Friday, October 31, 2008

Mechanical Boys

I often move the truck so that the boys can play under the covered carport. I like our house because it has a garage and carport. Anyway, the boys had been scooting and "tooling" around for the best part of the afternoon. We had just come inside the house and I was in my own little world. The older two boys were in the garage playing. T-Bird came into the house trudging to the front door with an arm load of tools with Blondie-Boo following behind. A simple, "Hey Mom." As if all was normal. I quickly replied, "What are you doing with Dad's tools?" T looked at me as if the answer was obvious and with a bit of pride, "Boo and I are going to use these tools to make Dad's truck a completely new and different truck."

Good idea/Bad idea.

I love my boys!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Be Confounded

I was just looking at a conversation calendar. It lists each day and different things to talk about on that day. One day had odd superstitions as its topic. And one of the supestitions was this, if a redhead visits your house on Monday, there will be confusion all week.

I only visit those I want to confound on Mondays!! Hahaha!! Be confounded.

And another thing. Is that the reputation that preceeds us?!?!!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vacation Days

We took it really easy on our vacation and stayed close to home enjoying things we don't always get to enjoy. We went on a hike and played near the water on this particular day.

Nice skipping stone Boo!

T empties his shoes...

Hoot checks out the shoe loot...

T was twirling this stick like a ninja as Boo came running up behind them....scary!!! A near miss...
How can you not love this picture.?!

There goes my hero, he's ordinary yet somehow extraordinary.

Precious to a mommy!

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Woodland Creations

I'm getting so much better at this whole craft thing. Yes, we home school, but I feel this is one area my kids miss out on. Well, the solution is easy enough, right? Just focus and set a goal to complete a craft with the kids. Ok, yes, I do crafts, but I think my kids just need more. The nice weather has inspired me I guess. I feel so fun and fancy free. We decided to make woodland people and fairies out of the harvest season's accessories. Pine cones, acorns (Tristan took us to an "acorn patch"--quite a selection), pine needles, cedar sprigs, leaves...the list goes on. This is T-Bird's woodland fairy guy complete with blue googly eyes.
And this is T's pine cone person, Blondie's guy is in the middle and my fairy gal with a wreath of cedar is on the right. They even have their own leaf seat to sit on. We had such a fun time with this craft! Highly recommended!

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Pray the Vote 2008

I feel very strongly about our country, I love the United States and am so thankful for my life here. I hope some of you have been in and are in prayer over our upcoming Presidential Election. If you haven't been praying, I'm asking that you consider doing so, and here is a link to guide prayer over this election.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pops in the Garden

Our family went to the Botanical Gardens in Fayetteville a couple of weekends ago. They hosted the Pops in the garden. We had such a great time. Some of you know that Boo is our classical guy. He loves music and instruments, so really this was an effort to expose him to his love and talent. We threw out a blanket and played in the children's garden during the first set of music. The boys loved the children's garden. The entrance is like a barn and there's a bridge over a pond with lily pads, which Boo loved. There is a tree with a over sized eagle's nest. The kids walk up and over a bridge to arrive at the nest. Really, there are so many small things that the kids just loved. Little Hoot's favorite part was the chickens in the chicken coop. He kept calling them like a beloved pet saying, "C'mon, C'mon." So cute. I really enjoyed the vegetable garden and the Ozark native garden and who am I kidding, I love all plant life.

While on the blanket, we played a game of Trouble and did a Nature Notebook entry. All in all uneventful. Ha ha, gotcha. You should know we would not get away so quietly. During the very last piece, Little Hoot takes off running over a stony path. I should mention that I was laying on the blanket truly relaxed and enjoying myself. Blondie-Boo took off running after Hoot, Hoot stopped short, Boo fell on top of him, Little Hoot fell onto his face. I got up to save him. Everything looked normal, just tried to comfort the wails. When I pulled him from my embrace the second time, Hoot was bleeding from from both nostrils and both top and bottom gums. NICE! Ten paper towels from the lady near us later, the bleeding had mostly stopped. Nothing serious, just the best of visceral places. We had to stop on the way home to deal with the bleeding again, but verily I say, it was a mostly wonderful time.

Oh, and my mommy got to go with us! Yea! I love my mommy!

Here are some glimpses at our day.

This is as good as it gets; at least every one's looking at the camera.
Squeezin' in some yoga.

I love this picture. I would like to have it sketched. A little boy and his balloon. Can't you see what's about to happen? Look at where his free hand is going. Loosening the wrist tie and thinking....what would happen if I did this.....

Little Hoot stood just like this for so long watching his beloved fly away. When my kids loose balloons to the sky, we say they are sending Jesus a present. That's helped them shorten the meltdown cycle. Fortunately, Hoot loves cause and effect. I know his little brain was loving this moment.
Oh, how could that have happened.....

Little Hoot explains the balloon situation to Nane.

Blondie-Boo is playing his air trumpet. This child loves all instruments, even ridiculous instruments like bassoons. Well, I'll bet bassoonists think they are great, but who else does? And is that the right word, bassoonist?

Spying in the eagle's nest.

Momma's Boys

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The Ovulating Preschooler

After two surprise pregnancies, we've decided to go with natural family planning. We're on our 3rd chart, so I'll let you know how it goes. Actually, you would know if I end up with child before Spring 2010. Blondie-Boo has taken a particular interest in the charting and temperature taking. He's added his own dots to my chart and connects them quite nicely. The chart is now out of his reach. While doing his preschool work yesterday, he looked up suddenly and said, "Oh my, I have to take my temperature." I heard this but didn't turn from helping T-Bird with his math. When I finally got to Boo, he had taken his temperature with my basal thermometer. The thermometer was laying beside his worksheet that he was pursuing with diligence as if it random temperature checks were normal. Lunch time found us with a similar outburst and temperature check. I find it soooo funny. Brett even said it was funny, so there you have's funny!

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