Saturday, September 6, 2008

Me of Today and Many Yesterdays

I rarely do things like this, however, in this case I couldn't resist!! I had a lot of fun. When I got in the 50's though, it was a little startling. I recognized a lot of my Nanny in myself. Crazy!! I've posted my favorites to share with you. Here we go:







And my real senior picture in 1998. Oh, ya! Plaid and maroons and greens. Don't I look like such a good girl?

This was so fun for me. If you get the chance go on over to Yearbookyourself and have some fun of your own.

By the way, I think 1994, 1960, and 1950 are pretty close to what I would have looked like back then---minus the glasses---I have eyes like an eagle. Oh, and 1950 has a BIG chin. Some of the shadow and faces made my other pictures look a that the word I'm looking for?? You'll see when you do it yourself.

Anyway, hope you had a smile or even a laugh or two at my could have been pictures.

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

First of all, that senior picture is GORGEOUS!!! I bet you had the guys lined up at the door, and every modeling agency calling for requests. Wow-- you are a knock-out.
Mr Smiley must feel lucky to have you on his arm (of course, also because you are just an absolutely awesome person INSIDE as well...)

The 1960 picture is my favorite! In fact, I wouldn't mind having my hair like that right now. And I want a cherry apron, red heels, you name it. I need to start sewing...

Fun, fun. I may try this later.

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

What a good friend you know my Love Language is words of affirmation!!

Amy J said...

You are brave!! I'd be afraid I'd end up with an afro in every picture! Hee hee! But I will give it a try and see. And I agree with "sun-kissed savages", your senior pic is gorgeous!!! Long----red-----and curly hair!! Wow!! Mine was short and poofy....I thought maybe I was cool, but really, I was NOT! *sigh* I like life here and now much better than then! :)

chat ya later curly-bud!

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

Amy, you should definitely do it...but yes, it is slightly horrifying in some years.

And I agree, I like the me better than the me then!