Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Creek Adventures Part 2

Tuesday found us at Grammy's creek again. No, not our Grammy, we don't have a Grammy. We borrow Dana's mom. Anyway after VBS and lunch we ventured over to the neighboring state and one of its creeks. Not quite as relaxing as the first time. Our creek side adventure began with Tristan being hit in the head with a rock by a new friend, er a new kid--T didn't make friends with him. T-Bird made his way to the truck and locked himself in declaring he didn't like the little boy. Of course, he eventually came out. T cannot resist water, even if it contains one unruly little boy. Then Blondie-Boo started screaming hysterically, so I snatched him out of the water. Little Boo informed me that a craw-dad pinched his foot. A craw-dad or that stick that was sticking out of his sandal, which was it? The damage was done, and the stick disguised as a craw-dad sent Blondie-Boo to the bank for the rest of our time at the creek. Crazy pinching sticks! Sweet baby was clingy and mildly annoying.

While catching tadpoles with Grammy, T-Bird made his way to the bank and began kicking over rocks (an outdoor NO-NO by the way) and uncovered a small copperhead. Way to go T! And away he ran. As we were gathering our party members into the vehicles, Grammy and I spotted an odd bird, no, not a bird, a BAT! Dana, Grammy, T and I all watched in amazement at this flighty little bat skimming the water. That's when he turned and headed straight into our circle of people. Me being level-headed as I always am began squealing as he headed to my dress. T spun about and began to run away, unfortunately for him the bat was going the same direction and they collided!!!!! T was overwhelmed with horror and disgust. So much so that he woke up twice last night telling me he saw bats everywhere. He kept telling me he saw the bat's face with its mouth wide open. Poor little guy! He eventually ended up in our bed. He never gets in bed with us, so he's really upset.

I've tried to convince him that bats are great. We've looked up all kinds of neat stuff; I've even thrown in the Batman stuff...But NO, he will not be moved. Bats are on the ick list.

As I was backing up to leave the creek, I saw the coolest thing in my mirror. The cutest, brightest yellow caterpillar was making his way in a hurry somewhere, perhaps to the Ugly Bug Ball? I love that song, gotta crawl, gotta crawl to the ugly bug ball, to the ball to the ball, and a happy time we'll have there, one and all at the ugly bug ball. Ah, Summer Magic! What little girl doesn't love Haley Mills movies?? We are keeping our caterpillar for another day before he makes his way to where he needs to go.

As crazy as the day seemed, it was still so enjoyable. We love the creek!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with T, bats are icky. I would have been done with the copper head. One look at that and I would have headed to the great indoors.
It always seems that well behaved children are annoyed by ill behaved children. My kids have been taking turns on who is ill behaved and who is annoyed all summer. :)


Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Bats and copperheads! You must be in training for some interesting stuff!