Friday, July 11, 2008

Flying Thoughts

Yesterday afternoon found me sitting in a Doctor's office surrounded my five new moms and a couple of soon to be mommas. I start entertaining the idea of conception and birth again, really convincing myself that this is the time to have another one. I was getting excited about being in a great Doctor's care. I mean if so many ladies are in these two Doctors' office, they must be great. See, my wonderful Doctor moved on from his clinic...sniff, sniff. He was so wonderful and gentle. We had a high risk pregnancy with Sweet Baby, and he really supported Brett and I through that and believed in wholeness with us. The man is just great. But I decided to go closer to home this time. And can I tell you, I was sooooooo disappointed!! The Doc was so abrupt and indifferent. Yes, he did help me sit up, but that was the extent of bed side manners. Surely this was not the Doc I had heard such great things about!!

Almost as quickly as my motherly idea flew into my thoughts, it was gone after my appointment. No, the Doctor wasn't terrible, just busy and once again indifferent. And it was as if he didn't even try to put on a concerned face for our miscarriage. It was one of those Yep it happens kind of things. My old Doc would have talked to me for a while and really tried to get a feel for how I was holding up. When we had the surprise baby(I didn't take the news to well), my Doctor talked to me and he actually said, "I'm not even going to say it's going to be okay. You may be feeling something I can't understand." He just listened and validated me. Will I find another Doctor that takes time to listen to his patients? Well, I will say, at this point I'm driving to Fayetteville if we decide to have another baby anytime soon. Which we talked about it, and the earliest we would try would be next summer. So, no hoorhah's yet.

Speaking of babies. My mom set me down last night to give me a talkin' too. It was pretty much a Take Care of Yourself or I'll spank you kind of talk. She's taken the news of the miscarriage hard. Bless her heart--I think that she is mourning for me as well. I love my Momma. Anyway, she really laid it on the line for me. She's so great. All I could do was say, Yes Ma'am!

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for you loss. I will pray for you.
A drive to Johnson is worth it for a certain dr. who used to be in S.S.

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

Thank you, Charlie!!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

I agree, Charlie!! He is an angel! I got to see him for EVERY visit, plus he gave me his home number, pager, and his wife was my back-up. He even rushed down to deliver for me.
Oh, and he was the one who caught my ruptured fallopian tube and did emergency surgery.
Go to Johnson, it is SO worth the drive!!
And the hospital there is WORLDS better than the one here. Hands down. No question. (Just don't tell my family, who works here, that I said that!)