Thursday, November 6, 2008

Focusing On My Boys

I wanted to share a pivotal moment in my life. I keep convincing myself that I'm okay with not having a girl, but some days I have felt unsure. Unsure until this day. On one of our vacation days we spent at a local ball field. Played some baseball, followed by playtime at the park along with a picnic was awesome yet simple enough. Anyway, I looked down at our mesh bag filled with ball gloves and balls, baseball hats on the end of bats and realized, I love having boys. That sight of boy stuff was suddenly so beautiful to me...more beautiful than usual. I can't really describe it.

I am such a GOOD mom to boys. There we were at this ball field really focusing on our little men, and I didn't have to worry about a tea party that afternoon. I get to focus on one sex of child...That's awesome. Even though T and I have tea parties minus the pink china cups. He likes hot tea. And ya, I know the tomboy argument, that's true. But I have yet to observe either a tomboy or girlie girl who didn't come with some sass. I don't do sass. I'm sassy enough!!

It was just one of those "Baaaahhhhhh" moments when everything seemed so clear. Here's a look at my ball players.

Boo playing the singing outfielder. He sings ALL the time!

He looks grumpy, but I think he was just observing. Just to clarify, pout-y is not the same as sassy.

Little Hoot up to bat.

Deep concentration.

Go T Go!

What an arm!

Look at that stance!!

And then we came home and played with our marble run.

Followed by evening fishing. Look at that fish! T was the last to leave the bank, and he's patience paid off. By the way, this was the first time he had ever been patient. I thank the Lord for rewarding him. He was so excited that he asked his Dad to go fishing early the next morning. And so two fishermen set out and came back with 3 fish.

What a blessing of a day!

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

What fabulous pictures!!
I know what you is wonderful to have boys. And you are so right to see beauty where you see in the group of shoes at the park. That was just great!

I love your boys!