Friday, August 8, 2008

Where Were You Born?

Yes, I'm supposed to be heading out the door and putting my booty in the truck destined for Indiana right now. However, as usual, we're behind in schedule. I was just showing the boys on the state map that we are leaving from our state to Indiana. Both green states on our map. I told the boys that I was born in Indiana and the Indiana is called the Hoosier State. When I was a little girl everyone would say, Look at that little Hoosier! Yes, a little northerner in the midst of downright country. Our trip is mostly business mixed with some fun. Brett and I will have alone time from the start of our trip until around 11am tomorrow and then more quality time Sunday on the 9 hour and 37 min trip home. Fun, fun. Anyway, after I told the boys where I was born, I asked T-Bird where he was born.
T: Arkansas
Me: That's right! Good job! Blondie-Boo, where were you born?
Boo: Wal-Mart! I love Wal-Mart!
Me: Um, no, as your birther you were definitely not a Wal-Mart Baby!!!

But, seriously, the kid loves Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart the giver of life, according to Blondie. And if you enter through the garden center that is NOT Wal-Mart. Only through the sale affronting front entrance doors is WM. He had a meltdown once claiming he was not in WM because we went in the wrong doors. Somedays that kid drains me....Once again, he was NOT born in Wal-Mart. I wonder what kind of discount we would have gotten if he had been...hmmm...Save money live I'm thinking...the next one...birth...Wal-Mart...discounts and savings....Not a bad idea! Haha!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

True Worship

Well, my euphoria has ended. The church I thought was just what I needed is no more. One stinkin' comment that I find to be completely false has ended my love affair. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!! It's been almost overwhelming. I would just like to plug in to a Word based, worshipful Church. How hard is that???????? I have to thank my dear friend Suzanne for turning me on to this post. Please read it. Then I'm no longer the Crazy Charismatic looking for a Crazy Church!! I am a Word based worshipper! And the hunt for a church begins again!

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Monday, August 4, 2008

The Bad Baptism

Me: Boys, water my flowers please.

Giggles and sounds of water are heard.

Then screaming and obvious sounds of unhappiness.

T comes running around and says: Mom, Boo just baptized me in a bad way!

Me: Baptized you? You mean squirted you with water??

T: Ya, he baptized me in a bad way. It's bad isn't it, Momma?

Well, we talked and straightened out the bad baptism. So, glad I had the good baptism!

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