Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Millage Vote

For those of you who live in SS and don't already know, there is a millage vote going on right now through the 10th. A lot of times, the vote turn out is low for stuff like this, however it is important and I encourage you to be educated and go out and VOTE! My dear friend Wendy has been going to bat against a determined team. A determined team who seems to just order people to vote without presenting all the facts. Yes, the pollsters have begun calling and paraphernalia is being passed out. Please click over to Wendy and look over the facts and then, ya, you know what I'm gonna say, Go Vote! Of course, I'm not telling you to vote one way or another, BUT I am encouraging education...step out of the ignorance and into knowledge...isn't it fun!?!

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Wow. Not the post I expected! :-)Sounds like you are going to bat, too!! Baseball is FUN. Come'n, swing,swing, swing! Even if we don't get a big hit, the swinging is fun itself, right?
Batter up!

Thanks, girl!