Saturday, June 28, 2008

What's In Your Vehicle?

Yesterday I took the plunge and decided to clean out the ol' housemobile after a series of four road trips. Let me enlighten you on some of the contents:
2 swords
1 rifle
2 pop guns
1 set of nunchuks
a stack of glue boards for all things creepy crawly
1 machete (real)
2 fishing poles
1 tuft of real, fresh from the sheep wool
1 tuft of real, fresh from the plant cotton, seeds and all
5 pair of shoes
4 dinosaurs
7 books
1 lansinoh breast cream tube
1 rather large snake skin
1 bow and arrow set
1 spider man backpack
1 grenade
Apparently, my boys are ready for any form of attack!
2 coconut drink glasses, so cute
1 bottle of pre-wash stain remover
1 plate stand
1 water sprinkler
1 huge bag of soil
1 t-ball set
1 high chair
1 skateboard
1 pair of socks
1 party invitation
1 uneaten hamburger...boys!
1 package of unused and forgotten about wipes
2 color wonder posters
1 gourd
10 unused diapers, no not in one place, but shoved here and there. At least I have more now!
1 pull-up
4 swim diapers
1 pair of swim trunks
2 beach towels
1 sunscreen bottle
3 hats
1 golf set
And it's at this point that I stop listing the contents because it JUST keeps going!!

But it did give me a bit of amusement that afternoon. So, I've cleaned out the belly of the whale...and looking forward to next time.

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Anonymous said...

When you give birth to a girl (in two years) that we are praying for, you can add all the princess stuff and pink hair bands:).

You do have a car big enough to hold all that stuff. Thank you for the post. I now feel better about what is in my car. I cleaned it out and shampooed the carpets. It smells way better now.

Charlie Muessemeyer

Suzanne said...

hee hee. Allen gets on me because he thinks I'm the only mom with a messy van. Thank you Adelia. It is comforting for my soul to know I am NOT alone.

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

Thanks, Charlie, I needed that thought of pink things. And I doubt your car could EVER compare to mine.

That's why I'm here give hope! :) Yes, you are not alone. And if you ever think you are, just remember me!