Tuesday, July 8, 2008

To Charlie

I got caught...Yes, I got caught being a little "off" in my parenting skills. Yesterday, I had to make a stop by the good ol' WM. I had to refill our 1gallon and 3gallon water bottles during my trip. I usually let the boys help with this, but decided for time sake to do it myself. This caused a meltdown for my 2nd child. As I am trying to deal with him, he gets more upset. So I say, Do you see those double doors there. That's the spankin' room. If you continue to throw a fit, Momma will need to take you in there and spank your bottom. And then comes the voice, Hello, Adelia! Are you kidding me? Charlie!!! Charlie is such a wonderful person and she caught me in the thick of it with my children or should I say child! As I say hi and try to keep number 2 from being ridiculous, both of my bottles start overflowing and then I spill on the floor. Are you kidding me?! Charlie just smiled, not at all disheartened by our show. Thank the Lord! So, here's my shout out to Charlie. Thanks for being so great and not making me feel anymore "off" than I already was! To Charlie!!

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

HA! I also ran into Charlie during meltdown time yesterday. One toddler was on the floor, goofing off, the bigger kids were bickering, and the baby was throwing a fit. And who is behind me? Dear Charlie! I think she's an angel.

Shan said...

Maybe she IS actually an angel because I saw her myself at Wal-Mart Yesterday and we had a big comforting chat about kids. I'm starting to wonder now. ;)
I'm surprised I haven't seen you up at VBS. Boy did I lock my doors when I left my purse in the car yesterday while I was there, Thinking of you I was.

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

It's settled, Charlie is an angel.

Ya, no VBS for us. Just so much running around lately. Plus, they won't keep my other kid, and that's a meltdown waiting to happen. I can't believe they're not doing Pre-K! And, yes, lock your doors. Definitely won't be making it to the fall festival this Oct either. It's now declared family night. All people and belongings stay in the house!! :)

Thanks for stopping by, Shan!!

Anonymous said...

No angels here. I have seen my guardian angel and he is sixteen feet tall. I am too short to be an angel. I do not think that was too much of a fit. Where was the screaming? At Wal-mart there should be screaming and throwing stuff during a proper fit. Does Alyssa need to come by and show your boys how it is done?

Wendy, I am the one that made the littlest cry by holding him;)

Shan, I am praying for you and yours for the right way to deal with your littlest one.

Kids are such a gift. Thank you God.

Remember ladies they are little for about two seconds so enjoy while you can.


Mrs Smiley Joe said...

See, she's great!!