Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Don't Say List

I've been doing great lately! I am okay with who I am right now, who our family is right now, where we're going...but a comment was said to me yesterday that rocked my solid world. Some of you know that I desperately would like to conceive, deliver and raise our baby girl. Recently life has been so good, that I thought I didn't want anymore children, even a girl. My boys are sooooo great! Who could ask for more? All that changed yesterday when my sister in law delivered her baby girl, Allie. Allie is coming on the back end of 9 boy grandchildren. That's gonna make for interesting family get togethers. I had an older girl cousin, but I was smack in the middle of 6 boys. Ya, we never played Barbies, house, was always building forts, tag/tackle football, baseball, kick ball, and Army. Maybe that's why I'm a good momma to boys...

Anyway, back to my point or points. My mother in law called to let us know Baby was here. Which I'm so happy, really, for them! Please don't misunderstand. My mother in law said, "I finally got my little red-headed Granddaughter." Suddenly, my face flushed with emotion. We quickly ended the conversation after that, and I pulled myself together. Brett came home and I told him that my heart had an ache today. I explained and then suddenly the tears came. The tears came from the unknown, will we have more children, will we have a girl. And yes, I still want a girl. No more denying or sweeping it under the table. Yes, I would like to have a little mini-me with curls and red hair, which is probably why I was so offended by my mother in law's comment. So, the prayers are being put in again. 2years from now, I would like to conceive a baby girl. And before you go thinking I can't choose what I'll have, just get rid of that thought or don't speak that for me. Besides my grandmother passed away before I was born, and she told my mom that she wanted a red-headed, freckled face little girl.'d that work out for her? She watches me from heaven!

So, that's on my list of don't says....don't tell me I can't have a girl or pray for one...The Lord is in control and I keep this issue in his hands.

Just thought of another don't say: If your dog barks at me, my baby and nips my other child, don't say She's never done that before after and before you apologize. Makes it sound like my boys and I have done something to provoke the dog. Which we didn't!! Maybe the dog smelled our dogs on us, but was scary!

Now you're in the know of what not to says! Just looking out for you...ha!

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Oh, you WILL have a girl!!!--everyone will eventually have a girl, if they try long enough, right?? ;-) I mean, Fred says we could end up with 9 boys before Isabelle would get a sister, but I say Why Not?
Seriously, though, I do believe God will give you your girl. And I'm sure she will be gorgeous, just like her mama.
The dog thing-- I get SO mad when dogs come after/ nip at/ or even bark at my kids. If you dealt with that with ANY grace, then I commend you.

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

I actually yelled, No, No, who's dog does this belong to? Uh-uh, NO!...Is that graceful? I don't know. My friend picked Blondie-Boo up from the dog. That's the 2nd or 3rd time she's rescued him, so he is in love with her. Anyway, he had the tiniest mark on his face where the dog got him. I get real uncomfortable with this kind of stuff. We almost lost my youngest brother to a dog attack. He had "never acted like that before: either. Animal and person, person and person...which is worth more...

Ya, I don't want more than 4, maximum 5 kids (but that's pushing it!!). I'd like us all to be able to fit in one vehicle and still have room for the kids' friends...

Why not? Uh, sanity! College tuition? Food during the teenage you know how much T eats now???? :) Brett had a relative who indeed had 9 boys and then a girl! UGH!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck getting what you want.

I think your wedding pictures are beautiful.

I too do not like coffee. I always say "I never got old enough for coffee". Why does coffee smell so much better than it tastes?

Charlie Muessemeyer

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

Exactly, Charlie!! I've bought coffee and a coffee maker for just the wonderful smell in the house! Nutty, I know, but that aroma is just fantastic. Plus, if someone stops by and wants coffee, I have it! :)