Monday, September 8, 2008

Future Homemaker

Woo-hoo, I get to blog this morning because my kiddoes are still in bed (gasp) and I made time to be with the Lord. Yea! So, here's my quick thought. I woke up this morning thinking of being a homemaker and how much I enjoy it. I started the self-analysis of "did I always have this path in front of me?" Let me tell you, I was not the young girl who was a member of the babysitters club, kids were not my thing, I hated attending weddings were submission was mentioned...obey?!..., I thought I would be single until my mid-30's at least. Was there ever a point where today showed in yesterday? And YES there is!!! It came to me this morning. Totally forgotten point in my life. I took Home Ec when I was a freshman in high school. I sewed a pair of shorts, made biscuits (but decided my mom's were better), learned home budgeting, served teenage moms. These are all things that I do today but never remembered yesterday's service. Oh, and I was the FHA homecoming sweetheart...a representative of future homemakers! And, as I am blogging, I just remembered I was president of the FHA, how did my brain forget all of this????

My teacher, Mrs B, was a real lady. Often wearing ballet flats or a kitten heal and an a-line skirt, her face was always perfect. Well, let me tell you real quick about her eyebrows. She saw her mother plucking her eyebrows when Mrs B was very young. So, Mrs. B decided to give it a go herself. She plucked out every hair and they never grew back! She has to draw them on! That turned me off to ridding my brow line, not that you could tell since I have the blondest brows in the world!! However, I have begun a slight clean up of the brow line and have started sweeping a bit of color through to take away from some of the invisibility. And if you ever want to offend me, make fun of my blonde eyebrows. Now I'm asking don't make fun of my eyebrows because I truly take it hard!!! Wow, I sooo didn't see that randomness coming.

In conclusion, yes the greatness and love for being a homemaker was there-just unrealized all those years ago. And here I am Home Maker.

I'm feeling good this morning. Loving my life and wearing a smile today!

Make it a good day! Smiles to you!

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Suzanne said...

wonderful. I told Allen this morning I just feel so content with all my life right now. Just a sweetness and happiness.

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

I agree, Suzanne!!