Monday, November 3, 2008

Last One and I'm Finished

Here's an example of why higher taxes are bad: New Hampshire has some of the highest tax rates in the country. The producers (wealthy people who create jobs) have left NH. Eighty percent of businesses have only 20 employees or less! Okay, I'm just gonna tell you, "That's not good." We want industry, competition, capitalism to thrive. It's okay for people to make more money than us...they create jobs. We don't want to punish them for making different decisions. We have forgotten what America is, we don't teach our kids what it means to be a citizen of the USA.

However, people outside the US have learned and come here for opportunity and to make decisions to put themselves in different circumstances. Just in my area, do you know how many Asian Indians own gas stations and hotels. Let's see, if I were in India making $1 a day (by the way, they are taxed so heavily that only cents are left over from every dollar earned--well, not dollar as in US dollar, but you get it) would I rather stay there or go some where to change my life and have hope. Okay, other nationalities know this about us, but our kids are taught to stick their hands out and wait for someone to take care of them.

I had a chance to see Robert Kiyosaki being interviewed about our economy and the election. Robert is a very wealthy man and has written several best sellers on how to make different decisions and make a side income on your own. He didn't grow up wealthy, actually his dad was a regular working man, but his friend's dad was in business for himself and had more money. He chose to be mentored for success by his rich dad. You can read about it and his advice in Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Anyway, he was quite clear in not endorsing either candidate, but did say he had his CPA crunch the numbers and if McCain wins he'll save Robert about $400,000 and Obama would cost him about $2 million!!! Once again, NOT good!!

Do you know the story of Argentina? You know Evita, Eva Peron? Yes, she thought it was a good idea to "spread the wealth" as well and did so. Guess what? The producers left and the country was left impoverished. We don't want our producers to send jobs's already been happening. If you haven't noticed, I have certain ideas I stand by and one of those is American made. Last year it took me 30 minutes in the local WM to find a pan and spatula that was made in the USA. Ridiculous! My mom bought Isaac a scooter, and it was made in China...Look at the instructions: By the way, our scooter is blue, not pink, that's just the instructions which were awful and didn't make any sense. What I hope you can see is the last step: "5. It is completed. You play it now!" Give me a break. Wouldn't you rather Jim in the heart of America helped make that scooter? He might have even written much better instructions.

And don't misunderstand me, I want oppressed countries to be free and able to rise. But I don't want our country and children to be lost in the process!!

And lastly, if I didn't know one thing about either candidate except one served our country and paid for it and one has done nothing except vote present on hard issues (84 times) and apologize for being late to hearings repeatedly(have you seen that video...funny)...that alone could decide my vote. Get real people. Think for yourselves. Ask questions. And go vote!

Lord, be with this country and our people during this time. Guide and direct our paths. Let us seek wisdom and elect one who will also seek you and your will!

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