Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pregnancy Scare

My life flashed before my eyes last night!!!! After taking a picture with two of my obviously pregnant friends, they proceeded to chase me with their bellies!!!! AHHHH! Yes, I ran away screaming. Don't rub your baby mojo on me! But, pregnant women running are funny! Heh, heh.

This sparks a memory of being very pregnant with Isaac and my friend, Kim, was very pregnant as well. She dropped her pen as we were standing and talking. She started for it, and I said I'd get it. We both end up in a world of trouble with another friend watching the entire situation. Obviously, we made it back to standing...eventually...and lots of laughter later.

I cannot imagine life with four children right now. We are in a good place; I want to enjoy it. Besides, I think it would be fun to plan to conceive. The last baby was just so much of a surprise, I'd rather not become pregnant through osmosis.

Speaking of large families, I went to WM yesterday. I'm so used to being stopped and complimented on my boys. I actually enjoy it. So, as usual, an older man stops me and says that I have quite the brood. Now that statement I get a lot followed by a compliment. So, I ready myself for the thank you to follow. That's when I get my surprise...he says, "YOU need to stop doing that!" I look at him thinking he's joking, only to see that he is quite serious. I didn't say one thing back, of course I wish I recovered my wits more quickly than I did!! But he kind of scared me as well. I saw him on a later aisle and his stare just cut through me!! Mean old man! You know what, maybe I will take some of that baby mojo inspite of you. HEH! That'll show you...wait I've recovered my wits again. Never mind the mojo...

That incident was made up for by a lovely older woman. She stopped and stared at us while we were picking up crescent rolls. I noticed her staring and thought Pay no attention to the woman staring at you. Still a little shaken from the last old person I encountered. Finally, I turned around and she told me how beautiful and well behaved my boys were. She just kept doling out the compliments. Thank you LORD! I needed to hear that at just that moment.

On our way out, one of my friends came in who has four children, or is it five? And then I saw Dana as most of you know has three and is very much pregnant. I hope they all ran into Mr. Population Control and he was too overwhelmed to enforce his judgement on them! Ya, that's how we roll. I love my big family and all my friends who have large families as well. I love that I live in a country that doesn't enforce any sort of rules on reproducing!

But for now, we're good with our 3 little boys blue...

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Ha!! Reading the title, I thought you might be pregnant! You tease!

Man, that old guy needs some prozac or something. Your kids are PRECIOUS!! Seriously, they are the sweetest little guys I've ever met (besides my own little savages, of course!)

I'm so glad that old lady came to the rescue with the truth.

It's funny to me when people refer to 3 kids as "big families." We have four and I don't feel like a "big family," until someone else points out my trailing line of kiddos. I always thought big family meant more than 5. And I always wanted a big family.

When/ if you have another one, even if you don't plan it, God will give you that perfect little angel that completes your home. I haven't exactly planned any of mine, but I sure have enjoyed the wild ride! ;-)

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

PS I don't mind pregnancy mojo, but you might have to rub some on Fred as well, since he went and did the big V and all. We could use some money mojo as well, K?
Oh, and if your friends are having GIRLS, we'll need that type of mojo 'cus Izzy still wants a sister really badly. All things are possible with God, right? Who knows what the future holds...

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

Oh, my goodness, step out of our little town and go over and then north and you will realize we are "big" families! At least that's how they categorize us. Funny, huh! I remember going with Dana in my truck with our 6 kids and going to Bville. Oooo, we got some looks. It was so fun! It got funner when we both had to nurse our babies at the same time! Good stuff.

You are right though. God can do anything! Brett and Fred should hang out more, considering Brett is uber verile! I've actually asked Brett to share with others. But to keep enough for us since we'll need it in a couple of years.

Isabelle is so sweet. I hope she gets a sister too. Tristan has asked if I could give him 3 sisters so that each boy would have a dance partner. Isn't that sweet? We're always dancing at the house and the boys have to wait for me to be "exchanged."