as indispensable as I used to be. My love saved me from a snake coming ashore during our lunch break. (swoon) My Hero. We also fished on our trip, fishing was so calming to my soul. AND I caught like 20 fish, seriously, ask my Love Bucket. He'll vouch for me! Brett always tries to cast for me and it somewhat ruffles my feathers when he does. I finally found out why. Toward the end of our trip he says, You know, honey, you are really good at casting. To which I respond, That surprises you? Him, Ya, your really good at fishing. I wanted to be offended, but I understood what he meant. Most women we know are not into fishing or could even cast a pole properly. I told him my dad taught me. My dad may have a lot of faults, but he did take time to teach us to fish and cast properly. It made me proud in a way. And it made my Love happy to have a wife that could put a hook in the water in all the right places. Oh, ya, I get up under that brush. Don't you worry...

Tuesday, we went to Mr. Smiley's Granny's house. Turns out that two of her sisters were in visiting. Oh My! That was my favorite part of the entire vacation. I thought we were there for only an hour and really it was 5!!! The boys had such a great time. Blondie got to sing and play with Aunt Jean; they sang to their hearts content. Aunt Jo and Granny bounced among all three of them. Blondie got to doodle at the rooster! That boy needs a farm. T-Bird loved his tree. And they all got to swing for hours on the oldest, rustiest old set in the world. My memory maker came when Granny was swinging the boys, and started singing Swinging in the Orchard on and Old Apple Tree...It was so beautiful. This old diddy being sang to my sons...a little tune from years ago...just priceless. Then the boys moved on to the strawberry patch. The boys ate the berries straight off the washing...They would just giggle and go back for more.

What more do three little boys need than three little Grandma's to dote on them. My kids didn't want for a thing! So precious!!!! I was so proud of them. They just kept the compliments about boys' personalities and behavior coming...

By Wednesday, we were playing our family's favorite lawn game...Croquet! What a great time!

And here are some pictures:

Okay, forget it. I've posted them seperately...having issues...again. Okay, the issues were worse than I thought, they are now like 3 posts up! UGH!

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Decision Making of T-Bird

I'm sitting on the couch with T-Bird Thursday night eating strawberries. Just relaxing and enjoying the fresh taste of summer. Okay, it's still technically Spring. Details, details. The relaxation takes a turn when T looks up at me and says, "Are wild strawberries poisonous?"
Me: What are you talking about?
T: I think I might have eaten a wild strawberry at Nature Boy's earlier today.(he said this in a completely hypothetical tone)
Me: How do you know it was a wild strawberry, it you "might" have eaten it?
T: (shrugs his shoulders with eyes wide)
Me: I gotta call Mrs Savage.

After a short talk with my friend, yes, we confirmedT-Bird ate a wild strawberry and has now received another education on not eating berries without Momma. However, more information came out of the conversation with Mrs Savage. She relayed to me, after Mrs Savage had been playing with her kids in their digging hole and commenting on smelling pee everywhere, Nature Boy revealed that he and my T had peed in the digging hole.

I hang up and and ask T-Bird, "Did you pee in the digging hole with Nature Boy?"
T: We did, ya, we did mom and it was fun! (giggles follow)

Some days he make decisions so well and then others are berry and pee days.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Some Days I'm Just Not Like Jesus...

My goal in my daily life is to reflect the heart of the Lord to everyone. Some days, I fail miserably, we'll blame that on hormones for now. But most days I do a decent job. I also believe that everywhere you step is your mission field. I find myself doubting all of that right now. No, no, not doubting the Lord or the truth of the above. How can I say this? Well, let's just start with the big event...

Tuesday afternoon, I was driving home and had just turned down the street which takes me home. I was cruising with the kids to "Beautiful Sound" when I look over and I see a lady sitting on her steps with her small child. No big deal...Sitting in front of her were two boy missionaries, MORMON missionaries. My heart started pounding, I turned off the music and started saying, "no no no!" and praying out loud. T-Bird asked what was the matter. I told him that I saw two people talking to a lady pretending to love Jesus but adding false teaching to their belief. We prayed together. I honestly felt like I should go back and apologize to the lady for never have stopped by before and just start a casual conversation and then blast the doctrine of the boys with the truth of Jesus! BUT I DIDN'T! And why, because it would have been strange!!!! What a cheese of a reason! This is my big beef with me and the world of "Christians."

I told you before, but it's so true, I try to reflect the Lord in all I do...I get so upset with complacency in Christianity. I pray, pray, pray. I lecture about our community being our mission field! And look at me!!!!!

I did call my friend and ask her to pray for the lady. Turns out she did (as I knew she would) along with her children. Her children even prayed for the lady and Mormons at dinner which was somewhat of a random wonder moment for the Dad since he didn't know the back story.

Anyway, back to the story. For Christians in general, being a missionary is only cool if you leave the contiguous United States. You are rarely recognized as a missionary unless you do so. This is soooo wrong and just stupid. Yes, let's hide our light from our neighbors, community and state, even country! Whatever! By the way, that was laced with sarcasm. Every Christian has the charge to spread the Word! No, you don't have to knock on doors, but definitely live an uncompromising, Jesus love showing life. Mormons go door to door and actually get into those doors. On the flip side, how do we do Outreach? Family fests, concerts, special speakers...the list goes on, but the lost have to come to you not the other way around.

I should add that my purse was stolen at an outreach. No one from the church announced the missing item or to look around for the item until most people had left. No one from the church prayed with me or checked on me. What if I was a lost person who had all my money in there for my bills and such. How would that have effected their view of Christians? Let me tell you, if that had happened at the Mormon Tabernacle, they would have stopped by with food and help with bills and taken them to service, just loved on them. (Now, people did show us love during that time, but NOT people from the church) This is my point. When a Christian outreach had the chance to love on someone they didn't even reach out!

My mom lived in Salt Lake City for a while. I'm not saying Mormons are bad, actually they are very loving and wonderful. My mom has several Mormon friends. To even take it a step further, the place my mom was going to rent was accidentally let out to someone else when she arrived in SLC. There she was with all her stuff and no where to go...a lady came up and talked to her. The next thing you know she's living with this lady (Mormon) in her spare room. Who does that? That's an extreme example, but the point is that Mormon's are not afraid to put their faith on the line. Even in the United States, they see that as their mission field as well as the horrid 3rd world countries. They think your cool either way.

I start conversations everywhere I go. Just in my personality to do so. Now, I'm going to be more purposeful in my conversations. Our churches that have been planted in India charge each new Christian to invest time and love into one person's life a year for seven years. There is a supernatural growth for the Lord there, and they take up that charge. Brett and I do a similar thing. Even if you invested in one person, isn't it worth it to get out of your comfort zone? What treasure will Heaven hold for you!

And I would like to add a little something about training our children. Mormon families have family night when they go out to eat and pour their faith into their children. They explain what they believe, how they can show others, what to say if someone disagrees with you...I know the majority of Christian families do not have a time like this. Not a solid 2-hour block in a great atmosphere where they make their faith the show stopper. While I think the Mormons have the wrong faith, yes, I know they believe in Jesus, but it's the other stuff they've added that is FALSE, but they do have the "evangelical" part down to an art.

Maybe we should take notes...At least I would like to be more bold. Jesus would have turned the truck around...I did pray, T-Bird prayed, and my friends family prayed. The ferverent prayer of a righteous man avails much right? At least I did something....

Now, I'm in prayer and reading the Word to arm myself for the next time...Next time will be different...hopefully....

And hopefully, this was somewhat coherent, my brain is on overload from this much to express...I'm not even going to reread it...

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Don't Say List

I've been doing great lately! I am okay with who I am right now, who our family is right now, where we're going...but a comment was said to me yesterday that rocked my solid world. Some of you know that I desperately would like to conceive, deliver and raise our baby girl. Recently life has been so good, that I thought I didn't want anymore children, even a girl. My boys are sooooo great! Who could ask for more? All that changed yesterday when my sister in law delivered her baby girl, Allie. Allie is coming on the back end of 9 boy grandchildren. That's gonna make for interesting family get togethers. I had an older girl cousin, but I was smack in the middle of 6 boys. Ya, we never played Barbies, house, was always building forts, tag/tackle football, baseball, kick ball, and Army. Maybe that's why I'm a good momma to boys...

Anyway, back to my point or points. My mother in law called to let us know Baby was here. Which I'm so happy, really, for them! Please don't misunderstand. My mother in law said, "I finally got my little red-headed Granddaughter." Suddenly, my face flushed with emotion. We quickly ended the conversation after that, and I pulled myself together. Brett came home and I told him that my heart had an ache today. I explained and then suddenly the tears came. The tears came from the unknown, will we have more children, will we have a girl. And yes, I still want a girl. No more denying or sweeping it under the table. Yes, I would like to have a little mini-me with curls and red hair, which is probably why I was so offended by my mother in law's comment. So, the prayers are being put in again. 2years from now, I would like to conceive a baby girl. And before you go thinking I can't choose what I'll have, just get rid of that thought or don't speak that for me. Besides my grandmother passed away before I was born, and she told my mom that she wanted a red-headed, freckled face little girl.'d that work out for her? She watches me from heaven!

So, that's on my list of don't says....don't tell me I can't have a girl or pray for one...The Lord is in control and I keep this issue in his hands.

Just thought of another don't say: If your dog barks at me, my baby and nips my other child, don't say She's never done that before after and before you apologize. Makes it sound like my boys and I have done something to provoke the dog. Which we didn't!! Maybe the dog smelled our dogs on us, but was scary!

Now you're in the know of what not to says! Just looking out for you...ha!

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Forgot To Tell Ya...

...It's our anniversary weekend! I could think of no better present for me than to share those photos from that special day! Humor me!

Didn't know we were famous, did you? Ya, we were on the cover of a wedding magazine. My claim to fame. And it has a redeeming quality. Not all things went so smoothly on the Big Day...this made it all better. Brett is ALWAYS making goofy faces. Maybe that's where Alex gets his unphotogenic qualities.

I LOVE, LOVE this picture. This is so us! Brett is quite serious and I'm shaking him and giggling!

This was Brett's cake with our sparkling grape juice!

Prince Charming carrying his Princess's shoes while helping her hurry down the hill.

Brett and I communicate through our eyes so well.

I love my bridesmaid dresses. I love blue. Aren't my girls beautiful!

The Wedding Party!

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pregnancy Scare

My life flashed before my eyes last night!!!! After taking a picture with two of my obviously pregnant friends, they proceeded to chase me with their bellies!!!! AHHHH! Yes, I ran away screaming. Don't rub your baby mojo on me! But, pregnant women running are funny! Heh, heh.

This sparks a memory of being very pregnant with Isaac and my friend, Kim, was very pregnant as well. She dropped her pen as we were standing and talking. She started for it, and I said I'd get it. We both end up in a world of trouble with another friend watching the entire situation. Obviously, we made it back to standing...eventually...and lots of laughter later.

I cannot imagine life with four children right now. We are in a good place; I want to enjoy it. Besides, I think it would be fun to plan to conceive. The last baby was just so much of a surprise, I'd rather not become pregnant through osmosis.

Speaking of large families, I went to WM yesterday. I'm so used to being stopped and complimented on my boys. I actually enjoy it. So, as usual, an older man stops me and says that I have quite the brood. Now that statement I get a lot followed by a compliment. So, I ready myself for the thank you to follow. That's when I get my surprise...he says, "YOU need to stop doing that!" I look at him thinking he's joking, only to see that he is quite serious. I didn't say one thing back, of course I wish I recovered my wits more quickly than I did!! But he kind of scared me as well. I saw him on a later aisle and his stare just cut through me!! Mean old man! You know what, maybe I will take some of that baby mojo inspite of you. HEH! That'll show you...wait I've recovered my wits again. Never mind the mojo...

That incident was made up for by a lovely older woman. She stopped and stared at us while we were picking up crescent rolls. I noticed her staring and thought Pay no attention to the woman staring at you. Still a little shaken from the last old person I encountered. Finally, I turned around and she told me how beautiful and well behaved my boys were. She just kept doling out the compliments. Thank you LORD! I needed to hear that at just that moment.

On our way out, one of my friends came in who has four children, or is it five? And then I saw Dana as most of you know has three and is very much pregnant. I hope they all ran into Mr. Population Control and he was too overwhelmed to enforce his judgement on them! Ya, that's how we roll. I love my big family and all my friends who have large families as well. I love that I live in a country that doesn't enforce any sort of rules on reproducing!

But for now, we're good with our 3 little boys blue...

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Friday, June 6, 2008


I am so thankful for answered prayers in action. Last night, Brett was home alone with the kids. Brett had let the baby play with some dinosaur eggs that I had put up on a high shelf. The eggs were in a large ziploc bag. I had them up because I was going to make a "dinosaur" nest with them. Brett had left the bag on the chest in our living room. Of all the children, Tristan takes it and puts it on his head and breathes in....Tristan came up behind Brett and tapped him on the shoulder. The bag was suctioned on his head, he was obviously scared and lacking oxygen, and Brett had to rip it off of him. I can't tell you how unnerving this was for all of us. I'm so thankful that Brett wasn't outside or in the garage. I'm so thankful for the angelic protection that presides over this home. I'm so thankful for the small and big prayers that are answered. No more ziploc bags....and of all the children, Tristan???? Are you kidding me, he's my good boy! I've said it before-----I LOVE MY FAMILY! And right now I just feel so blessed to have them all! Thank you, Lord, for your divine hedge of protection!!!!!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Millage Vote

For those of you who live in SS and don't already know, there is a millage vote going on right now through the 10th. A lot of times, the vote turn out is low for stuff like this, however it is important and I encourage you to be educated and go out and VOTE! My dear friend Wendy has been going to bat against a determined team. A determined team who seems to just order people to vote without presenting all the facts. Yes, the pollsters have begun calling and paraphernalia is being passed out. Please click over to Wendy and look over the facts and then, ya, you know what I'm gonna say, Go Vote! Of course, I'm not telling you to vote one way or another, BUT I am encouraging education...step out of the ignorance and into knowledge...isn't it fun!?!

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Love My New Do!!

For the first time in YEARS I have great hair again!!!!!!!!!!! Ya, it's shorter, but it's curly and big and lovely! I really like it. It's almost like I have great hair all the time now. And I had to delete my little about me comment on not fixing my hair, now I occasionally use a blow dryer for extra height. Ya, I'm a big hair girl...always will be! This hair, though, makes me feel young and alive and a little bit frisky....just so fun! So, take a look and let me know which pic you like, I think I'm going to change my profile pic considering it's from 2 years ago when I was prego with our Sweet Baby!

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