Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dating the Church

Our family has started the process of leaving our church. It's so difficult to leave when you are not dissatisfied. We are leaving because it's 40 minutes away and with gas as it is, we can only get over there once a week. We found our church years ago while living much farther north. We've stuck with the drive being here in SS, believing the Lord would fill our gas tank, and he has. But now we are not able to plug in and serve the people over there. People, that's another reason for leaving. We'd like to sow into our community and neighbors. Right now all our money goes to the Centerton, Bentonville, Rogers area--and I know, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, but I'd like to have a more personal involvement. And the kids get upset with only seeing those kids once a week and not being able to go to the extra activities.

Reason I don't want to leave: I GET FED EVERY TIME I GO TO CHURCH!! I get stretched and take away things that I can start working on, and I am always encouraged to serve someone else!

So, that being explained we have begun our church dating. Let's just say the first date didn't go so hot. I'm so dreading the next few dates. Let's think. What qualities am I looking for in our perfect date. Of course, Christ-centered, Bible believing, people loving has to be there. I'm looking for a church who shows a reverence and love for the Lord. What nixed Sunday's church off the list? Simple, spiritual deadness. The worship was made up of people shifting, whispering, and occasionally singing to the word of God. Which I like singing the word of God. That's okay with me. Something I can thank my home church for is teaching me how to worship God no matter where you are. I can definitely get my praise on. But there was no value in the words. I realize that most of the churches near us, we'll be toned down a bit. That's fine. But no praise, no exultation!

And then came the doom and gloom. I'm afraid I'll be running into a few of these. The grace of God and love of God came out in a downtrodden voice. I wasn't there to hear the Lord teach in the streets, but I'm pretty sure he spoke with victory, conviction and hope. And the Pastor came across as more of this is my job, not I live for the Lord.

Anyway, obviously I'm disappointed but not giving up hope! There is a church for us here I know, and we're praying for the Lord's guidance!!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck in finding your new church home.
I know the church I would like to go to, but my husband won't move back to Fort Worth.
We are about to join a new church here. It is not perfect. If I found the perfect church and joined it would cease to be perfect:).